Hey assumption: v what? Boobs don't exist purely to be looked at. They preferred to be touched and played with throughout sex too. And if girlfriend know exactly how to touch a girl's boobs, this overview will help.

You'd think that in ours day and age, a overview on just how to fondle breasts wouldn't have to be written. But we've written guides on exactly how to finger a girl, how to eat a girl out and also how to revolve a girl on. So right here we are, due to the fact that when it pertains to our chests, too many guys have no idea what they're doing.

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Every girl has different preferences the course, but here are some global rules that use to most. Thank us later:

1. Nothing suck really, really hard

Once a guy gave me a enormous bruise on my nipple. At least it swelled up and my boobs looked momentarily bigger.

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2. Stop HONKING MY chest PLZ

It is not a squeezy toy, it’s not a stress and anxiety ball, please stop squeezing mine life out of mine breast.


Lick it, flick it, yet please because that the love the God apply some pressure. Don’t just saliva all over my nipple and also hope for the best.

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4. DON’T disregard THEM, I want YOU to TOUCH THEM

Yes castle one an ext part of a woman’s human body to handle (probably incorrectly), yet at least give our nipples a small twist or grab lock whilst we’re ~ above top.

5. Don’t PLUCK our NIPPLES favor YOU’RE PULLING ~ above A piece OF STRING

Totally cool to carry out this once or twice, however to execute it repetitively and not anything rather is no on. We’ll be getting to for the Sudocrem, and that’s no sexy.

? be gentle to yourself? . "Moon Melons" Watercolor on cotton By talented mama

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6. PLEASE protect against TRYING TO put YOUR penis IN between MY A-CUP BREASTS

They’re not large enough come fulfil all your porn fantasies.


OH fine I’m sorry I’m only a 32B, however if that’s not great enough because that you Sam then fuck off.

8. WHEN confronted WITH THEM during SEX, KISS lock FFS

If a girl is top top top and you’re dealing with them, literally ideal in prior of your face, staring at you and basically saying “kiss me right now”, then perform it.

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9. Nothing TELL girl WITH small BOOBS that THEY HAVE little BOOBS, and also THAT you’re “MORE of A BUM guy ANYWAY”

Yeah yeah sure.


I mean it’s fun to get a tiny handsy yet when yes sir the continuous worry of having actually a metal bar ripped the end of my nipple, you have to be therefore gentle.

Everyone is different but usually obtaining your nipples pierced makes them means more sensitive, for this reason a bit of light tongue flicking and also playing v them goes under an pure treat in foreplay.

11. GO between PLAYING v THE totality BOOB and also THE NIPPLE

Just choose with the vagina wherein you’ve got lots of areas you have the right to go back and forth to make the suffer better, boobs are the same.

Don’t rod to just awkwardly cupping and also lightly squeezing one boob, however play v the nipples because that a tiny bit, offer one a bit of a twist, cup my boobs again – the routine goes on.

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In in between moves? Touch them. Around to go down? Kiss them. Every other time you have actually spare minute and/or hand.

13. STOP and also START PLAYING through THEM

Sometimes whatever can go a bit numb if you just keep doing it because that ages, however if girlfriend pause and then go again it goes earlier to emotion really sensitive.


Being touched in two areas at once is usually the only method I have the right to come.

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15. Nothing BITE as well HARD

A nibble, a lick – sure. But I am not your food and also this is a really sensitive region.

16. LOVEBITES top top THE BOOBS room OKAY, just BE cautious WITH THE NIPPLES

It have the right to be kinda warm when a man bites her boobs and leaves a mark. Not every time, yet sometimes. Just don’t try and attempt it almost everywhere near the nipples, the hurts.

17. Periodically THEY’RE means MORE SENSITIVE than NORMAL

For part girls, when they’re on their duration their nipples gain super sensitive. And sore. So if she gently moves your hand away from that area and doesn’t want any kind of boob activity for a work or two, that’s why. Don’t take it personally. And also don’t ignore her.


18. DON’T talk about OUR BOOBS changing SIZES

Boobs fluctuate. Lock can readjust size throughout your life and they change every month. Speak ‘oh wow you’re boobs room so big today’ is no gonna make us feel good.

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It’s probably simply gonna remind us that we’re due on and look supervisor bloated and also fat. To add it renders us feel choose our boobs aren’t great enough normally.

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