Comma after introduce words, phrases, clauses: unacceptable, obligatory or optional? (3 answers)
I would favor to know what the rule is, if over there is one, behind the use of commas after all sequence words other than then. I have actually seen "then" composed both with a comma and also without one, yet I remember analysis somewhere the you never ever put a comma after the word "then". Is this true?


-First, we checked out the movies. Then we ate dinner. Finally, we went home.

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-Outline her paragraph. Then write your thesis statement.


Generally, watch CMOS"s an excellent advice ~ above the issue:

Q. Is it essential to usage a comma ~ words prefer next, then, afterthat, last, and finally as soon as they are the beginning of a sentence? Iam a lower-school teacher and also need to clarify this.

A. Point is no so straightforward that you have the right to make a dominance that a comma“always” adheres to a offered word or phrase. Commas depend on syntax aswell as pacing, tone, and an individual preference. Two examples with next:

Next come the scene whereby he buries the toenails.

Next, since he was still breathing, she functioned a crossword puzzle puzzle.

Please don’t teach her students punctuation until you understandthis. Uncover a grammar book and read the dot chapter. CMOS is agood place to start.

Advice has varied for centuries.

See, in this specific example:

; then they sold it for substantial profit.

Do not place a comma after Then


Commonsense Grammar and Style through Phillip S. Sparks

This is a fight fought also by the editors of john Donne:

Then, lest her love, hate, and also me you undo

where some editions skip the comma after ~ "Then"

as shown, e.g., in this annotation:

The Songs and Sonets of man Donne - page 164John Donne, ‎Theodore Redpath - 2009

Now, let"s acquire to some stats.


. Climate ,15077

. THEN94401

Thus, if the starting "Then"s there is no a comma stand for a majority, those complied with by a comma are around in quite representative numbers.

These space two instances from possibly the biggest American writer:

Her mother passed away first. She said, “Take treatment of paw .” Lena go so.Then someday her dad said, “You walk to Doane’s Mill with McKinley.<...>

It forced only one or two inquiries . Then, sitting on the top step,the fan and also the bundle upon her lap, Lena tells she story again, withthat patient and transparent recapitulation of a lying child, thesquatting overalled guys listening quietly.

Light in August, through William Faulkner

showing Faulkner emotion the require for both approaches.

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But over there is no comma after beginning "Then," in "V." a large novel by thomas Pynchon, and he is great too, IMHO :-)

To a big extent, ns feel this is around pauses in speech, and around how breezy/fast a circulation a writer desires/designs to have.