Clare is well-known for her Shadowhunters franchise, comprising, amongst other things, two series of novels, the 2013 movie The Mortal Instruments: City that Bones, and also now a Shadowhunters TV series airing on Netlix in the UK and also ABC family members in the U.S.. Kenyon is suing Clare for lost profits she claims were brought about by Clare willfully copying the Dark Hunter series, and also her lawsuit cases that “in numerous respects” the facets of both book franchises “are basically identical.” rather than accusing Clare that plagiarizing prose indigenous Dark Hunters, the suit instead concentrates on thematic resemblances, including the similarities between the terms “Shadowhunter” and “Dark Hunter”:

Both the Dark Hunter series and the Shadowhunter series are about an elite tape of warriors the must defend the human world from the unseen paranormal threat that looks for to damage humans together they go around their day-to-day lives. These hunters, even if it is ‘dark’ or ‘shadow,’ maintain the balance between an excellent and evil, protecting humans from gift consumed or enslaved.

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As to chat Weekly points out, this isn’t the first time there’s been controversy over similarities between the two series–in 2006, Kenyon’s pan alerted she to Clare’s usage of words “darkhunter” in her work. Clare comment by replacing “darkhunter” with “shadowhunter” and also removed, to quote the lawsuit, “any referral to “hunter” (whether “shadow” or “dark”)” from the title of The Mortal Instruments: City that Bones.

Still, the lawsuit states that regardless of “continuous assurances native Clare and Clare’s publisher that she/they would certainly not broaden the use of the ‘shadowhunters’ ax or embrace it as a trademark, Clare has actually persisted gradually in widening her use of the hatchet ‘shadowhunters’ indigenous a mere summary of she protagonists, an initial to a tag heat on the cover of her works and also eventually come a complete rebranding the her functions so as to be confusingly comparable to the Dark Hunter series.”

The suit also cites a publishing fiasco as proof of object similarities in between the two series:

The Dark-Hunter collection and the Shadowhunter collection are so similar that Clare’s own publisher wrongly printed 100,000 duplicates of a Shadowhunter book referencing the Dark-Hunter mark on the cover. ~ above written demand by , Clare’s publisher damaged tens of thousands of the Shadowhunter book that had ’s Dark-Hunter mark on its cover. Despite the devastation of tens of thousands of copies of this Shadowhunter Book, hundreds of Shadowhunter books including the Dark Hunter point out on the cover have now been marketed and considerable commercial confusion has actually resulted.

Additionally, the suit claims that “the Shadowhunters symbol provided by CLARE on publication covers and promotional materials is essentially a simplified version of PLAINTIFF’s Dark-Hunter symbol.”

In a statement sent to EW and other outlets, Clare’s lawyer man Cahill states his customer is “surprised and also disappointed” through Kenyon’s allegations.

Cassie was both surprised and also disappointed that Ms Kenyon would file this baseless lawsuit, a decade after the debut the Cassie’s books …

Tellingly, the sue failed to recognize a single instance of actual copying or plagiarism by Cassie … there is tiny chance of anyone confusing Cassie’s young adult themes and orientation with the sometimes very adult storylines in ms Kenyon’s books. Indeed, we suppose that all of Ms Kenyon’s cases will be dismissed.

Ok however this is NOT even the DH’s symbol? DH’s symbol is the double-bow. Jaden’s a boy character? pic.twitter.com/zEApifVRhT

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colorlessblue) February 9, 2016

YA fandom site YAInterrobang additionally argues the Dark Hunter and Shadowhunters are both motivated by global tropes that deserve to be uncovered in plenty of genre novels, and also cites “Courtney Moulton’s Angelfire, Melissa Marr’s Wicked Lovely, Julie Kagawa’s The iron King” as just a couple of of the many examples of writer who have relied on some of the very same tropes as Clare and also Kenyon.

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For some fans, this fit may likewise call come mind previous controversies surrounding Clare; including accusations of alleged plagiarism and also cyberbullying in ~ the Harry Potter fanfic community. However, together YAInterrobang writes, “her history in fandom has nothing to carry out with the case, thus why that is not discussed in the court documents.”

The mar Sue reached out to Kenyon and also Clare for comment yet has yet to hear back.

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