Cole Swindell performs at Bayou nation Superfest at LSU"s Tiger stadium in2016. (Brianna Paciorka Photo)


Cole Swindell performs during Bayou nation Superfest hosted at LSU"s Tiger stadion on Saturday, may 28, 2016. (Brianna Paciorka Photo)


Cole Swindell performs throughout Bayou country Superfest organized at LSU"s Tiger stadium on Saturday, might 28, 2016. (Brianna Paciorka Photo)


Cole Swindell performs during Bayou nation Superfest organized at LSU"s Tiger stadion on Saturday, might 28, 2016. (Brianna Paciorka Photo)


Cole Swindell, right, performs "You need to Be Here" at the 51st yearly Academy of country Music Awards at the MGM cool Garden Arena ~ above Sunday, April 3, 2016, in las Vegas. (Photo through Matt Sayles/Invision/AP)

Early in his career as a Nashville, Tennessee, songwriter, Cole Swindell was lumped in with various other “bro country” acts who wanted baseball caps come cowboy hats and also crafted frat-worthy singalongs about drinking and the female form. The he invested his artistic formative years under the mentorship of bro-country megastar Luke Bryan only bolstered the image.

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So much more than a couple of folks were surprised by “You have to Be Here,” the title monitor and first single native Swindell’s 2nd album. Exit in so late 2015 and also co-written by Swindell and also Ashley Gorley, the piano-driven ballad was clearly not a party song.

Instead, as the song’s poignant video clip made clear, Swindell to plan it as a remembrance the his father, william Swindell, who was fatally hurt on Sept. 2, 2013, once a truck on i m sorry he to be working dropped on him. The video opens v a clip the Cole on the phone through his father in July 2013, sharing the great news that his recently signed record address Warner Music Nashville. Later, Swindell is watched crying at his father’s gravesite.

“You have to Be Here” resonated with listeners. It reached No. 1 ~ above the country charts and earned Swindell a favorable imaginative reassessment the framed succeeding hits “Middle that a Memory,” “Flatliner” and, especially, “Break up in the End,” from his third album, “All that It.”

His "Down come Earth" tour stops at the Fillmore new Orleans on Sunday, through opening action Hardy and Trea Landon. Tickets space $49.75 and up.

Swindell flourished up in Georgia and attended Georgia southern University, the very same college Bryan formerly attended. Also like Bryan, he to be a member the Sigma Chi. When Bryan went to his alma mater’s campus for a show, Swindell met him at the Sigma Chi fraternity house.


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He ended up going to work-related for Bryan, offering merchandise in ~ concerts and writing songs. He created or co-wrote a slew of songs for Bryan, consisting of “Roller Coaster,” “In Love with the Girl,” “Beer in the Headlights” and also “Just a Sip.”

He also penned access time with various other artists, consisting of Florida Georgia heat (“This Is just how We Roll”) and Thomas Rhett (“Get Me few of That”).

He overcome over together a demonstrate himself v the independent solitary “Chillin’ It.” that single’s success brought about the record deal with Warner Music, and that celebratory phone contact with his dad.

Six mainly later, the senior Swindell to be dead. His son discovered himself grieving with what need to have been among the many exciting and also happiest times of his experienced life.

Cole Swindell performs "You should Be Here" in ~ the 51st annual Academy of nation Music Awards in ~ the MGM cool Garden Arena ~ above Sunday, April 3, 2016, in ras Vegas. (Photo through Matt Sayles/Invision/AP)

Matt Sayles

He again walk on the road with Bryan but this time together an opening act. Throughout a songwriting session aboard Swindell"s tour bus in the parking the majority of Gillette Stadium external Boston, collaborator Gorley suggested the tune title “You must Be Here.”

In interviews, Gorley has said he at first wrote those words in a message to his daughter, whom he wished can be on hand to suffer the excitement of a stadium concert. However Swindell processed the heat differently: together a bittersweet acknowledgement that he wasn’t able to share and also enjoy his success v his father.

The chorus asserts, “It"s one of those moment that"s gained your name written anywhere it/And you recognize that if I had just one great it"d be the you didn"t have to miss this/You need to be here.”

The lyrics accommodate Swindell’s and Gorley’s very different inspirations, but likewise lend us to plenty of other interpretations. Swindell detailed its universality in an interview v the Tennessean newspaper just prior to the song’s release in December 2015.

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“There’s all kinds the ways civilization can’t be together,” Swindell said. “I think this song deserve to touch people and I desire them to have it because that the holidays. If they can not be with the ones they love, ns hope this song provides them think that them.”

The song’s video made clear that Swindell was reasoning of in the song. Triumphant moment from his job ascent, including winning brand-new artist that the year in ~ the 2015 Academy of nation Music Awards, room intercut with scenes of Swindell returning to Glennville, Georgia, for the first time because his father’s funeral. The tears that sheds in ~ the cemetery are genuine.

“I wanted this track and video to be as powerful as that could,” that told the Tennessean. “I’ve constantly wanted to release a song that could actually touch someone and assist them v a hard time. Ns was thinking, ‘Wow, this is that song." acquiring to shoot this video, ns was watching a rough cut of it, I began thinking, "Maybe this song is to help me."”