Are girlfriend going to acquire your favourite pet bird? A cockatiel is a great choice. This parrots are most likely to end up being your companions. They are beautiful, interactive and smart. However, you would absolutely like to compare male vs mrs cockatiel. It’s great to know the differences in beforehand.

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You would just know what to intend from your pets. Rather naturally, a pair that birds must share the best cockatiel cage. But, i m sorry of castle whistles, bites or hisses? which parrot is more colorful? have the right to you phone call the difference without the DNA test?


Should I get a male or woman Cockatiel?

Thus, the difference between male and also female cockatiel looks past the appearance. The birds’ behavior is a little bit different.

female cockatiel

For example, woman parrots are:

quiet; friendly; gentle; affectionate; shy and also reserved.

Females space screeching a lot. However, they might be aggressive, as well. Female birds are likely to hiss or bite people. They can do it when you placed your hands in the cage.

masculine cockatiel

Do you take into consideration which cockatiel: male or woman is better? You could think about whistling and also vocal abilities. In this view, male cockatiels space preferable. They space much an ext talkative than female birds.

Additionally, male parrots prefer strutting around. Think about it, selecting the ideal cockatiel toys for her pets. Because that instance, Yo-Yo likes looking in ~ the mirror. Sweetie commonly pays no attention at it. She likes tiny objects, prefer plastic beads. She might fiddle with them or sit top top them. Perhaps, the bird treats the beads choose the eggs, defending she nesting area.

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usual verdict

Thus, is masculine or mrs cockatiel a far better pet? that a issue of your taste and also your needs. If you prefer a bird to talk and whistle, choose a masculine parrot. However, females space friendly and gentle.