Do girlfriend stow extra condiment packets indigenous fast-food restaurants? In particular, we store a sandwich bag stocked in our cabinet of Taco Bell Fire Sauce. These packets are helpful for travel/backpacking or when you operation out the refrigerated salsa at home. I’ve seen other human being stashing a small bit of whatever – mayo, ketchup, mustard, soybean beans sauce, relish, honey, parmesan cheese, salad dressing, sugar, salt/pepper, plastic cup of jelly. Exactly how long can you keep them?


If you study the condiment, many do not have an expiration date. Packets space shipped by the thousands in bulk, and also the encourage “Expiration Date” (established by the manufacturer) is shown on the container. This expiration date is no an main expiration date but a “Best By” day to ensure peak quality – and also in many cases, you have the right to safely consume commodities after this day as lengthy as they are as necessary stored.

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What is the shelf life the condiment packets?

There is no main guideline indigenous the USDA or FDA for condiments – or any type of food for that matter. Except for child formula and also some infant foods, product date is not generally compelled by commonwealth regulations (source:

Sealed foil packaged condiments carry out an impermeable barrier from light, air, and also moisture. This allows the product to last because that years – if no decades.


Before spend the condiment, inspect the packaging. If it shows up puffy or is damaged, toss it; when you open the packet, check it; If it has an strange color, texture, flavor, or odor, toss it.Condiments containing fat (mayo, butter) walk rancid an ext quickly.Paper-based packets can spoil faster. Salt does not go bad. Cane street does not go bad. Floor Pepper loser flavor after 3 – 4 years as the oils dried out.Vinegar is for sure to consume indefinitely due to the acetic mountain content, however the packaged salad vinegar will lose peak flavor in as little as 1 year.Honey does not spoil because of the high sugar and low moisture content. Make certain the love husband is actual bee honey and also not corn syrup.The plastic tubs the jelly v the optimal peel may last 2 – 3 years. Plastic creamers and also margarine cup expire quickly and must it is in refrigerated.

We referenced a grasp of sources – consisting of the manufacturer’s encourage “Best By” dates and compiled this data for some of the most common condiments.

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CondimentFor Optimal Flavor
Mayonnaise1 year
Relish1 year
BBQ Sauce1 year
Tartar Sauce1 year
Horseradish Sauce1 year
Maple Syrup1 year
Nut butter – Almond, Peanut, Cashew1 year
Salad Dressing1 year
Ketchup1 year
Olive Oil1 – 2 years
Parmesan Cheese1 – 2 years
Taco sauce1 – 2 years
Mustard1 – 2 years
Soy Sauce1 – 2 years
Tabasco sauce3 – 4 years
Pepper3 – 4 years
Vinegar3 – 4 years
Artificial SweetenersEat at your own risk!

Find other missing? The website StillTasty offers an accurate look-up device for bottled condiments.

Finally, don’t forget to reap some real food packed v substance and also plant-based spices. You may uncover you don’t want (or need) every those condiment packets spanning up the taste!