Planning an exceptional adventure road pilgrimage by law the Yellowstone nationwide Park come Glacier national Park drive? believe it or not, there are many incredible stops follow me the method between the journey from Yellowstone come Glacier national Park in the beautiful state the Montana.

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We’ve picked our favorite stops on this remarkable journey plus road pilgrimage tips. Make your drive unforgettable by including in some of these exceptional stops. This guide covers several of the best things to do in every of these destinations and also recommendations because that overnight stays in case you setup on making a much longer stop here.

Since this is just one of the most scenic drives in the US, we recommend prolonging this road pilgrimage as long as friend can and also slowly enjoy it the ride protecting against along some of the finest outdoor adventure stops and also towns to visit!

Be certain to also read our overview on the finest places come visit in Montana come get more inspiration!

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Yellowstone to Glacier national Park Road trip Tips


The complete distance native Yellowstone come Glacier nationwide Park is anywhere between 368 mile to 402 miles depending on the path you take. Friend could absolutely complete the journey from Yellowstone nationwide Park come Glacier national Park in 6 come 7 hours in one day without stops.

However, us recommend building a scenic itinerary for this reason you deserve to make some of these significant stops along the means of this Montana road trip.

You will likewise want come be sure to arrangement time to spend at both Yellowstone nationwide Park and Glacier national Park.

There space two key routes ~ above the Yellowstone to Glacier drive, the quickest and shortest route is along the US-287 & I-15 route passing through Helena and also ending in east Glacier nationwide Park.

The various other route can be done in two different ways. Both of these begin on the I-90 and after you pass with Butte you have the right to either opt to continue to be on I-90 in the direction of Missoula and passing along the eastern side that Flathead Lake to West Glacier or start on the I-90 climate in Garrison you occupational your means towards 83 N passing with some gorgeous terrain come rejoin the various other route phibìc of Flathead Lake to end in West Glacier.

We are likewise going to include some slim detours to obtain to awesome stops on the drive from Yellowstone national Park to Glacier national Park including big Sky and Bozeman, this is tho heading North, the direction you’re driving, just a little bit further eastern running parallel come the I-15 route.

The ideal time of year for the Yellowstone come Glacier drive is commonly in the summer month through beforehand fall (early October) due to the fact that of the snowfall in the mountains. Snowfall reasons road closures and while you can still visit during this time, details areas will certainly be close up door off, but the places you execute visit will be a little less crowded than the summer and peak visiting season months.

Seasonal Tips:

One the the most famed stops in Glacier national Park is driving follow me Going-to-the-Sun Road. This is only open during the summer months from late June or beforehand July with the middle of October.In Yellowstone nationwide Park, several of the roads close starting in mid-October depending upon weather despite it can be together late as early November. These roads stay closed till the spring and depending top top weather, castle reopen typically between mid-April to mid-May.Visiting in the winter and off-season is a great way to view these herbal beauties in a different landscape and also can be done, but you will should plan and also be conscious of what is closed and also what is open not only to prepare your expectations but additionally for safety reasons.

Be certain to additionally secure many hotels in advancement if you setup on traveling or completing the Yellowstone nationwide Park come Glacier nationwide Park drive during peak season!

Be sure to likewise check out our road trip essentials because that what to pack throughout your trip!

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Renting a car for her Yellowstone to Glacier roadway Trip


If you currently don’t have a auto for your beginning point we recommend renting a auto in development on Expedia.

We additionally recommend obtaining travel insurance because that this trip. Numerous travel insurance plans also coverCollision damages Waiver (CDW) coverage approximately $35,000.

We recommend civilization Nomads travel Insurance for short trips like this since you deserve to buy your take trip insurance at any suggest and have coverage.

One factor why this is one of the finest travel insurance out there is the they covering CDW for as much as $35,000 if you plan on renting a car and also upgrade to the explorer plan. This is one incredibly good deal if you finish up in a country.

We personally used civilization Nomads take trip insurance for years because of just how quick and also easy the is to gain coverage anywhere and also anytime and there’s 24/7 emergency help making cases a breeze as soon as or if you ever before get hurt or sick abroad.

But if you’re looking to update to a longer-term take trip insurance arrangement like we have actually for frequent travelers, we recommend exploring our overview to how to choose the best travel insurance for a few different options depending ~ above what your requirements are and form of coverage you’re looking for.

