From new characters to vital plot differences and a absent VIT (Very necessary Turtle), right here are the biggest differences.

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Be mindful there are SPOILERS because that IT, IT thing TWO and Stephen King"s original novel below.

Stephen King"s IT is a beast. A huge horror epic the spans decades, embraces a vast ensemble that characters, details the sprawling history of Derry, Maine, and dips a toes in mind-bending cosmic mythology, the exact details of the novel were never ever going to do it to the screen, even with two long feature films.

Director Andy Muschietti and screenwriter Gary Dauberman had actually to do a lot of trimming to transform King"s classic story right into a two-part story -- also with a near-three-hour runtime because that the 2nd half. With IT thing Two now in theaters, we"re acquisition a look at the biggest alters from the book. (If you desire to get captured up top top the biggest alters in Chapter One, click with for Dave"s an extensive guide.)

it-chapter-two-pennywise image via new Line Cinema, Warner Bros.
There room an insane quantity of information changes and minor characters who don"t make the cut, and also it would certainly be impossibly time-consuming to perform them all. Every little thing from the truth that Richie quiet wears glasses (he"s had actually contacts for 20 years in the book) to the reality that the adult Losers can"t have actually kids, who tells who they love castle on the phone in ~ the finish (Richie tells Mike in the book, Mike tells bill in the movie) come minor gems prefer the foul-mouthed cab driver that takes bill to the Jade the the Orient and Beverly"s best friend Kay. There are infinite minor changes, i m sorry is what renders the publication such a special, immersive treat on its very own level.

however in terms of the greatest differences, including brand-new characters, missing key players, and the significant changes to the ending, we"ve put together a comprehensive list the where IT chapter Two diverged from the resource material. Inspect out the book to movie comparison below.


Audra and also Tom

it-chapter-2-james-mcavoy-bill-hader picture via Warner Bros.
In IT thing Two, both Bill and also Bev have spouses when we accomplish them, but that"s about the just time one of two people of them come up for the rest of the film. Invoice is married come an actress named Audra, that we watch on the collection of their latest movie (which bill wrote) having it the end over his trouble through endings. As for Bev, she"s married come an abusive man that mirrors she father, a controlling and also physically violent guy named Tom, who beats the hell the end of her when she tries to go back to Derry, yet ultimately gets left behind when she it s okay the upper-hand and also walks out the door, leaving her wedding ring behind.

In the book, both Tom and Audra have substantially larger duties that take them ~ above journeys come Derry searching for their spouses. Audra heads to Derry out of concern for her husband and Tom to win the info out the Bev"s ideal friend prior to following his wife there. Ultimately, their paths bring them together as soon as Pennywise supplies Tom to kidnap Audra and also bring her to his lair. As soon as they arrive, Tom fall dead at the sight of the true form, and It catches Audra in the deadlights. Bill discovers her once the Losers go back to the sewers as adults, and after they defeat It, the carries she catatonic body out of the sewers as they crumble. Audra remains unresponsive as Bill return to his common life, but in his last scene, Bill has an impulse to take she for a drive on his trusty old bike Silver, talk dangerously and carefree, racing "to to win the devil," until Audra clutches him, stirring earlier to life. video OF THE DAY

Stan take away a Bath

it-movie-wyatt-oleff image via Warner Bros. / brand-new Line
bad Stan, RIP. What happens to dear Stanley Uris is the exact same in both the book and also the film -- he takes a bath and kills himself -- but how and why it wake up is an extremely different. In ~ the finish of IT chapter Two, the enduring Losers obtain a letter from Stan that explains why he took his very own life. In the film, he describes that he knew that was also scared to challenge It again through them yet he knew the if lock didn"t perform it together, if even one of lock didn"t commit come the fight, the they would lose. So he do the sacrifice play and "took himself off the board" therefore they could defeat the once and for all. That"s why, as soon as we watch him cleft his wrists in the beginning of the film, the dies v a contented laugh on his face.

