Before creating this article I have to admit — I’d never provide much though to my dogs belly button, permit alone tried searching for it. I knew she had one, yet I’d never noticed the or given it a second thought.

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And climate I acquired an e-mail from a leader asking me around belly buttons it and it gained my mental wandering. Why carry out dogs have belly buttons anyways?

Why do Dogs have Belly Buttons?

Why execute dogs have actually belly buttons? Dogs have belly buttons due to the fact that they’re placental mammals. Once puppies are developing inside their mother’s womb the nutrients and oxygen they require are pass from mother to infant via the umbilical cord. The umbilical cord is a versatile tube that provides the baby through food & oxygen, and also it’s carries waste far from the baby ago to the mother.

The belly switch on a dog is the location where the umbilical cord was reduced after birth. Ship buttons are uncovered on every mammals (except marsupials), and also they’re basically just a scar in the location where the umbilical cord was cut.

All mammals (excluding marsupials) build inside their mother’s womb through this process. The belly button itself is just the scar leftover from where the umbilical cord was gotten rid of after birth.

The umbilical cord is a flexible tube that carries oxygen and also nutrients native the mommy to the baby. – children Health


In the womb mammals receive food & nutrients with the umbilical cord. A belly button is the location where the umbilical cord is reduced off after ~ birth.

Belly Buttons Are just a Scar

The belly switch is simply a scar, and it’s left after ~ cutting off the umbilical cord in animals. Since mammals offer live bear the babies construct inside your mother’s womb, and the umbilical cord is their lifeline. The umbilical cord passes along nutrients indigenous the mommy to arising baby (or puppy).

After puppies are born the mommy will bite off & break the umbilical cord which leads to the development of the belly button. In human beings it’s frequently clamped & then cut, and also the lot of cord left top top a infant varies by practice.

Where Is a Dog’s belly Button?

Your dog’s belly button is situated on your dog’s stomach, in the direction of the end of their rib cage. The belly switch of a dog deserve to be tough to discover due come all their fur, and the truth that they’re frequently a small, level scar. In some dogs, especially shorter haired breeds, you may notice a swirl the hair about surrounding their ship button.

Nearly every Mammals have actually Belly Buttons

The bulk of mammals have actually belly buttons, including dogs, cats, dolphins, and humans – but there are a few exceptions.

Marsupials and also platypus’ room the only mammals the don’t have actually belly buttons. A marsupial’s umbilical cord drops off in their mothers pouch, for this reason the scar never ever forms. And since platypus’ lays egg there’s no umbilical cord to begin with.

Belly Buttons on dog Aren’t generally Prominent

Rather than being apparent like the person belly button, a dog belly button is typically little more than a small, level scar that’s obscured by fur. You’ve more than likely never noticed your dogs very own belly button, and you’re not alone. I had actually to yes, really look really very closely to find my dogs belly button.

Puppies don’t have noticeable belly buttons for a couple of reasons. The size of your umbilical cord is small. Maintain a human being baby needs a bigger umbilical cord, hence a bigger scar. A puppy’s scar heals into a tiny slit quite than a ring hole. And the area is easily covered v fur, making detection an ext difficult. – ScienceIQ

A Protruding Belly switch on a Dog Is cause for Concern

A dog belly switch usually walk unnoticed, but when that sticks out it’s reason for concern. If her dog’s belly button is sticking out or swollen it can be a condition known together umbilical hernia. In a complex hernia the contents of the abdomen become trapped in the belly button, and also left untreated it can be fatal.

If you notification any swelling roughly your dogs belly switch make one appointment through your veterinarian because that the proper diagnosis & treatment.


Pro tip: Dogs the love belly rubs make the hunt for the elusive belly switch easy. They’ll be so chill lock won’t even notification you’re gift a weirdo.

Can You view Your Dogs ship Button?

I’m happy to say i finally found Laika’s belly button, though it did take a the majority of belly rubs and also coaxing. It’s just a tiny, level hairless scar that generally goes unnoticed.

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Have you watched your dogs belly button? Is it really small? execute you desire to uncover it without increasing suspicion? shot some good old fashioned ship rubs.