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Scenic stop on her Yellowstone national Park come Glacier nationwide Park Drive

We will certainly indicate listed below which route/highway each of this stops room along so you can arrangement accordingly! because that the objectives of this post, us are beginning in West Yellowstone, but depending on your route you can likewise start from Gardiner, Montana.

We introduce plugging in your directions on your gps or Google Maps to get the best route for you, this is simply travel motivation to arrangement for an excellent stops you deserve to make along the means from Yellowstone to Glacier nationwide Park.

Also, friend can conveniently reverse this course if you discover yourself starting north and heading south!

West Yellowstone


Any road expedition from Yellowstone come Glacier wouldn’t be finish without trying out all the points to view in Yellowstone national Park, the largest and also oldest nationwide park in the joined States.

Staying in West Yellowstone set you up well together it’s located just a five-minute journey from the West Entrance. First, you will need to decide how long you want to spend experimenting Yellowstone, we have a suggested one job in Yellowstone itinerary that’s good if friend are quick on time, if not we introduce planning more time come visit the park as there is so many amazing areas to explore.

Some that the top must-see stops incorporate the amazing Norris Geyser Basin, come the phibìc of the park, invites travellers to witness all species of heat pools and geysers, spread out over two key areas; the Porcelain and ago Basins.

On the drive here from West Yellowstone, you’ll additionally pass through Elk Park and get the opportunity to clues wildlife prefer elk and also bison. Moving more to the south of the park, a must-see is the rainbow-colored cool Prismatic Spring.

There room boardwalks resulting in the base of the spring, Excelsior Geyser Crater, Turquoise Pool, and Opal Pool. Be certain to obtain the ideal view that the psychedelic colors from the cool Prismatic spring Overlook.

A small further under you’ll run right into Old Faithful, the famous cone-shaped geyser named in homage come the predictability of it’s soaring eruptions.

Another worthwhile but lesser-known site near to Old Faithful is the Kepler Cascades top top the Firehole River. You can gawk in ~ the breathtaking waterfall native a wooden deck, and also with no hike, it’s simple yet financially rewarding stop.

This is additionally a good opportunity to continue to be the night, we stayed at Bar N Ranch, beautiful property and cabins as well as rooms in the key lodge. This is wherein we continued to be with a group and we were blown away by their larger cabin the made united state feel like we to be at home complete with its very own hot tub with a check out of the surrounding mountains.

There are also smaller cabins, rooms in the main lodge, and yurts together well.

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Big Sky


Via course 191, 51 miles & ~ 1 hr journey from West Yellowstone

Big Sky, Montana is for sure stunning and is approximately a 1-hour drive north that West Yellowstone taking Highway 191. The town is famous as a ski destination in winter but also offers other experiences in the summertime, making it a an excellent stop ~ above the journey from Yellowstone nationwide Park come Glacier nationwide Park.

You can gain your adrenaline pumping with outdoor tasks like white-water rafting ~ above the Gallatin River, horseback riding through spectacular views, hill biking and also zip lining v mountains and also trees.

There are likewise hundreds of miles of exorbitant hiking trails for every levels the zigzag the mountains around big Sky.

We carry out recommend security a night here and also enjoying several of the great outdoor adventures this beautiful destination has come offer.

We remained at one of the many incredible accommodations we’ve ever stayed in ~ in the united state at Lone hill Ranch. We had actually our own cabin finish with a vintage document player and records, a rushing creek right outside our door that we might listen to together we fell asleep in ~ night, and of food nestled in the most incredible mountain terrain.

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Via path 89 straight (65 miles & 1.5 hour journey from West Yellowstone) or 191 come Bozeman then I-90 to Livingston (116 mile & ~ 2 hr journey from West Yellowstone)

Livingston, back a tiny out of the way, is well worth the detour and a visit top top the road from Yellowstone to Glacier nationwide Park.

This old fashioned western railroad and also ranching town is a couple of hours drive north of West Yellowstone heading eastern off Highway 191, or approximately 2.5 hrs exiting the phibìc Entrance the Yellowstone nationwide Park.

You’ll feel the old-school charm walking under Livingston’s main street v its historic 19th Century buildings and eye-catching rainbow-colored vintage neon indicators that are still in use.

We remained the night here and also recommend you perform too! there is a brewery downtown, bars, restaurants, and cute shops come explore!

