Classification of living things provides rise to five main kingdoms and also Plantae kingdom is just one of them. The kingdom Plantae is further subdivided right into vascular and non-vascular plants. These 2 classifications often tend to toss the mental of numerous students when revising because that exams.

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The lesson conversation provides a comprehensive insight right into the difference in between avascular and also non-vascular plants with examples. As well as that, we have highlighted part similarities in between vascular and non-vascular plants.


What room Vascular Plants?

Vascular tree are eco-friendly plants with devoted tissues for transporting nutrients, water, and also mineral ions. This plants are likewise known together tracheophytes for basic classification and organization.

Xylem and also phloem are the committed tissues uncovered in vascular plants. Xylem organization is responsible for the transportation of water and also mineral ions from the roots to various other parts that the plant. Phloem tissue is used for translocation the food from the leaves to various other parts of the plant.

What are Non-Vascular Plants?

Non-vascular tree are reduced plants that tend to be quick in height and they execute not have dedicated tissues for transport of water and also nutrients. This suggests that these plants perform not have actually a true stem, source system, and also leaves.

These tree are additionally known together bryophytes. The common examples of these plants room liverworts, mosses, eco-friendly algae, and hornwort. These plants flourish in shady, moist and also wet environments.

Comparison Chart: Vascular plants Vs Non-Vascular Plants

Basic TermsVascular PlantsNon-Vascular Plants
MeaningThese are eco-friendly plants with dedicated transport equipment such together xylem and phloem.These are plants through under arising the carry system
NatureHigher plantsLower Plants
Xylem and PhloemPresentAbsent
Grown onLand, deserts and other placesSwampy, shady, moist and humid areas
RootsHave suitable roots because that ground supportHave false root device in the form of rhizoids
LeavesWell-developed leavesDo not have true leaves
ReproductionThrough seedsThrough spores
AbsorptionUse of root to absorb water and also minerals in the soilAbsorb water through osmosis and also diffusion
ExamplesFern, conifers, pines, wheatLiverwort, Mosses, Hornwort

Core Difference between Vascular and also Non-Vascular Plants

Vascular plants space termed as higher plants if non-vascular as reduced plantsVascular plants have actually a well-developed root mechanism while non-vascular have rhizoidsVascular plants have true pipeline while non-vascular have actually false leavesVascular plants prosper on land, desert and other places whereas non-vascular plants flourish on humid, moist and also shady areasVascular plants are larger in size while non-vascular tree are smaller sized in sizeVascular plants use the emerged root system to absorb water and minerals in the floor while non-vascular plants rely on osmosis and also diffusionVascular plants reproduce with seeds if non-vascular plants with sporesVascular plant have actually xylem and also phloem organization while non-vascular plants execute not have committed tissuesVascular plants have actually true stems and also shoot mechanism unlike non-vascular plantsThe alternation of generation in vascular plants is sporophyte while in non-vascular plants is the gametophyteThe scientific name of vascular plants is Tracheophytes while the of non-vascular tree is Bryophytes.

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Similarities in between Vascular and Non-vascular Plants

Both belong to kingdom PlantaeBoth save chlorophyll and also chloroplastBoth require water to growBoth experience photosynthesis and provide oxygenBoth have waxy cuticlesBoth show alternation the generation

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The core difference in between vascular and non-vascular plants is the vascular plants have actually xylem and also phloem tissues for the carry of water and also nutrients vice versa, non-vascular plants execute not have actually a dedicated transport system.