In the book, there"s no explanation, no loving note for his wife and also friends, and also dear Stanley Uris dies v a look at of terror on his face. In fact, it"s not just that there"s no note; Stanley"s whole suicide is told native the view of his mam Patricia, definition we don"t gain any access to his thought procedure at all. Just the storage of a mrs haunted by her husband"s final moments, i m sorry she"ll never understand. Stanley and also Patricia are watching Family Feud when he receive Mike"s call and says he"s walk up for a bath -- in ~ 7 p.m., which Patricia later on realizes he would never generally do. ~ panicking in ~ the silence and locked door (another point he would never ever do) she finds the spare crucial and, to she horror, discovers Stan"s dead body, "His mouth hung open like a sprung door. His expression was one of abysmal, frozen horror." In the book, the only note Stan pipeline is words "IT" sloppily scrawled on the wall surface on his very own blood as he was dying.


The Deadlights & Bev"s Visions

it-chapter-2-jessica-chastain image via Warner Bros. / new Line
we knew the Deadlights were various in the movies due to the fact that Chapter One, when Bev got an eyeful yet made a full recovery after Ben"s "true love"s kiss" restored her. Well, almost a complete recovery. Together we see through Audra and also Tom, in the novel, the Deadlights space too lot for the person mind come take, either killing the human being who sees them on vision or leaving lock insane and/or catatonic. Yet Bev recovers conveniently with tiny to no side effects...

Until Chapter Two. In ~ the finish of the an initial film, Bev states she saw a vision of the Losers re-united in the cistern as adults, and also in the follow-up increases on the side-effect. Due to the fact that she looked right into the Deadlights, Bev safety the rest of her life with horrible visions she doesn"t understand. Also though she couldn"t mental Derry or something that occurred there, Bev defines to Ben that she had actually nightmares of your deaths every night. That"s just how she knew Stanley eliminated himself before his mam finished her sentence ~ above the phone. It transforms out her nightmares were visions that what would occur to the Losers if lock decided, choose Stan, not to hit It. And since she"s seen every one of them die, that method she knows precisely what horrible fate awaits them if they shot to leaving Derry without finishing the job.

it-chapter-2-dean photo via Warner Bros. / brand-new Line
There room plenty of youngsters who accomplish a poor end in King"s novel, but poor young Dean and also his horrible death are innovations just because that the film. In Chapter Two, we very first meet Dean in ~ the finish of the Jade the the Orient scene where he approaches Richie, who mistakes the for one of It"s glamours. Yet his large moment comes later, when Bill returns to his childhood home and also realizes Dean resides there now. ~ confronting Pennywise through the sewer drain where Georgie died, invoice meets Dean, that tells that he hears voices indigenous the sink in his house, which sends Bill into a fit, screaming in ~ the young boy to leaving town. Naturally, the freaks Dean out and also he goes come the Derry Canal job festival instead.

as soon as Bill heads back to the Derry town House, It sends out him a taunting post via bloody skateboard, asking if he"ll fail Dean the method he fail Georgie. Invoice takes turn off for the festival, following Dean right into a room of Mirrors, but he"s too late. Separated by a pane the glass, invoice is compelled to clock while Pennywise terrifies and eats the young boy, mentally tormenting Bill utilizing Dean as a Georgie surrogate. In pre-release interviews, James McAvoy recalled exactly how the scene was invented. “We were absent a an important story beat because that Bill wherein he dealt with his guilt that he brought about his brother’s death," he explained. "I stated to Andy, “What have the right to we do?’…and precise in 50 minutes, he created a whole brand-new sequence. It was never ever in the script, and also it no in the book."


A Visit come Mrs. Kersh

it-chapter-2-joan-gregson-mrs-kersh image via Warner Bros. / brand-new Line
Muschietti keeps a most King"s original creation in the chilling scene wherein Beverly return to she childhood apartment, consisting of the minute when she misreads "Kersh" for "Marsh" and also some exact lines of dialogue. However, as with much the King"s novel, what wake up in the book is lot weirder and an ext disturbing.

The set-up is the same: Bev return to her apartment and meets a please old lady who tells Bev she father is dead and also offers her part tea. In the film, Bev progressively starts to an alert some decay and strangeness till the lady transforms into a trollish large who come charging at her. However, in the book, Mrs. Kersh"s transformation is slower and much more bizarre.

