15 of the Most obvious Celebrity Toupees We age every minute, every second. That doesn’t need to be depressing, that’s simply life which would be yes, really boring if time didn’t move us along. Through aging come a adjust to our bodies and for men,

Celebrity Toupees
We age every minute, every second. That doesn’t need to be depressing, that’s just life which would certainly be yes, really boring if time didn’t relocate us along. With aging comes a adjust to ours bodies and for men, their hair. Because that celebrities this have the right to be a problem because they space in the public eye and need come look an excellent for the camera. Speak to it vanity or peer pressure, regardless, a lot of male celebrities resort to toupees come cover their beautiful fully heads. Few of these space not therefore great, and also here we are looking in ~ the worst.

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To clarify, this list consists of all hair restoration/cover ups including wigs, hairpieces, weaves or also plugs. A toupee is usually actual hair, or as man Wayne said, “I don’t have actually a phony toupee; the hair in my toupee is real!” we are concentrating on fully or balding celebrities that space covering up there is no their organic hair.

Not every celebrities support spanning up your baldness, Bruce Willis might don a toupee in movies, yet he is a man that owns his baldness off camera. On the flipside, Larry David has a humorous passive-aggressive method to promote baldness. He may not it is in happy he’s bald, but it is what it is and he uses it to his comedic advantage.

Who doesn’t (or didn’t) stay a wig? in spite of rumors, Elvis Presley’s “do” was every real. Same goes for David Hasselhoff and every one of Ron Jeremy’s hair. Who would I choose to see with a toupee? That would certainly be Nic Cage that off camera doesn’t appear to undertake a wig, yet if that did you know he would go complete Elvis! Ringo Starr’s hair is real, however that doesn’t median no Beatles make the list. Do any kind of celebrities look good in your fake hair? Al Pacino seems to own his toupee, however that may be because he’s together a personality – it’s hard to differentiate his on-screen/off-screen time.

Honorable mentions encompass a pair of celebrities the allegedly may have some assist on top. Below we uncover Vince Vaughn and his hairline which has suddenly stopped receding and also rumors the Ben Affleck. Neither has actually admitted it, yet there has actually been plenty of speculation around these two. Here are 15 that the worst celebrity toupees.

15 Elton John

He didn’t constantly wear a wig, yet Elton John has actually rocked a toupee because that many, plenty of years now. John looked an excellent bald and when you’re as talented together him girlfriend don’t have to cover up anything. That course, being glamorous and also looking the component I’m guessing has actually factored right into the decision to rock a toupee. John has actually mixed the up end the years, lightening the shade, darkening or transforming the format of his wigs. I photo him waking up and also picking out a wig like 50 Cent picks the end his morning hat. After ~ picking the end his toupee, then it’s on come glasses and of course, i beg your pardon cape he will certainly be wearing that day.

14 john Travolta

The movie Pulp Fiction was once everyone realized Mr. Saturday Night Fever was shedding his hair. That was most likely wearing extensions during this time, yet has due to the fact that gone v the full head that hair approach. For Travolta, there to be no in-between and also “let’s save them guessing.” One minute his hair was receding and next the was earlier to his vintage beanie Barbarino hair. I acquire it for movies, but you need to wonder if this was really necessary. Travolta is simply that, he’s man Travolta! He can wear his hair or shave it off as he pleases. For those that miss out on Vinny Barbarino and also his hair, well, join the club.

13 Rip Taylor

Taylor has the classic “bad” toupee in the it reminds people of Halloween. It’s large and fake and just “out there.” His flamboyant personality has actually made him an audience favourite (ever notice he constantly seems come do best with huge audiences at occasions or reflects where he no the focal distance point) and also his look, which contains his girlfriend on optimal of his head, is what people visualize when someone says, “Oh, i think Rip Taylor is walking to it is in here.” Personally, ns don’t treatment what world do, but in the instance of Taylor and his wig – I will freak the end if the thing ever before touches me.

12 Burt Reynolds

Life is really around the tiny things and watching Burt Reynolds" wigs evolve over the years has been a genuine treat for plenty of to follow. Reynolds and also his toupees room now component of that he is, yet that’s only because that’s the only method most the us know him. There to be a time when he hid the fact that the wore a toupee (before financial concerns revealed end $100K the hair-related expenses). Since, that has ongoing to change his toupee, occasionally short, sometimes long and also wavy come fit right into the times and age along with him. Let’s be clean though, his toupee is aging less than the rest of Reynolds.

11 Tony Bennett

One that the benefits of going through a toupee is to look younger. Bennett frequently “plays” come a younger crowd and also having a full head of hair assists with maintaining him in the game. Favor Elton John, Bennett has so lot talent as an artist, the toupee is really unnecessary. What renders Bennett’s toupee cringe-worthy is the amount of hair that has elected to go with. Also, why walk gray if you room going full-head-of-hair toupee? Years back Bennett should have actually gone with the “jet black” complete toupee. Now it’s also late, happy for him it no matter; he’ll still have Lady Gaga at his side and pull in the young girl just due to the fact that he’s Tony Bennett.

