William Michael Morgan deserve a No. 1 hit v his debut single, "I Met a Girl." The song, from Morgan's freshman album, Vinyl, was created by Shane McAnally, Old Dominion's Trevor Rosen and also Sam Hunt, prior to the last two had actually record transaction of your own. Morgan says that, although the didn't create the song, that resonated v him as soon as he videotaped it, and also rings even an ext true currently that he has a baby girl and also is involved to Runaway June's Jennifer Wayne.

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Recently, McAnally, Rosen and Morgan sat down with The Boot and other reporters come recall the day the track was written, and the course it take it to end up being Morgan's first hit.

Shane McAnally: It was just kind of a typical writing day, whereby we all just acquire together. At that time, we wrote v Sam a lot, and also not necessarily, at that point, for any specific project, or if he was going to be an artist. Us didn’t know; us were just writing. Us were creating at the time a lot; Trevor wasn’t together busy together he is now, nor was Sam.

It was simply one the those days where, ns don’t yes, really remember exactly how it all came together. I would be surprised if any kind of of united state came in and also said, “Let’s write a song, "I Met a Girl;"" the doesn’t sound like something us would begin with. However the chorus and also the flow and the method that’s laid out feels very much favor something we would start with, and then more than likely would have actually written other ...

When you have actually that countless colors and that countless pieces, it’s type of quite to simply land top top something basic like “I Met a Girl.” that really offers you room to shade up the verses with “tilt-a-whirl” and also “blue-jean pearls” and also things choose that.

Trevor Rosen: i remember once

William Michael Morgan: I fell in love with with the song. Obviously i wasn’t a writer top top it, however that was one of the things that I dropped in love with, was the images … That’s what really recorded my fist as far as wanting to reduced the song.

I think that was among those songs that, the end of the totality session, it was one that we couldn’t prevent listening to, and one the really simply kind that pried at us.

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McAnally: "I Met a Girl," those are real images that he keeps talking about; those are actual things that taken place to us. The three of united state in the room to be trying to go back to moments -- My little girl thinks the "I Met a Girl" is about her. It was in reality written prior to she to be born, yet I execute love the it have the right to live in the world, since now I kind of can’t remember that it’s not about her.