So you chose to shot out irish coffee and also the recipe called for ireland cream. And while the coffee turned out great, friend don’t arrangement on having it all the often.

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Now you’re with an open up bottle the the liqueur, and you’re probably thinking: does ireland cream walk bad?

Or perhaps you like liqueurs instead of alcohol or liquors and decided to offer Irish cream a try. And only once you arrived residence with a bottle, you noticed that you’re not rather sure just how you have to store it.

Since it consists of dairy, you can think it should go come the fridge. however at the very same time, it has an alcohol by volume level of above 15%, which says it is probably simply fine stored in ~ room temperature. Add to it satellite on the shelf in the liquor keep too.

If any type of of these questions or doubts sound familiar, this write-up is because that you. In it, us go v storage, shelf life, and going poor of ireland cream.

Please keep in mind that details in this article uses to store-bought ireland cream, favor Carolans irish Cream or Bailey’s irish Cream, not a homemade one.

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How To save Irish Cream

Like other liqueurs, such together Kahlua or Malibu rum, irish cream doesn’t like changing temperatures and high temperatures. Thus it’s ideal to choose a location that keeps a fairly constant temperature.

As lengthy as the party is unopened, the pantry seems to be the ideal place for ireland cream, however a fridge functions perfectly fine together well.

Once you open the bottle, the frozen fridge is more than likely the finest place to keep this liquor. While this liqueur includes cream, which is a dairy product product that needs refrigeration, the liqueur doesn’t really need it.

But if you intend it to sit roughly for longer than fifty percent a year, maintaining it in the refrigerator is most likely the best selection when it involves preserving the freshness and also taste the this whiskey-based liqueur.

Also, irish cream is ideal served chilled, so keeping it in the fridge just makes sense. The course, if it sit at room temperature, you deserve to serve it over ice cream to chill the quickly.

As usual, remember to save the party sealed tightly as soon as not in use.


How lengthy Does irish Cream Last

Unlike difficult liquors choose whiskey or vodka, liqueurs don’t critical forever.

Each bottle of irish cream should have actually a best-by day on the label and that’s a pretty good starting point. In many cases, listed the party is unopened, the liqueur must be fine for at least two years after bottling.

Of course, the won’t go bad a work or 2 after the date, however the much longer you save it, the worse its top quality will be. In other words, a brand new bottle of irish cream should taste better than one sitting in storage because that the critical 6 months.

Once you open the bottle, air gets to the alcohol, and its top quality starts to damage a little faster.

Generally, it’s recommended the you should finish an open bottle of ireland cream within around 6 months.

Obviously, save the bottle for a month or two much more won’t make that much of a difference. Yet at part point, you will uncover that the liqueur doesn’t taste quite as good as it provided to.


Please remember that the quality degrades much faster if friend don’t refrigerate the drink.

Irish cream (unopened)Best-by + 6 months
Irish cream (opened)6 months

Please note the periods above are estimates and also for best quality.

How come Tell If ireland Cream Is Bad

Like various other liqueurs, irish cream degrades in quality over time. And also chances room that if you ever before need come discard irish cream, it’s going come be because of high quality changes, not since it’s spoiled.

At some point, that is taste won’t hit the point out anymore, and that’s when you should remove it.

As usual, pay attention to the standard indicators of spoilage too. These incorporate an off or funny odor and changes in texture.

If the liqueur looks and also smells okay, give a little amount a taste. If every little thing is fine, feel complimentary to proceed drinking it. Otherwise, it’s time come let that go.

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Last no least, if you save an open up bottle for an ext than 2 years, simply throw it the end for security reasons. The top quality of the liquor most most likely won’t be any great anyway.