We love the historical Murray Hotel right here in Livingston, i beg your pardon is a good option to stay on her Yellowstone to Glacier drive. This gorgeous hotel has had actually its same share of famous visitors over the year including Calamity woman & Buffalo Bill.

Even the elevator is still just able to work-related if you have actually an actual person operating it.

The rooms room incredible and this is among those unique experiences the you don’t want to miss tied to the entire background of this town and also area.

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Via path 191 straight 90 mile & ~ 2 hour drive from West Yellowstone

This is another great stop on her drive indigenous Yellowstone national Park come Glacier nationwide Park. Bozeman is perfectly located in the Rocky Mountains and has the friendly welcome of a tiny Western town mixed with the fun of a college ar – it’s the home of Montana State University. Go Bobcats!

Bozeman is a great spot because that outdoor adventures long walking in the Gallatin Canyon and cultural visits in the city itself. While here, we recommend going to the Museum of the Rockies to view a substantial collection that dinosaur fossils, as well as a complete and also standing T-Rex skeleton.

For a real-life pet experience on your Yellowstone to Glacier trip, friend can’t miss The Montana Grizzly be affected by each other Encounter. The rescue sanctuary was created in 2004 wherein you can now view the bear (who roam in a spacious area) and learn much more about them.

You’ll likewise want to talk a walk about the culturally diverse downtown area, perfect for browsing the farmer’s markets, dining, visiting arts galleries and also shopping.


Via course 287 (138 miles & ~ 2.5 hour journey from West Yellowstone ) or via path 191 passing through huge Sky (164 miles & ~3 hour journey from West Yellowstone)

Continuing the Yellowstone come Glacier national Park drive, another great stop is the colorful mining city the Butte. Come learn around the neighborhood history, you have the right to take one underground tour of the mines at the world Museum the Mining.

There is also a rebuilded old mining city to get an impression the the past and a huge collection that the type of mineral excavated.

As Butte is additionally located in the Rockies, it’s a good place to take advantage of outdoor tasks like biking, hiking, camping and also fishing.

Make sure you scan the landscape to record a glimpse of the Lady of the Rockies too, a white statue the the Virgin mar that actions 90-feet and overlooks Butte.

For a more, albeit, unexplained sight friend can additionally visit the Berkeley Pit, a huge former open-pit copper mine now turned toxic lake, i m sorry attracts travellers curious to take it a look.


Via route 287 directly, 178 mile & ~3 hour drive

Helena, the state capital of Montana deserve to be easily integrated on the method from Yellowstone nationwide Park to Glacier nationwide Park. When in the “Queen City of the Rockies” taking a boat ride v the gateways of the mountains is a must-do to watch the amazing geology and also wildlife when cruising through a beautiful flow canyon.

Mount Helena City Park (620 acres) offers more opportunities in nature, through miles of long trails around and up the mountain that has a summit of 5,468 feet.

When in Helena, examine out Montana’s State Capitol campus, either through self-guided tour booklets or a guided tour with an expert. You likewise can’t miss soaking up the Gothic-style Cathedral that St. Helena, whose construction began in 1908.



Via course 287 come I-90, 265 mile & ~4 hour drive

Missoula, simply off Highway 90 heading West, is a hub because that outdoor activities and a worthy protect against on your route from Yellowstone come Glacier national Park.

The warmer summertime months are perfect because that enjoying horseback riding, rafting, hiking and biking in the area, with ski sports being renowned in the winter months.

Whatever time that year you choose to visit, there will certainly be wildlife watching, fishing and also birding opportunities for pet lovers.

On the art and society side of activities to gain in Missoula, you have the right to enjoy the Missoula art Museum, local football gamings by The Montana college Grizzlies and wineries and also breweries offering an excellent drinks – periodically alongside live music.

For history buffs, we’d recommend a visit to fort Missoula to check out antique trains, historical buildings and exhibits on regional history.

We recommend continuing to be in downtown Missoula at the Residence Inn. The rooms right here are contemporary and really nice. We even had a kitchen in ours and also a spacious living area and bathroom.

The lobby is connected to shops and also has multiple access points to explore downtown.

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Via I-90, 300 miles & ~4.5 hours drive indigenous West Yellowstone

Among more touristic clues on the journey from Yellowstone nationwide Park come Glacier nationwide Park, there room some lesser-known stops we assumed you’d choose to know around too.

