They space \"inverses\" of every other. A galvanic cell produces a current and an electrolytic cell uses an externally applied current.

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Really, they room the very same thing in construction. The difference is the electrical potentials that the electrodes. In a galvanic cell the mix spontaneously generates a current (a battery).

In an electrolytic cabinet an \"over-voltage\" and current is applied to the cell to force the reaction in the opposite direction (recharge cycle of rechargeable batteries, #H_2, O_2# manufacturing from water, chlorine production, metal plating).,


There space a few differences, but any type of similarities as well:

Most importantly, both cell involve two conductors - a cathode and an anode - to relocate electrons in and also out that the cell. In every case, electrons relocate in the external circuit from anode come cathode. Each electrode is immersed in a conducting solution (or melted ionic compound). Each entails a oxidization reaction, definition that an oxidation will occur at the anode the the cell, and a reduction will take place at the cathode.

That\"s around it because that the similarities.

In terms of differences, the most significant is that a galvanic cell makes use of a voluntarily exothermic reaction to administer a secure supply of electrons v potential energy (related to the cell voltage) that will certainly do useful work on part device.

In an electrolytic cell, us are confronted with a non-spontaneous endothermic procedure that we reason to occur by providing a secure stream of electron (from a battery, because that example). The voltage the the battery must be better than the absolute value of the (negative) reaction potential that constantly accompanies a reaction being lugged out in an electrolytic cell.

One more difference the frequently causes confusion. The sign convention offered for the electrodes. In a galvanic cell, the anode is an adverse and the cathode hopeful (such the electrons move from an adverse to positive). Yet in an electrolytic cell, these indicators are reversed - the cathode is an unfavorable and the anode positive.

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This is since the cathode that the electrolytic cabinet is connected to the anode of the battery (and evil versa because that the anode of the electrolytic cell, which connects to the battery cathode). This guarantee the one point that must be true. Electrons constantly leave a cabinet at the anode and enter in ~ the cathode.