Your mood, body, and thoughts can adjust drastically throughout her menstrual cycle. So lot so in fact, the at time you may feel favor PMS rules your life – you’re no alone. The fluctuations in her mood could leave girlfriend wanting a pick-me-up favor a fun-filled boozy night through friends or a Netflix binge through a glass that wine. But can girlfriend drink alcohol on your period?

The brief answer is yes. You can drink alcohol on her period – if you desire to. There’s absolutely nothing preventing you, however it’s good to save in psychic that together our hormone fluctuate mainly on week, there may be a better time throughout your cycle to schedule in drinks plans. Together a reminder, below are the different phases of your menstrual cycle:

Different stages of the expression cycle

Stage 1: Menstrual phase – where your oestrogen and progesterone level fall.

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Stage 2: Follicular phase – Your period ends, and also oestrogen rises again.

Stage 3: Ovulatory phase – this is right prior to PMS begins, and also oestrogen is in ~ its peak.

Stage 4: Luteal phase – PMS can mean fatigue, higher body temperature or any kind of of these various other PMS symptoms.

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Is drink alcohol ~ above your period safe?

If you’re drinking safely and also not in excess, it is for sure to drink alcohol throughout your period. Alcohol is i can not qualify to seriously influence your term cycle, regardless of once you select to reap a glass of her favourite tipple. But it’s an excellent to be aware that drink at various stages of your cycle can have various effects on her body too. Similar to exactly how you might readjust your skincare for her menstrual phases, you might benefit from adjusting your drinking actions throughout your cycle too.

How go alcohol affect your expression cycle?

There are several potential means that drinking alcohol can influence your duration or various other stages of her menstrual cycle. Here are the most common effects:


Alcohol deserve to temporarily boost your level of testosterone and also oestrogen – the hormones that are essential for ovulation. These fluctuations in your hormone levels can lead to irregular or even missed periods, however typically only once alcohol is spend in high doses.

Period pains

A typical symptom the accompanies the menstrual step of your cycle is cramps, and dehydration native alcohol can worsen them. Mouse are already an unpleasant experience, therefore if you’re drinking alcohol on her period, be certain to remain as hydrated together possible. Alternate alcoholic drinks v water is a an excellent habit to help you continue to be hydrated regardless of whereby you room in her menstrual cycle.


If you acquire cravings together a PMS symptom, you’ll understand the duration hunger is real! part of the factor why you can feel hungrier and also crave particular foods as soon as you’re PMSing is down to a lack of hydration. Alcohol dehydrates her body too, worsening cravings. If you want to keep your cravings come a minimum, take our advice as over and remain hydrated as soon as drinking alcohol in the lead up to your period.


The luteal and also menstrual phases of your cycle have the right to leave you emotion fatigued. Alcohol is a depressant, i m sorry flattens her nervous system, this coupled through the fact that many alcoholic drink contain high levels of sugar. If you’re currently feeling lethargic, drink is most likely to cause a sugar crash, leave you feeling even an ext tired 보다 before. Drinking alcohol also lessens the high quality of her sleep, for this reason it can take your body a tiny while to record up after ~ an alcohol-fuelled night throughout these two phases.

Mood swings

Drinking alcohol throughout your luteal phase can have a noticeable affect on her mood. This is currently a time in your menstrual cycle as soon as you could experience atmosphere swings, and alcohol have the right to heighten those highs and also the lows. You could experience an raised amount that enjoyment once drinking, yet consequently, raised feelings that sadness similar to depression and also anxiety.


Although the isn’t exactly clear how or why alcohol affects your fertility, according to Anthony Rutherford, a consultant in reproductive medicine and also Chair of the brother Fertility Society, also light alcohol usage (one to five drinks a week) can reduce possibilities of conception. More than ten drinks per mainly can affect fertility even an ext drastically. If she trying come conceive, that a great idea to stop alcohol come maximise her chances. This additionally avoids any kind of accidental injury if friend don’t understand you’re pregnant. It’s crucial to remember that this go not typical alcohol usage is an alternate contraception option.

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When must I drink alcohol throughout my term cycle?

Unfortunately, yes no magic pill to an increase your endurance at the bar or to it is in rid that the side effects of drinking. If you find that drinking on your duration or right before in the luteal phase intensifies your symptoms, or the you have actually a reduced tolerance for alcohol, it could be finest to stick v soft drinks throughout these phases of her cycle. If you space going to drink while you’re PMSing, steer clean of sugary drinks like fruity cocktails. Think of it this way—your period-related headaches will be less of a traction if booze no involved, right?

Tips for drinking throughout your period

Drink many of water – alcohol have the right to make you feeling dehydrated yet especially as soon as you’re in the luteal phase, and water is exactly what your body is looking for.Avoid caffeine – caffeine is an inflammatory problem that can further exacerbate her PMS symptom if you’ve to be drinking on your period.Get lot of of sleep – schedule yourself a lie-in or beforehand night adhering to all the fun, your body will thank you for it.

Have you discovered that drinking alcohol throughout your period influences any type of of her symptoms? Tell united state in the comments!