just how to change the Drive shaft on a wire TrimmerLearn just how to properly replace the drive shaft on your string trimmer in less than 30 minutes.

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Hello Holly, give thanks to you for her inquiry! fastened is a connect to the virtual manual. Ns hope this informatioin helps! https://www.searspartsdirect.com/manual/1oi4s44311-000247/craftsman-536773510-gas-line-trimmer
hi Michael,Thank girlfriend for your question. Wherein this trimmer is belt driven, friend will require to examine the belt to verify if the is functioning order and not worn or broken. Girlfriend will additionally need to inspect the latching regulate cable as it is used to interact the cut head. I hope this helps. Thank you and have a great day!
the shaft has actually or had a seed bolt to hold up the cut pully head ; the bolt rusted off so the cut head the rubs ~ above the ground no longer can, .the rest of the equipment is ok..just demands the shaft but not able to pull it or to screw increase the end of shaft.??? deserve to you advise ?me
great Day Michael. Give thanks to you because that your inquiry in regards to your unit (Model Number 536773500). Based upon our study the component number because that the component that is compatible with your unit is 712148MA. You can order this part either online at our website www.ubraintv-jp.com or by calling united state by phone in ~ 866-322-9842. Ideal Regards.
craftsman high wheels components #492574mahow to eliminate from shaft?It looks prefer it is welded? or is it/??? how to remove it native shaft?
Hello Levy,Thank you for her question. You will have to remove the bearings indigenous the axle, making use of a file to eliminate rough spots, and lubricate the shaft to be able to remove it. Hope this helps!