To explain teal, the is a medium to deep green-blue color. Yet what are the colors that go v teal? The teal color mix is do by combine a white base v pigments the green and also blue.

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Teal gets its name from a typical freshwater duck the Eurasian Teal. This duck has actually a gorgeous bluish-green strip that extends indigenous the ago of the head come its eye area. This details color was named “teal” in 1917. The is likewise considered as one of the four colors provided for color printing and also considered to it is in a much darker version of cyan.

The lower saturation of teal v its mix of blue and also green is favor aqua too but only much easier on the eyes. In 1987 teal was consisted of with the internet colors supplied in HTML.

In the sports industry, teal explosive in the 1990s. From significant league teams in this period, six of the 22 teams chose teal together their team uniform color.

The soothing shade of teal evokes thick jungles and also tropical lagoons. Indigenous peacock feathers to oceans, is teal a loved and common vision in our nature. When polls present that green and blue space American and worldwide favorites, teal is the happy medium.

There is a myriad of colors that go with teal, therefore, is the a good color to incorporate into home décor too. Teal is a popular shade in interior decorating, especially in living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. It is a architecture staple due to its advanced splash of shade to bring life come neutral room décor.

There are numerous colors that go well with teal and it contrasts exceptionally well v colors like gold, maroon, and also coral. We look in ~ teal pairings that will carry understated elegance to her home.

Colors the go with teal

Teal and also Blonde Wood

image source: Rachel Bauer

One the the peak colors the go v teal is blonde wood. Once you pair teal v white, you could be left through a distinguishable color, while blonde timber pairs v a mix of balanced chicness.

Teal and also Beige

Image source: Lolo Mestanza

When you use teal and also beige in a combination, the use of teal together highlight shade works great. When you are looking at among the peak colors the go through teal, girlfriend will frequently hear to combine the warm neutrality that beige with teal. The is a modern-day and trendy look.

Teal and Gray

Image source: Tollgard style Group

The calm sophistication that teal combines exceptionally well v the bland color which grey is often described as. If you want to understand what colour go through teal and gray, friend have another array of complimenting color. Among the peak colors that go v teal and gray is black, yellow and red. Blue would certainly look great too.

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Teal and golden wood

Image source: Valia Design

While golden wood isn’t a shade in a shade chart, through its illustration of gold yellow, brown and orange combination. The is especially warm, and also a complementary shade to teal which is also a warm color. A teal painted wall, because that example, will enhance the décor when you place a gold wood cabinet in prior of it.