Can you usage crayons in a adhesive gun because that an art project? Karen Kavett DIY puts crayons come the check to see if they have the right to be provided to pain. If girlfriend would prefer to try what she is doing, we suggest using a cheap warm glue gun together the adhesive gun cannot be reused after utilizing the wax crayons. They deserve to be purchase for around $2 at a local craft save or Walmart.)

Simply location the crayons into the adhesive gun and then usage it to squirt, drip or paint the melted wax.

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It walk without saying to not allow young kids to handle warm glue guns and older children should be managed by an adult during this kind of project. The said, this looks like a fun way to spend a few hours and also the result art have the right to be quite unique!

Share this arts and crafts fun v your family and friends.

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