10 Axl Rose

In the late eighties you’d be hard-pressed to find a bigger sex symbol than Axl Rose. As the lead singer of weapons N’ Roses he had actually it all: fame, the voice and hair. Increased is quiet famous and for the most component still has actually his voice, yet the hair is certainly not the same. In the late nineties, Rose made decision to go through some combination of a wig/weave the he wore as dreadlocks. Since he has ditched the dreads; instead, electing for the Bret Michaels technique of bandana, hats and a more subtle kind of extensions. Assuming Rose always requested because that “the heels remain on,” I think “the bandana stays on” now additionally applies.

9 Dean Martin

8 open minded Sinatra

Unlike Dean Martin’s toupee, there was nothing wrong v the dimension of Sinatra’s, however what I uncover disappointing is that he wore a wig in the very first place. Having actually Sinatra take on baldness could have to be a big win because that bald males everywhere. Ole’ Blue eye didn’t constantly wear a toupee, but it’s pretty clear when the readjust was made to the brand-new “do.” The hair didn’t also really look at the same. Provided Sinatra’s love the the debonair Fedora, why not just run v that? I’m certain someone stated this and his response was that he was going to carry out it his way.

7 Paul Reiser

Remember the display Mad about You? It to be on forever and also starred toupee All-Star Paul Reiser, an additional actor the went v the “give me the full head of hair” version. It no look natural. Also, go anyone else think it no fair that his finest friend in the show constantly wore a baseball hat (backwards choose Ken Griffey Jr.) because he to be balding? Since, Reiser has modified his wig, shortening it up on the political parties and adding some gray. Still, the damages has been done. I can’t forget the original, though ns wish i could, simply as i wish I might forget the show Mad about You.

6 chuck Norris

The hoax is that if you pull his wig off, a large fist will appear. I don’t think that’s actually true, however we space talking around Chuck Norris so who knows. Norris has rocked a full head that hair his totality life and there is no way this isn’t a wig. It’s never changed, even the red color, the never occurred to him come lighten it or change it up. Ns guess when you room Chuck Norris you speak to the shots and also if you desire to stay a red toupee you space going come wear a red toupee. Norris doesn’t have actually time to adjust up his hairstyle; he’s gained much much more important things to take treatment of. Choose kicking butt.

5 Sylvester Stallone

Given that everything else on Stallone is made it provides sense that his hair is as well. It’s not clear specifically what Stallone has actually going on increase top, but it’s safe to i think he has the very best plugs money have the right to buy. Prefer his body, Stallone’s hair looks fake and cartoony which sort of works because it wasn’t long ago he was still starring in boxing and activity hero movies that were an ext graphic novel than cinematic. Stallone is now more than just an actor, off display screen he is the character; Sylvester Stallone. This character no have every one of his organic hair on top and also that’s pretty basic to see.

4 Paul McCartney

So, i’m going to be cautious here because, this is a Beatle ~ all. Those interesting around Sir Paul McCartney and his wig, plugs or whatever that is, is just how it seemed to take place when nobody was looking. Us were all just sitting at home, watching the Oscars and also collectively said, “Hey, what’s going ~ above there?” before you knew it ‘Does Paul McCartney stay a Wig’ to be trending. Because that a couple of years he retained it neat, however recently McCartney has let his toupee (or whatever) acquire a tiny bit wild. Ns guess he’s got to the suggest where the doesn’t yes, really care and why should he? The man is a Beatle.

3 Andre Agassi

On the tennis court Agassi to be victorious and also shocked the world many times, yet it is in his autobiography wherein he yes, really surprised everyone, admitting his “spiked mullet” to be a wig. Compliments to the “hair chef” on this one because he had all of us fooled. Everyone just assumed Agassi shaved his head due to the fact that he was balding, not because he was currently bald. What taken place after he shaved his head? no much, he is still a an excellent looking guy, simply no much longer ranked on the top 10 current mullet lists. That’s okay; the fake spiked mullet will always make the all-time height 10 lists.

2 Marv Albert

A good rule is that if girlfriend are right into hookers and also S&M the a great idea come ensure her toupee is properly attached. You don’t desire to acquire busted and also have your photo with her toupee ~ above backwards hitting the front web page of the morning papers. With Albert anyone knew the wore a toupee, however it to be the paper definition of when he got exposed the was many shocking. From a media view he was the scheduled play-by-play announcer v a bad toupee that gained really excited when a large play was made. After, he was the man with a bad toupee that was right into kinky S&M play.

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1 Gene Simmons

A many of world still don’t understand that Gene Simmons native the rock band KISS is bald. When they uncover out the typical first question no “Why is Simmons attract a wig?” yet rather “Why does he wear a wig that looks favor that!” ns guess this goes back to his herbal hair type, however c’mon if you are going come wear a wig that “big” climate you might too go with something a tiny less, um gaudy or gnarly? Quite maybe the most shocking item of this information is that Simmons there is no started marketing a line of wigs under the KISS brand.