First, her beautiful hair grow straggly, she skin transforms sallow, and her teeth show up crooked, then her garments readjust and she accent, as she tells Beverly around her father Bob Gray, aka Pennywise the dance Clown. Gnawing at sweets, the old woman ultimately transforms into the witch native "Hansel and Gretel", threatening to litter Bev and her friends in the oven, and then i do not care Bev"s father. The shouts horrid, lurid profanities in ~ her, describing just how he win her since he wanted to have sex with her (let"s just say it doesn"t put it together tactfully,) until he transforms right into a clown holding balloons that review "It came from external space" and chases her out of the apartment in terror.

it-chapter-two-cast image via Warner Bros. / brand-new Line
We"re acquiring into the genuine weird ingredient now, and also the piece of King"s novel that presented the biggest challenges when it involved coherent depictions on-screen. Among the wiser moment to gain the ax/update, is the book"s smoke-hole scene, which lets Mike and Richie see how It landed on Earth and has that very distinct 1980s problematic flavor.

In the book, the Losers acquire the idea because that a smoke feet from Ben, that reads about them in a history book around Native American tribes and how castle would usage the acting from green wood to provoke visions. Thanks to Ben"s recently constructed underground clubhouse, they have actually the perfect location to shot it for themselves, do Richie wonder if there isn"t part bigger arrangement to the design of your lives. The hunch gets a little much more credence as soon as they try to attract a lit match to decide who will continue to be out the danger and also keep watch, just to find that somehow every the matches space still brand new. They have to do that together.

All 7 go under in the smoke-hole, but only Richie and Mike critical long sufficient for the vision. Lock travel ago to what they contact "Ago" -- a prehistoric land where Derry would later be, filled with lush wildlife and also creatures shed to history, that may have been a million, or ten million, or 10s of countless years ago. There, they watch It crash-land to earth from space. Richie claims it "sounded like the finish of the world" and says that wasn"t favor a room ship or a meteor, however like the Ark of the Covenant, except instead of the heart of God, it brought It. It landing in the floor that would certainly eventually become Derry, and this is just how the Losers find out that the has always been there, that It is Derry.

Muschietti updated this because that the film, dropping the details in the adult section of the story as soon as Mike medicine Bill v a root he was given by a native American people that lives just external of Derry -- and also just external of the reach. Together the just Loser who continued to be in Derry and also the only Loser that remembered, Mike invested his life dedicated to researching It and also trying to discover a method to kill it. As soon as he discovered the tribe, they offered him a vision of exactly how It pertained to earth -- very much favor what he and also Richie observed in the book. In the film, we endure it with Bill"s hallucinogenic trip, an animated layout sequence that shows It landing on Earth and devastating the native human beings that came before Derry. And that same hallucination leads us to our next significant deviation...


The routine of Chüd

it-chapter-2-ritual-of-chud photo via Warner Bros. / brand-new Line
where to begin with the routine of Chüd, one of King"s many batshit innovations in his huge resume? In the film, we learn around the ritual throughout the same scene the we see It come on Earth, Bill"s hallucinatory vision sequence. As illustrated in Chapter Two, the ritual of Chüd needs the Losers to collect totems of their forgotten memories from Derry to sacrifice in a routine that will supposedly catch Pennywise in an old vase. This is what sends the Losers ago to your old haunting grounds searching for the memory they"ve forgotten and also the totems that stand for them (in the book, lock go hike to acquire their memories and tap into their childhood sense of intuition).

In the end, Beverly brings her "Winter Fire" city from Ben, Ben bring his signed yearbook page from Bev, invoice brings the document boat the made through Georgie, Eddie bring his inhaler, Richie brings an arcade token tied come a traumatic minute in his childhood (see below), Mike brings a absent from their rock war against the Bowers gang, and also for Stan, they carry the shower lid he supplied to store spiders the end of his hair in the clubhouse. Lock sacrifice their artifacts, lock chant "turn light into dark", the deadlights shrink and swirl into the container... And it doesn"t work.

In our interview with Muschietti, the filmmaker explained,

“It doesn’t yes, really work. But knows that the only method to defeat Pennywise is using the strength of combined belief and this is the McGuffin the he decides to use...There is naught that have the right to kill Pennywise. The only weapon is believing, i beg your pardon is a weapon that actually Pennywise provides to kill his victims."

