In 2D and 3D, the “D” specifies the dimensions connected in the shape. So, the major difference between 2D and 3D forms is the a 2D shape comprised of 2 dimensions that space length and width. Together against, a 3D form incorporates three dimensions that room length, width and also height.

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These are an extremely common terms and also frequently heard overtimes. We use 2 and 3 dimensions in several locations such together in design drawing, computer system graphics, animations, and in genuine life too. In this article, we are going to know the difference in between 2D and 3D shapes.

Content: 2D shapes Vs 3D Shapes

Comparison Chart

Basis because that comparison2D Shapes3D Shapes
BasicOnly 2 dimensions room there that room X and Y.Three dimensions room there, X, Y and Z.
ConstructsSquare, circle, triangle, rectangle, hexagon, etcetera.Cube, sphere, cone, cuboid, etcetera.
RepresentsTop view, side view, bottom view, front view while making design drawings.Isometric and orthogonal shapes.
InvolvesLength and breadthLength, breadth and height
Ease of constructionSimple to createQuite complex
EdgesAre totally visible in the drawings.Not clearly shows or hidden due to overlapping.

Definition that 2D Shapes

We can consider that the shapes which can be produced on a flat surface are claimed to it is in 2D (dimensional) Shape. In other words, the forms that only have length and width room the 2D shapes.

Now, what a 2D form is? before understanding the 2D shape, we must know what a 0D thing is, which method there is no dimensions. A 0D form is characterized by a point.


All the parallel projections and one-point perspective projections in plans of some object space made in 2D. Geological maps additionally made in 2 dimensions, in i m sorry we use the an approach of contouring to display the depth with the help of different shapes, even in oceanography also.


There space various varieties of 2D shapes, among which some of them are displayed below.

The examples of 2D shapes cover majorly the drawings made top top the wall, floor tiles, covers, structure etcetera.

Definition the 3D Shapes

3D shapes are solid shapes, uneven 2D shapes which are developed by combining 3 dimensions – length, width and height. The real-life examples of these forms are buildings, balls, boxes, anything that has actually 3 dimensions. Let’s consider a cuboidal structure which is built with length, width and height is a 3D shape.


These are provided in numerous applications, such as in 3D animations, 3D developing of some product building, bridge, tools, 3D graphs, maps etcetera. The 3D shapes help in reflecting the depth that the object. To show the 3D in engineering, we usage 2 and 3 point perspective projection and also orthographic projection.


The shapes included in 3D forms are sphere, cube, cone, cuboid, pyramid, and so on and the below-given diagram represents the 3D shapes.

these days this 3D designing is work in the 3D printing of products.

Key Differences between 2D and 3D Shapes

The prior difference in between the 2D and also 3D shapes is the in 2D shapes just two axis are integrated x and y-axis. ~ above the other hand, in 3D shapes, the three axis x, y and z-axis room covered.Square, circle, triangle, rectangle are the miscellaneous 2D forms while cube, sphere, cuboid, room the 3D shapes.The plan in design drawing, which represents in top view, front see side see of some object space made in 2D. Hence we usage 2D shapes in these form of plans. Conversely, because that representing 3 dimensions, the isometric and orthographic projections are supplied for calculation the 3D objects.We have the right to use the manual or automatic methods of producing the 2D and also 3D shapes, and also there are several softwares supplied for act this. However, 2D forms are easy to create, whereas 3D shapes are complicated to build.The 2D shapes display all the edge of that shape, yet in 3D shapes, this edges can be hidden. Because that example, in a square, all the edges space visible. However, if us take an instance of the cube, then, the is not feasible to display every one of its edges from one angle.

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From the over discussion, the simple difference between 2D and 3D shapes must be clear to you. So, 2D forms are elementary flat shapes and have only 2 size – x and also y-axis. In contrast, 3D shapes contain 3 dimensions – x, y and also z, in various other terms this shapes have the volume too.