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Stranded in this spooky townStoplights space swaying and also the phone call lines are downThis floor is crackling cold, she took my heart, ns think she took my soulWith the moon i run much from the carnage of the fiery sunDriven by the strangle the vein reflecting no mercy I execute it again,Open up her eye, you store on crying baby, I"ll bleed friend drySkies lock blink at me, I check out a storm bubbling up from the seaAnd it"s comes closerAnd it"s comes closerYou shimmy shook mine bone leaving me stranded every in love on my ownDo girlfriend think the me? wherein am i now? infant where execute I sleep?Feel so great but I"m old, 2000 year of chasing"s taking its tollAnd it"s comes closerAnd it"s coming closerAnd it"s comes closerAnd it"s coming closer
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