Lung and Breathing conditions in 9/11 Victims

The misery that interstitial lung disease, breath problems, and different types of lung problems caused by 9/11 continue to have actually an immense influence on people living through these conditions.

The 9/11 victims’ lawyers at Hansen & Rosasco, LLP have actually heard countless cases, specifically about how floor Zero asbestos exposure has actually led come interstitial lung condition in first responders, area residents, and also Downtown Manhattan workers. If you space suffering indigenous a 9/11-related illness, us are here to aid you gain compensation.

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Our 9/11 victims’ lawyers secured $1.1 million because that a NYC sanitation worker disables through 9/11 interstitial lung condition and chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD).

Interstitial Lung disease Conditions

Interstitial lung an illness (ILD) is a large collection of end 200 chronic lung disorders, which encompass sarcoidosis, chronic asthma, chronic rhinitis, chronic sinusitis, reactive airway an illness syndrome (RADS) and pulmonary fibrosis.

Hansen & Rosasco, LLP represents countless clients with interstitial lung disease, and we have actually helped them achieve lifelong medical care through the people Trade facility Health routine (WTCHP) and cash compensation native the September 11 Victim Compensation money (VCF).

When a human being suffers indigenous ILD, the tissue between the air bag of the lung (called the interstitium) is affected by the inflammation or scarring (fibrosis). The scar or fibrosis reasons a who lung organization to shed the capacity to breathe completely and, as a result,carry oxygen to the body. ILD is a chronic/long-term condition that is usually non-malignant (or not cancerous). When scarring the the lung occurs, it is usually irreversible. Medications might slow the damages of interstitial lung disease, yet many human being never regain full use of their lungs. Lung transplant is an option for some world who have this condition.


Research studies welcomed by the commonwealth government show that ILD is resulted in by inhaling eco-friendly pollutants, exposure to asbestos fibers, and also silica dust. All of these substances have been recorded as having been part of the toxicity dust and fumes that blanketed all of lower Manhattan for numerous months ~ the 9/11 attacks.

Common symptom of ILD/pulmonary fibrosis are similar to miscellaneous other 9/11-related breathing conditions, such together COPD. These symptoms include shortness of breath (especially through exercise or other strenuous activity), a dry sneeze without mucus/phlegm (similar to “World Trade center Cough”), and challenge or labored breathing.

Like plenty of other 9/11-related breathing disorders, ILD/pulmonary fibrosis is progressively progressive. If you think you are occurring early symptom of any of these conditions due to your time in ~ Ground Zero, we recommend the you look for treatment and also contact our office to start your claim immediately.

Learn more about interstitial lung an illness from the mayo Clinichere.

Your assistance Team

If you are at this time suffering native any number of breathing problems, or have been diagnosed through interstitial lung disease, let ours office take care of your VCF claim. If you have actually questions about medical treatment or one award for interstitial lung disease or different types of lung conditions caused by 9/11 asbestos exposure, please call our 9/11 victims’ lawyers in ~ 800-887-7299or fill out a contact type here.

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