In the book, the routine of Chüd also doesn"t death It, yet it is an crucial weapon in the Losers Club"s battle against the creature. And here"s wherein we plank a non-stop train come Crazytown. The ritual is lugged to lock by Maturin, the turtle god, a largely benevolent if regularly indifferent celestial creature, who accidentally produced our well-known universe during a to the right of indigestion. He"s as powerful as It, a type of anti-Pennywise, who mainly stays the end of human affairs however sometimes lends part guidance. That"s what the does with Bill and also the Losers, who share some inexplicable understanding of the Turtle.

ago to the ritual of Chüd. This happens double for the Losers in the novel, when when they"re kids and once as adults. The routine itself involves the two parties "biting" on every other"s tongues and also telling jokes until among them laughs and the various other wins. That"s not quite how it plays out, yet that"s the general idea -- a fight of wills waged in the Macroverse, combated with the strength of belief. Together the novel says, "once you obtain into cosmological shit choose this, you acquired to litter away the accuse manual."

In the very first ritual, invoice travels v cosmic an are towards the Macroverse, wherein he meets the Turtle and has a pass out conversation. That fights his fight of the wills by chanting the tongue-twister he supplies to assist with his stutter (he thrust his fists versus the posts and also still insists the sees the ghosts) and ultimately wins by channeling all his belief in good things favor the tooth fairy, Santa Claus, and also the promise that the police will assist children in need. At the time, bill believes the ritual eliminated It. The course, he"s wrong.

throughout the 2nd ritual, bill is once again pulled out in the direction of the Macroverse, where he look at the dead shell of the Turtle and feels details defeat coming your way. The very first time they recorded It by surprise, however not this time. Fortunately, Richie has some surprises the his own and also jumps in top top the ritual with Bill, traveling out right into the void and also saving invoice from going end the edge into nothingness. Even still, it"s no enough, until Eddie senses your peril and also gives his life in a brave act that saves them all.

(For more, inspect out our full Ritual of Chüd explainer with the filmmakers.)

it-chapter-2-bill-hader-james-ransone photo via Warner Bros.
negative Edds. No matter which variation of IT you dive into, you’re walking to need to say goodbye come dear Eddie Kaspbrak, yet the occasions are slightly different. In the film, Eddie sacrifices his beloved childhood inhaler in the ritual of Chud, however he quiet comes through the sacrifice pat at just the right moment. Using the fire poker Beverly offered him (“It death monsters… if you think it does”) Eddie hurls the weapon into Its mouth, saving Richie indigenous the deadlights. Yet that doesn’t kill the monster. As soon as Eddie’s back is turned, the Pennywise-spider impales the with one of his claws, and also Eddie bleeds out while the remainder of the Losers hit the last battle against It. In a humorous spin ~ above his final encounter through Richie, Eddie states he has actually a confession and then speak Richie, “I fucked your mother.”

In the book, Eddie’s death hits also harder. Richie and also Bill are locked in your telepathic fight with It during the ritual of Chud, however Eddie hears Richie’s cries that they’re losing. Summoning all his childhood id in the his inhaler, his id in the “good medicine, strong medicine” his mother gave him before he knew it to be a placebo, Eddie fires his aspirator down Its throat and severely injures It. He likewise loses his arm in the process. Lying in Beverly’s lap, Eddie easily bleeds out. Richie comes to an initial and goes come his old friend. Eddie thinks to himself, “"This is not poor at all." but there to be something rather he had to speak first.” however he never ever gets to say it. Speak to Richie, Eddie says, “You know, I… I…” King ends Eddie’s journey, "Eddie closeup of the door his eyes, thinking how to finish, and also while he was still reasoning it over, he died."

In both versions, Richie is utterly ravaged by his friend’s death, even much more so as soon as he realizes they have to leave Eddie’s body behind in the crumbling caverns.


Richie"s big Secret

it-chapte-2-pennywise image via Warner Bros. / brand-new Line
Richie and also Eddie"s sexuality have long to be a point of conversation for book readers, sparking a specialized "Reddie" fandom and some fascinating discussions around the details in King"s book. The truth is, King gives no certain answers one method or the other. In among his adult chapters, Richie alludes come a long sexual background with women, noting just how lucky that is none of them obtained pregnant (a nod to the Losers" inability have children). Together for Eddie, that marries the spitting picture of his mother, one overweight overbearing woman who coddles and also cages him.

indigenous Eddie"s Freudian nightmare marital relationship to Richie"s propensity to speak to Edds "cute, cute, cute" come the fact that Eddie -- known germaphobe -- to be willing come share Richie"s Rocket chocolate, and also most of every Richie and also Eddie"s final interaction and Richie"s extensive reaction come Eddie"s death, there room lots of small moments in the publication that have stoked the fires that conversation end the years, but the book never makes anything plain one means or another.

