195 sovereign states have actually been recognized by the joined Nations. It has 193 member states and 2 observer states. Of these, there space no nations that begin with the letter W. However, Wales, a constituent country of the unified Kingdom, starts through W. Noteworthy regions that begin with W include:

Places beginning With the Letter W


Wales is a nation that is component of the good Britain Island and also the joined Kingdom. The official languages spoken are English and Welsh. Bristol Channel borders the state top top the South, England ~ above the East, and also the ireland Sea on the North and West. The Welsh nation emerged native Celtic Britons when the Romans i was withdrawn from britain in the 5th century. Politically, Wales is part of the unified Kingdom. In the house of Commons, the lower residence of UK parliament, Wales has forty MPs. In the past 250 years, the economic climate of Wales has rapidly changed from a predominantly farming one to that dependent ~ above the industry. Wales has a center climate comparable to the remainder of the UK.

Western Sahara

Western Sahara remains a disputed an ar of north Africa. That is partially controlled by Moroccan occupants and also self-proclaimed Sahrawi Arab democratic Republic. Mauritania borders Western Sahara come the East and also South, Algeria to the Northeast, the Atlantic ocean to the West and Morocco to the North. Politically, Polisario Front and also Morocco government challenge for the region. Western Sahara’s legality stays unresolved. The major ethnic team in this an ar is Sahrawis, speaking Hassaniya language of Arabic. Economically, west Sahara is affluent in phosphate reserves and fishing waters. It also has couple of natural resources. The region experiences hot and dry climatic conditions. Rainfall is negligible in many parts of western Sahara. Vast stretches of sandy desert cover together area.

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Western Samoa

Western Samoa is an elevation state, having actually a unitary houses of parliament democracy v eleven bureaucratic divisions. It additionally has two islands: Upolu and Savai’i. The official languages space English and Samoan. The Lapita human being discovered the Samoan archipelago 3500 year ago. Samoa is among the republic Nations. The industrial sector produces the biggest Gross domestic Product that 58.4%. The is adhered to by the services sector in ~ 30.2%. Agriculture follows through 11.4%. Western Samoa experience tropical climate throughout the year. It has two seasons: the dried season from may to October and the wet season native November to April.

WA self

Wa self is a self-administered department in Myanmar (Burma). It is created of two regions: Southern and also Northern. The Southern an ar borders Thailand and also it has actually a population of 200,000 people. WA self was officially named by a decree passed on respectable 20, 2010. The WA federal government recognizes the sovereignty of its main government above all the Myanmar. The government claimed Wa self to be self-administered by the Wa people. Currently, it is administered through the federal government of the, "de facto independent Wa State." Its main name is WA Special region 2. Mandarin-Chinese and also Wa are talked here. In the past, the economic climate of Wa Self had actually been relying greatly on minus production. Currently, with Chinese assistance, Wa Self has actually moved towards cultivation tea and also rubber. Today, WA self grows 220,000 acre of rubber. The hike of inhabitants from mountains to fertile valleys has contributed to cultivation of corn, vegetables, and also wet rice. The economy of Wa Self relies on China who supports the financially, offers weapons, and civilian advisors.

Alphabet and Countries

There space no known sovereign states that begin with the letter W. In fact, W and also X are the just alphabetic letter that do not have any kind of countries start with that letter.

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The letters O, Q, and Y begin the surname of one country each, created of Oman, Qatar, and Yemen respectively.