get in the frequency in radians per 2nd below to gain the value converted to changes per minute.

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To transform a radian per 2nd measurement to a transformation per minute measurement, main point the frequency through the conversion ratio.

since one radian per 2nd is same to 9.549297 changes per minute, you have the right to use this straightforward formula come convert:

For example, here"s just how to convert 5 radians per second to revolutions per minute using the formula above.

The following formula can additionally be supplied to convert the angular frequency in radians per 2nd to the frequency in transformations per minute:

Thus, the frequency in changes per minutes is equal to the angular frequency in radians per 2nd divided by 2π times 60.

Radians per 2nd and transformations per minute room both units supplied to measure up frequency. Keep reading to learn an ext about each unit of measure.

Radians per Second

Radians per second are a measure up of angular frequency, or rotational speed, equal to the readjust in orientation or angle of an object in radians per second.

Radians per second can be abbreviated together rad/s; because that example, 1 radian per 2nd can be composed as 1 rad/s.

In official expressions, the slash, or solidus (/), is supplied to separate units supplied to indicate department in an expression.

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Revolutions per Minute

transformations per minute space a measure up of the variety of turns, or revolutions, that happen per minute.

revolutions per minute have the right to be abbreviated together RPM, and also are also sometimes abbreviated as rev/min or r/min. For example, 1 revolution per minute can be composed as 1 RPM, 1 rev/min, or 1 r/min.

changes per minute can be expressed utilizing the formula: RPM = RevolutionsTimem

Radian Per second to transformation Per Minute switch Table

Radian per second measurements converted to revolutions per minute Radians Per second revolutions Per Minute
1 rad/s 9.5493 RPM
2 rad/s 19.1 RPM
3 rad/s 28.65 RPM
4 rad/s 38.2 RPM
5 rad/s 47.75 RPM
6 rad/s 57.3 RPM
7 rad/s 66.85 RPM
8 rad/s 76.39 RPM
9 rad/s 85.94 RPM
10 rad/s 95.49 RPM
11 rad/s 105.04 RPM
12 rad/s 114.59 RPM
13 rad/s 124.14 RPM
14 rad/s 133.69 RPM
15 rad/s 143.24 RPM
16 rad/s 152.79 RPM
17 rad/s 162.34 RPM
18 rad/s 171.89 RPM
19 rad/s 181.44 RPM
20 rad/s 190.99 RPM
21 rad/s 200.54 RPM
22 rad/s 210.08 RPM
23 rad/s 219.63 RPM
24 rad/s 229.18 RPM
25 rad/s 238.73 RPM
26 rad/s 248.28 RPM
27 rad/s 257.83 RPM
28 rad/s 267.38 RPM
29 rad/s 276.93 RPM
30 rad/s 286.48 RPM
31 rad/s 296.03 RPM
32 rad/s 305.58 RPM
33 rad/s 315.13 RPM
34 rad/s 324.68 RPM
35 rad/s 334.23 RPM
36 rad/s 343.77 RPM
37 rad/s 353.32 RPM
38 rad/s 362.87 RPM
39 rad/s 372.42 RPM
40 rad/s 381.97 RPM


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