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Basics around CPT password 64721 for Carpal Tunnel Release

A very common disorder the wrist is Carpal tunnel syndrome. In this procedure, the medial nerve is exit which is decompressed. The medial nerve is situated in wrist and is exclusively responsible because that carpal tunnel syndrome. The CPT password are based upon decompressed nerve. We have separate CPT code for Carpal tunnel release because that ulnar and also medial nerve. As we usage CPT code 64721 for medial nerve release, over there is a separate code because that ulnar nerve release, CPT code 64719. In both procedures, the soft tissues are resected to access the nerve and also the decompressed nerve is freed indigenous the underlying bed. Precautions room taken come ensure the anxiety is released and the incisions space sutured in layers. Below is the code description for CPT code 64721.

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64721 – Neuroplasty and/or transposition; average nerve in ~ carpal tunnel


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ICD 9 and also ICD 10 password for CPT password 64721 because that Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Since, we have now familiar with CPT code for Carpal Tunnel release, now will check the diagnosis codes. We have actually a direct ICD 9 diagnosis password for Carpal tunnel syndrome, 354.0. However, in ICD 10 us have particular code because that right, left, bilateral or unspecified side of limb. So, if just carpal tunnel syndrome is mention without clues the side, we will code unspecified G56.00 together ICD 10 password for carpal tunnel syndrome.

ICD 9 password for Carpal tunnel syndrome354.0

ICD 10 code for Carpal tunnel syndrome unspecified G56.00 Carpal tunnel syndrome, unspecified upper limb

G56.01 carpal tunnel syndrome, right upper limb

G56.02 carpal tunnel syndrome, left upper limb

Pain in Forearm ICD 10 codes can also be used

M79.631, pain in best forearm

M79.632, pain in left forearm

M79.639, pain in unspecified forearm

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Includes and also Excludes v CPT code 64721 because that Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Repair of medial nerve or Neuroplasty includes external neurolysis and transposition. For performing internal neurolysis, operating microscope is used; use CPT password 64727 in addition with the main procedure.

For endoscopically perform procedure for carpal tunnel release, perform report CPT code 29848. Carry out not usage CPT code 64721 because that endoscopically carry out carpal tunnel release.

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29848 – Endoscopy, wrist, surgical, with release that transverse carpal ligament

For face nerve decompression, do use CPT code 69720.