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"The Chain that Love" is a track written through Rory Feek and Jonnie Barnett, and recorded by American country music singer Clay Walker. It was released in January 2000 together the third single from his album Live, Laugh, Love. "The Chain the Love" reached a top of number 3 on the Billboard Hot country Singles & tracks (now Hot country Songs) charts, providing Walker v his thirteenth height Ten fight on that chart. That was also his second Top 40 fight on the Billboard warm 100.

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He was driving house one eveningIn his beat-up PontiacWhen an old lady flagged the downHer Mercedes had actually a flatHe might see that she was frightenedStanding out there in the snow"Til he claimed "I"m here to help you, ma"mBy the way, my name"s Joe"She stated "I"m from St. LouisAnd I"m just passing throughI must"ve watched a hundreds cars go byThis is dreadful nice that you"When he readjusted the tireAnd closed she trunkAnd was around to drive awayShe claimed "How much do i owe you?"Here"s what he had to say"You don"t fan me a thingI"ve been there tooSomeone once aided me outJust the way I"m help youIf you really wanna pay me backHere"s what you doDon"t permit the chain of love finish with you"Well, a few miles under the roadThe lady saw a tiny cafeShe go in to grab a bite come eatAnd climate be on her wayBut she couldn"t help but noticeHow the waitress smiled so sweetShe must have been eight monthsAlong and dead on her feetNo, she didn"t recognize her storyAnd she probably never willWhen the waitress went to gain herChange from a hundred dollar billThe lady slipped appropriate out the doorAnd on a nakpin left a noteThere were tears in the waitress" eyesWhen she read what she"d wrote"You don"t fan me a thingI"ve to be there tooSomeone once assisted me outJust the way I"m helping youIf you yes, really wanna salary me backHere"s what friend doDon"t let the chain of love end with you"That night when she gotHome indigenous workThe waitress climbed right into bedShe was thinking about the moneyAnd what the lady"s note had actually saidAs her husband lay over there sleepingShe whispered soft and also low"Everything"s gonna it is in alrightI love you, Joe"

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Clay walker Ernest Clayton "Clay" Walker, Jr. (born august 19, 1969) is one American nation music artist. That made his debut in 1993 v the solitary "What"s It to You," which got to Number One top top the Billboard Hot nation Singles & tracks (now Hot nation Songs) charts, together did that is follow-up, 1994"s "Live until I Die." Both singles were had on Walker"s self-titled debut album, also released in 1993 via giant Records. He stayed with the label until its 2001 closure, later on recording for Warner Bros.

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Records and RCA Records before joining his present label, Asylum-Curb Records, in 2007. More »