Can a drug test finding gender? Is it really possible? Well, there has actually been a debate surfacing the internet about the drug trial and error methods being used and what deserve to be detected.

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The modern-day testing methods are far an ext advanced and also play a significant role in detecting medicine in people’s systems. So, to the question have the right to a urine medicine test recognize gender, the price is yes. It deserve to detect gender. Therefore, before you try to fool her employer, save this truth in mind. However, gender-based drug tests are an ext expensive, for this reason the companies could not indulge in such procedures.

The only thing is the if the firm is strict with its ‘no-drug’ policy, they can go to any type of extent to obtain things sorted, even if it contains firing a pair of employees because that tampering the urine drug test through the pee of opposing sex.

This is the factor why us have produced this article to help you understand how the urine drug test works and also how it can detect gender.


Why Urine medicine Test?

Urine medicine tests are carried out to determine the visibility of specific drugs in an individual’s system. This exercise was at first used through pharmaceutical providers for analyzing the potency of drugs before releasing them to the public.

However, number of companies and also organizations throughout the world have embraced this practice to recognize the illegal and also legal drugs their employees take it at workplace orbeforehiring them. Companies are vigilant v these to pee tests due to the fact that hiring someone that is a medicine addict can cause troubles to their company in the lengthy run.

Hence, you must be cautious when going for an interview because you can always expect drug testing prior to getting a job.

Is there a Difference between Male and Female Urine?

Any professional drug tester can easily distinguish between male and female urine. For starters, female urine consists of the person chorionic gonadotropin hormone, whichwomen create during pregnancy. Thanks to this hormone,they can additionally conduct pregnant tests at home.

Apart indigenous this hormone, woman urine also contains traces the red blood cells. This is specifically when the woman is going v her periods. All this helps in determining the sex the the individual.

When we talk about men, they have a greater muscle mass than women. This method that males produce greater levels of creatinine, which can be recognize in their urine samples. ~ above the other hand, traces that sperm or residual pre-ejaculate can be found in the masculine urine samples.

In basic terms, the visibility of reproductive cells, blood, sex hormones, and also pH, all can help in determining the sex of an individual without any kind of hassle.

Do Labs Test for a Gender?

Until the employee or sample collector request it, the lab will certainly not test your sample for a gender!

Except the actual medicine test, labs can perform the adulteration exam on samples, yet these tests generally do not include any tests intended to detect the gender of the donor. In order come detect dilution or adulteration, the samples are tested for numerous physical and also chemical qualities such as particular gravity, pH and also creatinine levels, and for the presence of the most typical known adulterants such together hydrogen peroxide, bleach, pyridinium chlorochromate (PCC), nitrite, glutaraldehyde and various oxidants. No one of this tests indicate gender of the donor. Gender tests may be performed just if the sample collector or an additional lab worker doubt you the a sample substitution. This, however, may take place only if your behaviour was suspicious.

There room several actions taken by the employee to happen the urine medicine test, and also swapping your urine with the urine of the opposite sex is one of them. Some also bring synthetic urine samples (which are likewise detectable) to deceive the lab tests. But, if the laboratory technician is smart sufficient to clues the difference, her career is over, at the very least for some time.

Can a male Use Female to pee or Woman use Male Urine because that a medicine Test?

The truth to it is in told, civilization are using urine samples of opposing sex for some time now and also easily pass the medicine test. Well, the urine of females and also males is the same to the nude eye. You can’t tell the difference in between the two. You won’t have the ability to differentiate both by color, either.

So, as a man, you deserve to use the to pee sample of a mrs for a medicine test. It has its own consequences. Earlier, human being were request to lug their samples from residence from the morning urine. Nowadays, rap technicians and doctors space smart sufficient to recognize that one can quickly swap the samples. So, today, you need to take the sample in ~ the premise.

Thus, if and only if you room able come swap your urine sample indigenous the one you carried from residence without the invigilators spotting you, you can pass the urine drug test. However, the laboratory technicians are always vigilant v this procedure and they will supervise you when you are placing the sample in the container.

Moreover, throughout the test, if the medical professional sees even the little of difference or any type of irregularity v your to pee sample, castle will continue for a gender-based test. As claimed before, some of the aspects found in both male and female urine samples are completely different. So, that is straightforward to distinguish in between the two.

However, a gender-based urine check is quite expensive and also the agency will need to pay the twin amount for conducting a gender-based pee test. Thus, many employers refrain from doing this since there space a the majority of employees, and also the resources are limited.

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So, if you space lucky enough and the employer doesn’t order a gender-based test, girlfriend can quickly get away with the to pee sample noted by opposing sex.