Cohesion is the residential property of choose molecules (of the same substance) come stick to each other as result of mutual attraction. Adhesion is the home of various molecules or surfaces to cling to each other. For example, solids have actually high cohesive properties so they carry out not stick to the surface they come in contact. ~ above the various other hand, gases have actually weak cohesion. Water has both cohesive and adhesive properties. Water molecules stick come each other to kind a sphere. This is the an outcome of cohesive forces. When had in a tube, the water molecules touching the surface ar of the container are at a higher level (see Meniscus). This is because of the adhesive force in between the water molecules and also the molecule of the container.

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Comparison chart

Adhesion versus Cohesion comparison graph
AdhesionCohesionConstituents Effect
Dissimilar molecules Similar molecules
Capillary action, meniscus Surface tension, capillary action and meniscus

Effects of cohesion and also adhesion

Surface Tension

Surface stress and anxiety is the result of cohesive pressures between surrounding molecules. The molecule in the mass of a liquid space pulled same in every directions through the bordering molecules. However the surface molecules execute not have molecules on every sides. Hence they are pulled inwards bring about the fluid to shrink to type a surface with minimum area, a sphere. Hence water droplets room spherical.

Water molecule bead together on a wax record because surface stress is greater than the adhesive forces in between the document and water molecules.

The surface tension of water allows objects heavier than it come float throughout it. Once water molecules carry out not stick to the object (non-wettable) and also the weight of the object is less than the forces due to surface tension.



Concave and Convex Meniscus. The meniscus is concave once adhesive pressures are more powerful than cohesive forces. E.g. Water. It is convex when cohesion is stronger. E.g. Mercury

The curved surface of a liquid within a container is the meniscus.

once the cohesive forces in between the fluid molecules are better than the adhesive forces in between the liquid and also the wall s the the container, the surface of the fluid is convex. Because that example, Mercury in a container. When the cohesive forces in between the liquid are much less than the adhesive forces between the liquid and the container, the surface ar curves up. Because that example, water in a glass container. When both adhesive and cohesive forces are equal, the surface ar is horizontal. For example, distilled water in a silver vessel.

Capillary action

Capillary activity is the an outcome of cohesive and adhesive forces. Once a liquid flows through a small space, the cohesive and adhesive forces act together to background it versus the natural pressure of gravity. Wetting of a paper towel, water flow up from the root to the guideline of a plant space a couple of examples of capillary action.



Cohesion reasons water to type drops, surface tension causes them come be practically spherical, and adhesion keeps the drops in place.

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Adhesion is provided for the ideal functioning of glue, paint, tar, cement, squid etc. Adhesive and also cohesive pressures together induce capillary activity which is the principle provided in desk lamp wicks. Man-made fibers use wicking to remove sweat native the skin.