DVD instance is the best method to store disks safe, undamaged and well organized. Most popular DVD cases are make from rigid or soft plastic which deserve to be either transparent or opaque. ubraintv-jp.com CD DVD Label an equipment will assist you publish your own custom DVD situation inserts or consists meeting standard DVD situation dimensions considering the form of the case you choose.

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With ubraintv-jp.com CD label software application you will be able:

To produce and also print DVD consist of as plenty of as friend need and as rapid as you require using your brand identification (for business) or pictures and signs you desire (for house usage).To forget about marking the disks with handwriting.To readjust disk inserts whenever friend want.

DVD situations are convenient, basic to use and also cheap. Furthermore they are durable and in most instances re-usable. V ubraintv-jp.com CD DVD Label device you will certainly be may be to adjust the insert or sheathe whenever girlfriend want and also to usage the same instance for another disk.

Measurements of a DVD cases

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Let us testimonial top popular DVD disc cases, standard DVD instance dimensions and also the choices ubraintv-jp.com offers to you.

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Keep case

Keep case, i m sorry is created an initial by Amaray, is a conventional DVD case made of black color opaque plastic, but transparent and color versions space possible. Each instance can save up to 4 disks. The standard dimensions of a DVD situation is 184 mm х 130 mm and 14 mm special or 7.2 in × 5.1 in and also 0.6 in thick. The situation provides ideal protection for the disks and also holds castle fast, no issue what happens. The plastic i beg your pardon is used for keep case is much softer and also less rigid 보다 the one supplied for jewel cases. Thus the box is much an ext durable and lasting.

ubraintv-jp.com offers miscellaneous keep situation templates which satisfy the traditional DVD case size. The editor enables you to adjust background picture, message blocks and include all crucial information. The side margin is supplied to indicate crucial disk data in quick (title, years, unique notes).

Standard DVD sheathe dimensions

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Slim Amaray is a sport of standard keep case, yet is much slimmer. The Slim Amaray disk case can keep up to two disks. Slim Amaray DVD cover dimensions are 184 mm х 130 mm with 8 mm thick or 7.2 in × 5.1 in through 0.4 in thick. As result of "slimmer" DVD cover dimensions such situations take less space and allow to store more disks in a limited space.

Opaque disk instances are wrapped external on v transparent plastic because that DVD cover to be inserted. ubraintv-jp.com will aid you come print ideal sized covers.

Slim DVD cover dimensions

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Super-Slim Amaray is an additional variation of keep case. But the measurements that a DVD case is miscellaneous smaller: 184 mm х 130 mm with only 7 mm thick or 7.2 in × 5.1 in through 0.3 in thick.

ubraintv-jp.com CD DVD Label machine comes with assorted templates meeting standard DVD situation dimensions. However, us recommend to measure up a DVD case prior to you will certainly edit and also print a record cover to get sure the the published cover will perfectly fit the case. With layout Generator you will certainly be may be to readjust or adjust the size of a covering (or create a totally new template) to make it perfectly fit the case.

Template Generator

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Mind that even standard instances can come v some dimension defects (being narrower or taller). Thus added measuring is essential to ensure proper printed DVD situation size.

Blu-ray cases

Blu-ray situations are certain boxes for blu-ray disks. The covers required for such types of instances are narrower as they carry out not pave the entire box. ubraintv-jp.com CD DVD Label maker provides you the following Blu-ray DVD covering dimensions:

US Blu-ray case - 148 mm x 128.5 mm and 12 mm special or 5.8 in x 5 in and also 0.6 in thick.

US Blu-ray cover dimensions

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UK Blu-ray situation – 148 mm x 129 mm and also 14 mm thick or 5.8 in x 5 in and also 0.7 in thick.

UK Blu-ray covering dimensions

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You can additionally simply change the DVD instance dimensions in theme Generator and also create finest fitting covers for the cases.

With ubraintv-jp.com CD DVD Label device you will have the ability to create different inserts because that Blu-ray disks.

Blu-ray insert is a simple, one next insert the a traditional DVD instance size - 145 mm x 118 mm or 5.7 in x 4.6 in. The insert keeps title of the decaying and extr informations (for example, a list of videos ~ above the disk).

Blu-ray Insert dimensions

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Blu-ray twin insert – a two-part insert (front and also back) for traditional Blu-ray case size - 145 mm x 117.5 mm or 5.7 in x 4.65 in. On together a double insert you deserve to print much much more information top top the disc content.

Blu-ray dual Insert dimensions

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Snap instance – is a kind of DVD and CD instance which is do of special multi-layer cardboard with specific plastic decaying holders. This type of disk instance is no as popular. Snap case has acquired its name due to snapping the the back part over the ideal edge the the former part. Warner brothers and brand-new Line Cinema are the just production studios release disks in together cases. Yet ubraintv-jp.com CD DVD Label market snap case templates i m sorry you can edit and also print because that such species of cases.

There space other varieties of disk cases you deserve to opt for. For example, if you need the slimmest and durable Blu-ray situation you can select a Super-jewel box. It has actually the same building and construction as the CD jewel case however 1,5 times taller. The Super-jewel DVD case dimensions space 190 mm x 142.2 mm and also 10.4 mm special or 7.5 in x 5.6 in and also 0.4 in thick. However this is one of the most delicate to mechanically damages. The case is easily cracked and also split.

Slip-case is another type of Blu-ray disk cover. This situation consists the a straightforward Amaray box through a soft cardboard wrapper. ubraintv-jp.com CD DVD Label machine provides you with vital templates of matching measurements that a DVD case.

Steel-book is one of the most durable and also reliable Blu-ray cases. The looks favor a an easy Amaray case, yet consists of 2 parts. The upper part is made from steel, when the inner component (the insert) is do of soft plastic because that disk holding. Such form of situation can keep up come 6 disks. Friend will also find templates in ubraintv-jp.com DVD Label machine which excellently fit DVD covering dimensions.

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ubraintv-jp.com CD DVD Label maker is a perfect assistant because that your company or home hobby giving you through all essential cover templates come fit any type of DVD case size. The editor lets you in a few simple clicks to change the look of the cover and also the layout Generator will readjust the size of the cover to essential DVD situation dimensions.