IT thing Two, however, makes a bold stroke of adaptation and builds Richie"s arc and also childhood trauma approximately the reality that he is gay, remained in love v his childhood BFF Eddie Kaspbrak, and also has invested his life repressing his trauma and his identity. In the film, Richie"s limitless parade of sexual humor acts together a mask to hide his true identity and his wise-cracking friendship v Eddie masks his true feelings.

We learn Richie"s fact when he return to the arcade the frequented together a kid and also remembers a time he visited throughout his "break-up" through the Losers and also played an arcade video game with Henry Bowers" cousin. The two share a nice moment and when Richie asks his brand-new friend no to leave, pass him one more arcade token, your hands brush. Yet then the Bowers corridor arrives, slinging homophobic slurs at Richie and also he escapes come the park, wherein he"s tormented by the Paul Bunyan frostbite (a striking image of traditional masculinity ~ above attack). Sitting in the park together an adult, Richie to meet Pennywise, who taunts him, "I recognize your secret, your dirty tiny secret."

In the end, Richie never has the possibility to to express his feelings to Eddie, that dies in the final confrontation with Pennywise. But the Losers rally roughly him in his grief, and also before he leaves town, we check out Richie go back to the Kissing Bridge, where he re-carves the very same initials he did together a child: R + E.

(For more on Richie"s arc in Chapter Two, check out ours interview with Bill Hader.)

The films do a pretty an excellent job the squeezing in the broad strokes of Henry Bowers" trip -- a bully that takes after ~ his abusive father and also ultimately becomes Its violent pawn in the fight against the Losers club -- but in King"s book, Bowers is a true secondary antagonist. Troubled and also terrifying, King"s variation of the personality comes through pages and pages the details on his psychological failure and how It driven the volatile young young over the breaking suggest into murderous madness.

In the book, Henry"s father, Butch Bowers, is one ex-marine that is stated to have gone crazy once he to be discharged native the war and who invested his years after beating his wife until she left him, then transforming his full attention top top his son. A virulent racist, Butch pass his hatred on come Henry, who grew up despising Mike. When they were both children, Henry poisoned Mike"s dog. Once he told his father, it was the very first time that felt approval -- Butch provided his son a beer and also a toast to a "job well done".

after ~ the Losers" first battle through Pennywise, the framed Henry to take it the autumn for every the son murders and also he was sent out to a psychological institution because that 27 years.... Until It returns, and starts beckoning Henry ago to Derry to get vengeance top top the Losers he no so much. First, it communicates v Henry together the moon, or together Henry calls it, the ghost-moon, whispering come him in the voices the his dead childhood friends. Once it come time because that Henry"s escape, It pertains to him in the form of his old friend Vic (in the film, it"s Patrick Hockstetter) and also sends Henry top top a mission the murder, explaining the It have the right to only death them if castle half-believe, but Henry have the right to kill them no issue what.

Henry assaults Mike in the library and also sends him come the hospital, acquisition out a crucial player in the ritual of Chüd and also the strength of the Losers" shared belief, yet fails to kill him. After that, he assaults Eddie in ~ the town House, wherein Eddie manages to acquire the upper hand and also kills him with a broken bottle. In the film, the occasions are reversed -- Henry strikes Eddie at the city House, stabbing him in the face but failing to kill him, prior to targeting Mike in ~ the library, where Henry is killed by Richie.


Mike provides It to the large Battle

isaiah-mustafa-it-chapter-2-image picture via Warner Bros. / new Line
to ~ old Mike Hanlon isn"t act too hot in the second half of IT. Unlike the remainder of the Losers, who obtained to leave town and also forget the horrible things that taken place to them, living fairly normal (and person who is abnormal successful) resides for nearly three decades, Mike continued to be in Derry. The remembered. Everything. What"s more, he spent the last 27 year neck-deep in research, life in the background of that is atrocities.

