Prince protégé Vanity passed away Monday at 57. Yet her best contribution to popular music culture, the 1982 solitary "Nasty Girl," is eternal. 

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Along through "The Glamorous Life" and also "If ns Was your Girlfriend," "Nasty Girl" is the queerest song Prince ever before wrote. Depending just how you see it, it"s one of two people an ode to sexual liberation, as 3 women state plainly and rather explicity your desires; or one ode to sex-related exploitation, together Prince two-steps end the sex divide to interpret his erotic fantasies through three empty vessels.

All I know is these space words that i personally live by:

Either way, Prince wrote the raunchiest mrs anthem the the "80s, two years prior to Madonna was touched because that the very an initial time. 

The purple One supposedly wanted to mentor a girl group because the "70s once he observed Barbra Streisand"s A Star in Born and also he had actually the excellent idea for a trio of females to sing around sex in your underwear. They would be called The Hookers.

He created the team with Denise Matthews as the frontwoman. Prince had actually wanted to call Matthews Vagina, however Matthews took a difficult pass on that one and also chose Vanity instead. Hence the team was referred to as Vanity 6. The 6 referring to the number of their breasts.

So, yeah, Prince was kind of a perv. Yet "Nasty Girl" is just one of the masterpieces the was just tossing the end in the early-80s. The pulsating post-disco beat would prove the perfect sample for Britney"s "I"m a servant 4 U," which—as any type of Britney stan knows—is height Britney.

The remainder of Vanity 6"s self-titled album didn"t live as much as "Nasty Girl"—though "He"s therefore Dull," "Wet Dream" and especially "If a Girl answers (Don"t cave Up)" featuring Prince together a wronged woman that is no having any type of of Vanity"s shenanigans came close enough.

Vanity left Vanity 6 and Prince (both together his lover and protégé) in 1983, prior to she was scheduled to show up with him in Purple Rain. The part, and the group, saw Apollonia and also Apollonia 6 released their own sexually charged anthem, "Sex Shooter."

But it"s no "Nasty Girl." couple of songs have ever been so gloriously trashy or so perfectly perverse. And also the "80s dancing was so top top point. 

Though Vanity distanced it s her from the song later in life, the remains an essential bit the funk and a reminder that a time once Prince might openly do everything the fuck that wanted. For better and because that worse. Inspect it the end below:

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