Darrell "Bubba" Wallace Jr. Has actually made quite the name for self in the people of NASCAR due to the fact that his debut in 2012. The phibìc Carolina aboriginal is among the couple of Black stock automobile racers in auto racing. In fact, Wallace is the just Black male driver in his division, the NASCAR Cup series, every the San Francisco Chronicle. The absence of diversity in NASCAR expected that over there was chance for Wallace to educate others about his gyeongju within the sport. He referred to as on NASCAR to remove and also ban Confederate flags in the wake of George Floyd"s killing in June 2020 and also has end up being an activist in his own right (via ESPN).

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Seeing Wallace"s success on and off the track has actually prompted plenty of fans to find out much more about the — through some even wondering if he"s connected to racing hall of Famer Rusty Wallace in any kind of way. Scroll down to discover out if the two racers space related.

Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images
Although Bubba Wallace Jr. And also Rusty Wallace re-superstructure the same last name, there"s no relation in between the No. 23 driver and the previous NASCAR legend. In fact, Bubba finds the pan speculation funny, also sporting t-shirts the read: "Darrell no Waltrip, Wallace no Rusty, Junior no Earnhardt," in his Instagram posts (via The Undefeated).

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Bubba does no seem come mind being attached to the elder Wallace, though, due to the fact that it means that human being are taking note of his success and also he is happy to represent a new generation that NASCAR drivers. "I"m the only one that"s here. NASCAR is, i wouldn"t say desperate, yet they"re searching for a brand-new face," Bubba told The Undefeated in 2018. ""They"re acquiring a brand-new face behind the wheel, but it"s the same face in the stands. We have a an excellent fan base, and they want to proceed to thrive that. They"re not trying to adjust that fan base. They want to just carry a bigger affect to the outsiders that are looking in. Because it is a funny sport."

Bubba will store the fun in mind when he takes one more shot at gaining a Cup series on Feb. 14, 2021. He was hired ~ above 23XI racing — a team own by three time Daytona 500 champion Danny Hamlin — and basketball good Michael Jordan. Bubba appreciates the there is diversity in ownership and hopes the the sports will continue to flourish alongside fans, Sporting News reported.