There"s an as well as Richie where he thinks to himself, "There"s a guy who"s going crazy, getting ready to commit suicide, maybe." but the film leans into Mike"s Derry fever even an ext in the means that he lies to, manipulates and drugs(!) his friends in the search of his mission to protect against Pennywise. Which means it"s only right the he, of all people, provides it come the final fight with Pennywise -- in fact, in Muschietti"s film, it"s Mike, no Bill, who reaches in and also pulls the end Pennywise"s heart. But that"s not what happens in the book.

In King"s version, the much much more fearsome Henry Bowers attacks Mike in the library just before the Losers head ago to the sewers again for the routine of Chüd, but there"s no one there to rescue him. That fights off Bowers ~ above his own, however not before the unhinged bully manages to slice v his thigh, leaving Mike bleeding the end on the library floor. Mike phone call for help and winds up in the hospital, whereby he remains for the term of the novel.

while the remainder of the Losers space in the sewers, It sends out a pill-addicted nurse to kill Mike in the hospital yet Bill and also the rest sense the danger Mike"s in and also telepathically send that their strength at just the right moment. That stirs from sedation simply long enough to stop a glass in his attacker"s face. After ~ the last confrontation with It, lot of the story"s ending is told indigenous the view of Mike"s journal in the hospital, where he sees off his friends and confronts the sad and also scary truth that they"re all going to forget each other again.

His final entry reads:

"I love girlfriend guys, girlfriend know.I love you for this reason much."

In the book, Mike"s final chapter are heartbreaking ... And terrifying in a means that taps into the Lovecraftian horrors in King"s story the the films largely side-stepped. Through the expose of that true cosmic form, the tortoise Maturin, and the general sense that the Losers to be never fully in regulate of the parts they played in this cool celestial battle, King taps right into those core tenets that cosmic dread. The good horror the the novel is the unknowable, the power beyond man"s comprehension, and also how those powers deserve to influence the lives of men, sometimes bending or breaking your minds in the process.

In the novel, the last little bit of tragic fear that sinks in is the realization that they will certainly all forget every other when again, shedding all your memories of the horrible, and also wonderful, things that occurred to them. “It’s over and also all it expense us to be our friendship and Stan and Eddie’s lives," Mike to write in his journal. It"s a pretty destructive ending, one last last sacrifice in your battle against a vicious god-creature, the piece of us they forged together disappearing as It"s dark magic disappears native Derry.

by comparison, Muschietti"s movies are much much more interested in the visceral horrors of dealing with down a shape-shifting alien force, and Chapter Two, in particular, is all about digging up trauma and also coming the end the various other side. In maintaining with that theme, Muschietti offers his Losers a more happiness ending. Castle all leaving Derry, however they leave through the bonds of their friendship renewed, finding out not to run from the horrors of their past, however to embrace them together with the happiness that stays there. Once Mike tells Bill, "I love you," it"s not a goodbye, yet a promise that the future. And also when they go their different ways, lock don"t forget. Lock remember everything; Derry, Pennywise, and most importantly, each other.

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as I claimed in the intro, there space an insane quantity of minor changes, however here room a few more crucial details that were changed in the movie

In the book, It’s final spider form has laid eggs throughout the Derry sewer, a terrifying risk of infestation the the Losers stomp out while the battle It. During the fight Ben think to himself, “That"s why we had to come back, no issue what, since It is female, It"s pregnant v some unimaginable spawn… and It"s time has attracted close.” few of the Losers work are slightly different in the film. In the book, Richie is a D.J., no a standup comedian. Yet the best readjust is Eddie. In the books, he goes on to very own a successful limo company (and that a quite nod in the film that he’s control a sedan as soon as we an initial see him,) yet in thing Two, he’s a threat analyst — honestly, the perfect career for Eddie Kaspbrak. Derry takes much much more of a beating after Its death than that does in the film. In thing Two, the subterranean lair crumbles, happen the home on Neibolt Street down with it. Yet in the book, the damage is much an ext vast, taking out much of the town in a freak storm. This ties into the book’s greater investigation into how much the Derry was contaminated by that — together Richie saw throughout Its arrival, everything about Derry was developed on the rotten structure of its land.
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