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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules summary & Study overview Description

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules summary & Study guide includes an extensive information and evaluation tohelp you understand the book. This examine guide includes the complying with sections:
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Diary the a Wimpy Kid: Roderick rule by Jeff Kinney is the second book in the collection and starts with Greg writing in his new journal. College is gaining ready come start back for the year and Greg writes about how his summer has actually gone. He join the swim team and enjoyed his summer break, through one exception. And also only Rodrick knows the secret.

Now that college is about to start, Greg all of sudden recalls through dread the at the end of college last year that had gotten the "cheese touch." he calms once he realizes that he pass the "cheese touch" on to Jeremy Pindle. Rowley go to southern America because that the summer for this reason they did not spend any type of time together, which makes Greg sad. The only human he had to hang out with was Roderick and that didn"t walk so well.

During the summer, Greg"s mother tried to acquire Greg and Rodrick come "bond" yet Rodrick was also fond that shoving and also pushing. But, Greg shares, Rodrick got away with it due to the fact that of "the secret." probably if Greg were to find out some great dirt on Roderick, he"d be able to neutralize Rodrick"s organize over him.

Greg"s father took the summer to occupational on a Civil war replica in the laundry/furnace room and declared the entire an are off boundaries to kids. Rowley went back from south America and was passionate to phone call Greg all about it. Greg didn"t seem to hear what Rowley to be saying and interrupted his friend to talk around his very own life. Rowley left. That summed increase his summer, Greg write in his journal. School starts and Greg is assigned a pen pal in his French class.

Greg"s father, Frank, bring away Greg to the shopping center on Saturdays to escape Manny (the youngest) and diaper duty. Greg isn"t too fond the Manny either since Manny broke one of Greg"s gaming consoles. Top top the bright side, Greg states, he received his first actual letter from Mamadou Montpierre, his brand-new French pen pal. Greg is disgusted and also amazed through his brother Rodrick"s ability to will certainly his parental to perform his bidding. In spite of Susan (Greg"s mother) demanding the Rodrick kind his own research paper, later on that night Greg watch Frank keying it for him.

Chirag Gupta is a boy in Greg"s class. Greg likes him and also decides to traction a welcome back to school prank top top him. Greg ends up gaining the entire classroom in ~ above it, but Chirag doesn"t take it it well. He goes come the primary to complain, however the primary can"t recognize Chirag"s English and gets the surname wrong. Chirag speak his father and also when Chirag involves Rowley"s birthday party, Mr. Gupta (Chirag"s father) speak Susan about it. Greg is made to apologize. Chirag and also Greg reconcile and renew your friendship.

Susan start a program that she calls mom Bucks. Her sons deserve to do various jobs and tasks and earn "Mom Bucks" which will enable them to have actually money because that purchasing miscellaneous items. Career day pertains to the school and Greg the town hall in fear as Rowley talks to someone about nursing school. Because Rowley got a diary because that his birthday, Greg is determined to review it to find out why Rowley would want to it is in a nurse. His plans space foiled, however, once he sees that Rowley"s diary has a key.

Cashing in his mother Bucks, he purchases a diary the is identical to Rowley"s so that he have the right to open his friend"s diary. When he does the doesn"t see anything the end of the ordinary. That feels that he has wasted his money. That next weekend, Greg"s mother and also father walk away for part alone time, and also they leaving Manny through Greg"s grandparents. Rodrick renders sure his parents space gone, and then that calls his friends and also invites lock over for a party. Greg vow silence if that can pertained to the party. Rodrick agrees, but the night of the party, he locks Greg in the basement. However, since Rodrick has actually "the secret" top top Greg he manages come blackmail him into helping the clean up the house prior to their parental come home.

Frank, your father, notices that something is wrong with the restroom door, however can"t number out what. The lock that offered to it is in on it is missing. Greg and Rodrick switched the door v one in the basement after ~ Rodrick"s party due to the fact that one of the party-goers had drawn inappropriate images on it. Greg decides that this is the "dirt" he has been waiting for and also threatening come tell your parents about it will certainly make Rodrick drop his blackmail treatment.

