Trial Balance is a component of the accountancy process, i m sorry is a schedule of debit and also credit balances bring away from all the ledger accounts. As every transaction influence two sides, i.e. Every debit has actually a matching credit and the turning back is likewise true. The total of debit and credit balances are equal in the trial balance. In contrast, the Balance Sheet is the statement the exhibits the company’s financial position, by summarizing the assets, liabilities, and also capital top top a specific date.

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In general, the attempt balance is prepared at the finish of the month or at the end of the accounting period, i.e. It deserve to be prepared as per the necessity of the entity. Top top the other hand, balance sheet is prepared just at the finish of the accountancy period. So, below in this article, we room going to talk about the differences between trial balance and balance sheet, take it a read.

Content: psychological Balance Vs Balance Sheet

Comparison Chart

Basis for ComparisonTrial BalanceBalance Sheet
MeaningTrial Balance is the list of all balances of general Ledger Account.The Balance paper is the explain which mirrors the assets, equity and also liabilities of the company.
DivisionDebit and also Credit columnsAssets and also equity & liabilities heads
StockOpening share is considered.Closing share is considered.
Part of financial StatementNoYes
ObjectiveTo inspect the arithmetical accuracy in recording and also posting.To ascertain the financial place of the firm on a certain date.
BalancesPersonal, real and nominal account room shown.Personal and real account are shown.
PreparationAt the finish of every month, quarter, half year or jae won year.At the finish of the gaue won year.
UseInternal UseExternal Use

Definition of trial Balance

Trial Balance is a statement i m sorry lists all the balances that the Real, personal and in the name of Account regardless of whether of capital or Revenue account. It has two columns debit and also credit. If the transactions space recorded correctly by giving double sided effect and also then post systematically, then the complete of both the columns would be identical.

But if the complete of both the columns is distinct then the opportunities of errors in the recording and posting space there. However, part errors space not revealed through trial balance they room compensating errors, error of omission, error of commission, error of principle and others.

Definition that Balance Sheet

A Balance sheet is a explain which represents the assets, liabilities and shareholder’s equity of the agency is recognized as Balance Sheet. This statement has two significant heads in which it is classified: One is assets, i m sorry is split into Current and Non – present Assets. Present Assets space those assets i beg your pardon are conveniently converted right into cash while the non – existing Assets space those assets through the help of i m sorry the firm runs the business.

Another component is Equity and Liabilities, whereby Equity includes the amount invest by the same Shareholders and also Reserves & Surplus. Liabilities are divided into two sections Current and also Non – existing Liabilities. Existing Liabilities are the debt, i beg your pardon is to be paid turn off within one year if the non – existing Liabilities method the debt, the repayment the which deserve to be done after a particular time.

Key Differences in between Trial Balance and also Balance Sheet

Statement that debit and credit balances were taken from basic ledger is well-known as trial Balance. Explain of assets and equity & legal responsibility is well-known as Balance Sheet.Trial Balance walk not incorporate closing stock while the Balance sheet does not encompass opening stock.Trial Balance checks the arithmetical accuracy in the recording and also posting if balance paper is ready to determine the financial place of the company on a particular dateTrial Balance is ready after posting right into ledger vice versa, Balance paper is all set after the preparation of Trading and Profit & lose Account.The Balance paper is the part of the jae won Statement when Trial Balance is not a component of the gaue won Statement.Balances of all personal, real and also nominal account are presented in the psychological balance. ~ above the contrary, Balance sheet shows the balances of an individual and genuine account only.The trial balance is all set at the end of every month, quarter, fifty percent year or the financial year. Whereas the balance sheet is all set at the end of every month.The psychological balance is all set for inner use only, however, the balance sheet is all set for both internal and also external use, i.e. To inform external parties about the financial condition of the entity.


Both are Statement.The top of the two requirements to be identical.Consideration the Real, personal and nominal Account.


There are numerous differences between the two statements. The psychological Balance and Balance paper are an extremely dissimilar from each other. The ready of attempt Balance is not compulsory at all, but the ready of Balance paper is obligatory because that every company. The attempt Balance is not check out by the individuals of the gaue won statement or stakeholders, yet Balance sheet is used by them.

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Trial Balance have the right to be all set as per necessity of the organization while the Balance paper is prepared at a certain date i beg your pardon is generally at the finish of the accounting year.