Something"s changed around the 28-year-old Aussie rapper over the past six year - however she insists it"s nothing to execute with surgery

IGGY Azalea is almost as well known for her pert derriere together she is for her music.

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She's no stranger to surgical treatment as the 28-year-old previously 'fessed up to a boob job and nose task - yet insists she's never had actually butt implants.


Iggy Azalea's bum was way smaller ago in December 2012, yet she insists she's not had butt implantsCredit: Everett/Photoshot. All civil liberties reserved.

The Aussie rapper formerly told Brisbane's hit105 radio station: “They no my genuine boobs, yet it is my genuine bum.

“I do have actually a small waist, I need to work on that – ns am never allowed to eat what i want.”

Clearly Iggy's been doing fairly a lot of squats, since her bum has grown A LOT due to the fact that 2012.

Here's the story of exactly how her rear has advanced over the years (and we think we need to call her an individual trainer, BRB...)


We're tho pretty jealous of the Aussie rapper's bum, in September 2012, yet it's nowhere near as peachy as it is nowadaysCredit: Splash News

A lot of has changed since 2012.

It was the year Iggy catapulted top top the mainstream music scene, and also the climate 22-year-old go public through her partnership with ASAP Rocky - back they separation in July of the exact same year.

Although we're quiet pretty jealousy of she bum, it's nowhere near as peachy as it is nowadays.



Iggy would have actually been hitting the gym difficult in July 2013, ahead of a tour with Beyonce, however her bum doesn't show up to be seeing the benefitsCredit: Rex Features

This to be the year Iggy released she hit solitary Bounce, toured through Beyonce and performed the ubraintv-jp.comntroversial Blurred Lines with Robin Thicke at the MTV Music Awards.

She would've been hitting the gym difficult ahead that the October/November tour v Queen Bey, but her bum doesn't yet show up to be seeing the benefits.



Iggy was called Maxim Australia's hottest ladies of the year in 2014 - we wonder if her growing rear, pictured in August, had actually anything to perform with it?Credit: Rex Features

This to be a huge year because that Iggy.

She released she debut album The new Classic, and also appeared top top the ubraintv-jp.comver the GQ Magazine through her new beau - Lakers basketball player Nick Young, who popped the inquiry in 2015.

Iggy also placed number one top top Maxim's hot 100 list in Australia, since "few Aussies, female or otherwise, have had actually a enlarge 2014 than Iggy".

And she popularity wasn't the just thing growing - Iggy's behind looks noticeably rounder here.



Iggy 'fessed increase to having a boob job and also nose project in 2015 - but kept tight-lipped around her renowned bumCredit: Getty photos - Getty

In march of this year, Iggy opened up about her boob job in one interview v Vogue.

She said: "Four months ago, I got bigger boobs! I'd thought around it my entire life."

Iggy stated she hadn't wanted to talk around surgery since she didn't want girls come worry around their own bodies however then made decision she "wasn't right into secret-keeping".

She additionally told Seventeen magazine about her nose job, explaining: "There room things that i didn't like about myself that I changed through surgery.

"There are other things ns dislike however I've learned come accept. It's necessary to remember you can't readjust everything. You can never be perfect."

But she remained tight-lipped about her renowned bum.


This snap from July 2016 point out the minute Iggy's rear started moving right into Kardashian territoryCredit: Getty - ubraintv-jp.comntributor

This is the year Iggy's bum started moving right into Kardashian territory.

Iggy won GQ Australia's females of the Year but perhaps a High school yearbook-esque behind of the Year would have been an ext appropriate.

Most that us shed weight on the infamous break-up diet.

But the newly solitary Fancy singer, who dumped her fiance as soon as a video clip emerged of that bragging about cheating on her, appears to have gained some significant pounds on she derriere.


Iggy, in June of that year, finally spoke out around the butt implant rumours in 2017Credit: Rex Features
In January 2017 she denied the rumours that a target lift but we're afraid the wont stop world gossipingCredit: Flynet Pictures

Iggy's bum-believable change ubraintv-jp.comntinued together she frolicked in Cabo san Lucas,, in 2017.

This is the very same year that she firmly refuse the bum implant rumours - and also claimed it to be all under to diet - back sadly because that Iggy the rumours rumbled on.


Iggy's bum look at bigger than ever in this pic from critical month

TMI mesh dress? Check. Peroxide hair and ubraintv-jp.comrnrows? Check. A bum huge enough to revolve you green with envy? Check.

No it's no Kim Kardashian, these are pics that Iggy out and around - through the one listed below only being snapped yesterday.

We're sure you'll agree she bum's changed a LOT end the last 6 years.


I acquired my girl a £600k level for her first birthday, she's spoilt... I don't care
And, if every that can really be done in the gym, us think we'd far better get the end of the office and also onto the squat rack sharpish.

It's a change any Kardashian would certainly be proud of.

We previously spoke come the surgeon who pioneered the Brazilian bum background - that revealed how to acquire a perfect peach there is no the £10k surgery.

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And these celeb coast bums shared belfies from your five-star summer holidays.

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