Lady Gaga has one sibling, a younger sister called Natali Germanotta. The superstar"s sister has actually been by her side since 1992, yet has managed to stay out that the spotlight.

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Lady Gaga"s sister is a Parson"s grad and also has draft dresses and also performance looks because that her.

Little monster everywhere commemorated the release of Lady Gaga’s 6th album, Chromatica, last week, but one tiny monster is the greatest cheerleader of castle all: Gaga"s younger sister, Natali Germanotta.

She’s six years younger 보다 Stefani, which method she remained in high school as soon as Gaga"s debut Just run was the greatest album the 2008. Due to the fact that then, she"s appeared by Gaga"s next on movie sets, at awards shows, and also in the studio. As a fashion designer and also stylist, she proves that Gaga isn"t the only an imaginative visionary in the Germanotta family—she studied fashion design at Parsons and has experience designing costumes because that off-Broadway shows.

Her favorite track on Chromatica is “Replay.”

When request on Twitter which new Gaga song is her favorite, Natali shouted out "Replay," the 12th monitor on the album. She has an excellent taste, too: Billboard called "Replay" the ideal song ~ above the album. "The "70s disco groove, blended with the deep house aspects that BloodPop expertly weaved transparent the cloth of the album, provides for some of the most danceable music top top the album," writer Stephen Daw said, if ranking Chromatica"s songs.

Natali to visit the Academy Awards in 2019.

She sat front row through Lady Gaga once she winner the Oscar because that her work on “Shallow,” Oprah reported. To it is in fair, it was hard to pay attention to everyone else as well as Gaga and also Bradley Cooper the night. Natali was also Gaga’s add to one in ~ the CFDA Awards once she winner a Fashion symbol award.

She enjoys keeping a short profile.

On Twitter, she has actually just end 2,600 followers, contrasted with Gaga"s 81.6 million. (Which is more than likely a great thing, honestly.) In fact, some world think her account is fake, due to the fact that she"s no verified. Yet she"s totally okay through that. "I have the right to be myself and also I don’t have actually the civilization watching me," she tweeted recently.

She"s not afraid to block people, either.

Natali glows in no-makeup image too.

Great skin appears to run in the family. Natali was bare-faced and beautiful with her large sis backstage at the Brandon Maxwell display during brand-new York Fashion Week.


Natali majored in fashion style at Parsons The new School for design in new York City.

Natali to be career-minded as soon as she opted because that the fashion program. She told Teen Vogue, "for me, university is less around getting drunk and an ext about discovering what you need for your career."

She design costumes because that an off-Broadway show when she was 19 year old.

Per Vogue UK, Natali design costumes because that the display Simon says when she was a sophomore in ~ Parsons.

Natali has remained in a music video clip with Beyonce.

In 2010, Lady Gaga included Natali in she music video clip for "Telephone." she sister appeared as a jail inmate. And, yes, Beyonce likewise had a part.

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germ_aphobenotta) is right now private. However, she public Twitter account holds a grasp of cute photos.

Natali additionally rides horses.

She mutual a sweet tribute come Lady Gaga’s horse, Arabella, once she passed away previously this year. Natali has actually a much more compact pet as well, a lizard, i m sorry she had in a shoot v Teen Vogue.

Natali and Gaga to visit the very same Manhattan school.

No, Gaga didn"t attend Parsons. Both sisters checked out the private all-girls institution Convent the the spiritual Heart in the top West Side community of Manhattan, every Teen Vogue.

Stefani wore the most Gaga outfit to Natali’s high school graduation.

The work after the video clip for “Alejandro” premiered, during the call Monster era 10 years ago, Gaga to visit Natali"s graduation from spiritual Heart put on a lacy jumpsuit and a black color veil. Though she fans were very into the look, Natali tweeted “how have the right to I forget...” once reminded the the minute recently.

Natali supported Gaga at her Superbowl Halftime Show.

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When Gaga sang suspended over the stage in the center of NRG Stadium, Natali was on hand to offer her sis support. She offered her a large hug backstage together well.