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A score that 20/20 ~ above a intuitive acuity test means you can see things at 20 feet the most human being can watch at 20 feet. A score of 20/30 means you can see things at 20 feet most human being can check out at 30 feet.

It"s not a complete assessment of your vision. Yet it"s a measure of how well you compare to others in acuity. (Learn More)

If you have actually 20/30 vision, you will likely have the ability to see most things fairly well also without correction. But some careers need 20/20 visual acuity. And while your acuity might be normal, other issues (such as shade blindness) deserve to still impede clean sight. (Learn More)

If your lowered acuity, linked with various other eye wellness issues, keeps girlfriend from see clearly, her doctor deserve to help. Glasses, contacts, or LASIK could be services you comment on with one eye health and wellness professional. (Learn More)


Your doctor may also discuss LASIK. This surgical procedure reshapes her eye, and that allows images to sharpen ~ above the retina. Researcher say it"s usual for civilization to achieve much better than 20/20 vision after ~ the surgery, although the is not always the goal.

But together you age, you may need glasses to aid you read. LASIK doesn’t protect versus age-related eye changes. Also if LASIK effectively corrects your street vision, you might need reading glasses later on in life.

 Every among these solutions comes with both benefits and also risks. Some address other worries (like astigmatism). Others carry out not carry out the same benefits. Some are better for world with dried eyes or other clinical issues.

Your doctor can assist you identify what systems is right for you.


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