"They trusted me with this, and also I serious think ns am walk to price them millions of dollars and also pull out of this show."

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Dove Cameron is among the most versatile Disney actresses, playing the mischievous purple-haired daughter that Maleficent in Descendants and not one however two roles as the Rooney pair on Liv and also Maddie. In a recent interview through Playbill, Dove gained honest around the challenges of doing dual duty.

"Right once Liv and also Maddie had started, there to be no roadmap for just how to execute a display where one girl play two," she explained around her double part as girly superstar Liv and tomboy basketball MVP Maddie. "It"s just not something the is often done, for this reason we had actually nothing come refer to."

Because the network to be delving into unchartered territory, Dove worked very long days and also it was complicated to adapt. "Before us really determined a rhythm and a way to get through that — and also have me be lively at the finish of the day — it was a long duration of time where I was really struggling through the energy, and the workload, and also shooting whatever twice, then recording on the weekends, and also still sleeping, and also having a social life," Dove revealed.

There were also days when she considered quitting under the too much pressure. "There was certainly a time once I my mom, "I accurate think I"m not capable of law this. I perform not think ns will survive this. Ns think i am going come let all of Disney Channel down. They reliable me through this, and also I serious think ns am going to cost them numerous dollars and also pull out of this show.""

But us all understand Dove isn"t one to action down native a challenge. In the end, she to be able to work-related through her me doubt. "I open minded think what skyrocketed me into professionalism to be learning just how to play two people and still live through the day. I know that sound dramatic, however shooting every little thing twice and also going v the emotions the two various humans to be crazy for me in ~ 16. In terms of my career, the was something the really, really developed me."

Thank goodness Dove come out stronger. Might you even imagine Liv & Maddie without Dove x2? Nope. Don"t also want come think about it.

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