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Dr. Morgan Rabach is a board-certified dermatologist and also Clinical Assistant Professor of Dermatology in ~ The Icahn institution of medication at mount Sinai Hospital.

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As we age, our encounters change. Yes sir no doubt about it. Yet while we know to look out for fine lines and wrinkles and loss the volume in the cheeks and also under-eye area, what many world might not recognize is that your lips room prone to aging too—and we’re not simply talking about the skin neighboring them. Rather, as we age, our lips slowly end up being thinner. Not the best news, us know.

But don’t panic! By knowledge what causes loss that volume in the lips, and also the best ways come prevent and treat lip volume loss, you have the right to hold top top a full pout because that years come come. 

Keep reading for every little thing you must know about preventing and treating thinning lips, with help from the experts.

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What causes Thinning Lips

Just choose the ns of volume in other locations of your face, thinning lips is brought about by the malfunction of fat pads under the skin. “There room fat pads under the skin, cushioning the muscles and bones top top the face,” claims Van Dyke. “These provide our encounters a soft and also rounded appearance connected with youthfulness. Lips are no exception. There are small fat pads in your lips and also depending on your genes can be slim or quite full naturally.” 

Regardless of even if it is you have actually ample fat pads or not, thinning is part of aging. “As we age all these fat pads slowly shrink and thin,” van Dyke explains, note that, no issue how complete your lips room at 20, they will shed volume through time. “The an outcome is a thinning lip (as well as volume depletion on the whole face).” While everyone is at risk to lip thinning, if you are born with normally thin lips, van Dyke states that the aging effects can be much more obvious.

can you protect against volume loss in the lips?

Technically, yes, yet it could require not talking, smoking, drinking, or expressing yourself. Because avoiding all of those things at the same time is unlikely, valve Dyke says that staying clear of volume loss isn’t easy—especially due to the fact that genetics pat a significant role. Together such, she states that your ideal bet is to learn ways to reduced down ~ above lip-thinning activities, as well as ways come treat thinning lips when they arise.