Greg receives a letter from his pen pal, yet it irritates him since writing letters is for this reason old school. The doesn"t know why the teacher won"t let them email each other. It"d be so lot easier. Susan, meanwhile, is determined to make her 2 older young bond through one another. She to learn that some of the youngsters are right into a role playing game called Magick and Monsters. She buys part cheat publications for the guys to discover to pat better. Unfortunately, Rodrick seizes on the possibility to annihilate Greg"s characters, then mirrors no mercy once they play their games. Greg believes the his mother"s quest to encourage sibling bonding is a waste of time.

The school notifies Greg"s family members that the music education program has been cancelled. Susan arranges because that Rodrick to provide both Rowley and also Greg drum lessons in exchange because that some mother Bucks. The does no go well and also Rodrick offers the opportunity to make both Greg and also Rowley feel like idiots. In the meanwhile, end at Rowley"s house, Greg find the same fake money the his mother uses for her mommy Bucks. He asks Rowley if he deserve to have it, then takes the money home and also stashes it far in his room.

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Greg find himself short on time to write a file for his history class. Rodrick speak him the he has actually an old record that that will offer Greg in exchange for some mommy Bucks. The agrees and takes the paper, but it is completely on the not correct topic and also he it s okay an F. Meanwhile, Rodrick tries to use the mother Bucks that he"s acquired from Greg, but Susan suspects something. She knows the Rodrick hasn"t done anything to have earned all of those mom Bucks. She suspends the regime summarily.

In December, Susan asks Frank to go down to the corner to choose up the pictures that she"d dropped off to be arisen from Thanksgiving, yet the images that frank returns with are pictures from Rodrick"s party. They punish both Rodrick and Greg, who they assume was likewise in on it. Their parents no much longer trust them to continue to be alone at the house, so as soon as Susan and Frank have to both leave the house, they take it the guys over to your Grandfather"s apartment.

Meanwhile, the institution announces a Winter Talent Show and Rowley and also Greg think the they will carry out something for that together a means of becoming popular. Frank ends the boys" punishment early as the drum exercise is driving him crazy. Rowley remains the night at Greg"s house and also Greg ends up hurting Rowley on accident. Manny witnesses it and tells his mother. She makes Greg agree to it is in Rowley"s assistant because that his magic act because that the talent show. They shot out because that the show, but don"t make it. Roderick"s science fair task is ultimately completed and Roderick goes ago to practicing with his band.

Rodrick"s scientific research teacher, however, calls Susan and also Frank and tells them the Rodrick"s task didn"t meet the standards and that he"ll need to resubmit. Roderick"s parents do him prevent practicing with his band and also focus on his science fair project. Rodrick defies his parents claiming that when his band wins they room going to go for a document contract and then they will certainly be dropping the end of college to walk on tour. Susan and also Frank begin to argue however see the it is a losing battle. Susan agrees to film Rodrick ~ above stage throughout the talent show. The film doesn"t revolve out well and also is unusable, mainly because Susan starts dancing and also it is captured on movie by the school"s main photographer. Greg is awkward twice.

Rodrick is furious and also blames Greg for not shooting the film. The decides the it is time to unveil Greg"s summertime mystery to the general public. Greg share what the large secret is. During the summer, Greg had actually accidentally walked into the women"s bathroom once they had been visiting their grandfather at recreation Towers apartments. He had actually tried to leaving quickly, but had come to be trapped in a stall wait for the females who had actually come in, come leave. Meanwhile, Rodrick has gone to work and also before the day is out, Greg"s story is out. Devastated, Greg asks his mommy if he have the right to be moved to an additional school.

To Greg"s surprise every one of the college student at institution view Greg as a hero. Greg is confused and also gets come the bottom that it. Apparently the story the Rodrick told was passed about so much that it changed. Instead of old women in the retirement apartments, the story has been readjusted to the story the Greg managed to acquire into the girl"s locker room in ~ Crossland high school. He is instantly the very least with the boys.

Meanwhile, Rodrick"s work is made as soon as his tape gets noticed since of his mother"s antics on camera. The video clip goes viral and also is dubbed "Dancing Mom" ~ above the internet. Rodrick develops a reputation as being the drummer indigenous the "Dancing Mom" video. Even though that does obtain Rodrick noticed, and also his band, he is still exceptionally embarrassed. Greg finds himself emotion actually sorry for Rodrick. Later, the family members receives word that if Rodrick doesn"t rotate in a real science job that he will fail for the year. Greg speak Rodrick that he will assist him and also the 2 brothers honestly occupational together to gain it done. Rodrick tells Greg that he"s glad that he"s his brother.