Passing through Ravalli north on path 93 turn off of the I-90, there space hikes roughly the Mission mountains to check out untouched and also wild landscapes v incredible hill views and also high mountain lakes.

You can follow trails that lead to an ext popular lakes prefer Glacier Lake (easier level) and also Mollman Lakes (more challenging) to admire your natural and also isolated beauty.

Flathead Lake & large Fork

Via I-90 directly (364 miles & ~6 hrs drive native West Yellowstone) or via I-90 to course 83 (353 miles & ~6 hrs drive native West Yellowstone)

Nearing the finish of her Yellowstone to Glacier nationwide Park drive, be sure to protect against in or also stay the night in huge Fork in ~ the north finish of Flathead Lake.

This year-round resort village is perched on the north tip that the beautiful lake wherein you can partake in water and also mountain tasks galore. This is a gorgeous location to fish because that trout in the crystalline waters whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro.

There are also paddle boards and also kayaks as one more option for trying out the lake, plus the clear waters room swimmable.

We’d extremely recommend experimenting Wild equine Island at the southern end of Flathead Lake and hiking to the summit because that a look the end on the view below. The journey over is fun too v transport by boat, kayak or even Jet Ski.


Via I-90 directly (381 mile & ~6.5 hrs drive native West Yellowstone) or via I-90 to path 83 (372 mile & ~6 hours drive from West Yellowstone)

Another good stop top top the roadway from Yellowstone to Glacier is Kalispell located on Highway 93, which complies with the western perimeter of Flathead Lake.

Kalispell is a fun location to invest a day before heading onwards. You have the right to take a trolley tourism to watch the city if learning around some that its history, as well as eat, shop and also drink at regional breweries or take it a guided tour of the impressive Conrad Mansion and also gardens.

or those wanting an out adventure, you’ll gain Herron Park, located roughly 10 minute from downtown Kalispell. The park has actually 44 acres of land and 15 miles of trails wherein you have the right to hike, bicycle or journey horseback.

There are additionally some breathtaking views to behold the the hills surrounding the city.


Our final suggestion for amazing stops in between Yellowstone national Park to Glacier nationwide Park is Whitefish, north on Highway 93 indigenous Kalispell best on the beautiful Whitefish Lake.

There is a lovely downtown area for having actually breakfast and also wandering v – you can start at the old (but quiet functioning) wooden train station and check the end the small museum on screen there about Whitefish.

There are likewise galleries come browse, Stumptown Marketplace and also other tiny shops perfect because that picking up part souvenirs closing the end the trip.

For a small something outdoors, there’s also Whitefish Lake wherein you cant rent paddleboards, kayaks and boats come swish with the decision clear waters and also breathe in the new air – all surrounding by those stunning Montana hills of course.

Whitefish is a good option to spend your critical night on your Yellowstone national Park to Glacier nationwide Park journey to get rested up before all the funny at Glacier national Park nearby located ideal on Whitefish Lake.

The rooms at Whitefish Lake space cozy and have a rustic vibe. You’ll feeling at home below in your condo-style rentals ideal on the lake. The condos have actually a full kitchen and have options large enough to accommodate a totality family.

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Glacier nationwide Park

And you’ve do it all the means from Yellowstone to Glacier! It’s time to gain some time at Glacier nationwide Park, you’ll have to decide just how much time girlfriend have and also pick out some of the ideal outdoor tasks and scenery to reap here.

We recommend adjusting her itinerary if you desire to spend any extr time in the nationwide parks in general, us were tempted to but we understand we’d love to just come back.

Some places we highly recommend discovering are of course the scenic Lake McDonald, one of the most popular stops in Glacier nationwide Park because that viewpoints and also Lake McDonald Lodge whereby you can gain on a watercraft tour that the lake and enjoy the epos views and scenery.

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Don’t miss out on the famous Going-to-the-sun-road either which gives you several of the finest views of the park’s scenery. It’s no fair because that the driver due to the fact that they need to pay fist to the road, so we recommend hopping on the famous Red Bus tours so everyone in her party have the right to enjoy the see from a historic, revitalized red bus native the 1930s for an unforgettable memory.

Another an excellent stop is Avalanche Creek and also the follow of the Cedars and also we very recommend checking out Two Medicine, just note alot that the facilities on this next of the park close by September!

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