Joe Jackson was recognized for directing the careers of his youngsters from the Jackson 5 days, every the way up till Michael Jackson’s death in 2009. Most civilization assume the Janet Jackson to be Joe Jackson’s youngest child, but he actually has an additional daughter: Joh’Vonnie Jackson.

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Who is Joh’Vonnie Jackson?

Born in 1974, Joh’Vonnie Jackson is the now-deceased Joe Jackson’s daughter with Cheryl Terrell. Terrell — who lived simply miles far from the Jackson family members home in Encino, California — had actually a 25-year affair v Joe. His wife, Katherine Jackson, didn’t know about the affair or his various other daughter.


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“Katherine believed Joseph was away on company when he was probably away v us for the weekend,” Joh’Vonnie Jackson called the daily Mail earlier this year.

“He would certainly come round many days sometimes without warning, the was really much a presence in my life, ns was a daddy’s girl,” she added. “I would certainly be so excited, he would lug me presents, my favorite black color walnut ice cream. I was spoiled rotten.”

While Katherine and the Jackson kids didn’t know around Joh’Vonnie Jackson, she additionally didn’t know around them till she to be 11 — and also she didn’t fulfill her father’s genuine wife until she was 14.

“We to walk in and there’s Katherine Jackson sitting right there. I got so upset, therefore nervous – i was confused. And also she said, ‘She looks as with him’ – she claimed that come my best friend. So, ns left out and also shouted, ‘I’m gonna call my daddy’,” she claimed on The Talk previously this year while promoting her memoir, Bastard Child.

“The reason I was so uncomfortable was due to the fact that we couldn’t even shop in ~ the corner grocery store. We had actually to go to a various grocery store. And also now she’s in the neighborhood getting she nails done, I’m reasoning I can possibly get in trouble. It to be such a confound time.”

Does Joh’Vonnie Jackson understand her renowned siblings?

The Jackson youngsters were known for being close knit, many thanks to strict parenting by Joe.


Joh’Vonnie Jackson didn’t have actually the same lifestyle. When the enlarge Jackson youngsters were required to call their father Joseph, Joh’Vonnie Jackson was enabled to contact him “daddy.”

The reason, according to Joh’Vonnie, is the Joe was 46 once she was born and also “just didn’t treatment that much.”

And that placed a rift in between Joh’Vonnie Jackson and also her larger half-sister, Janet Jackson.

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“We met up in ~ Rebbie’s house and also we were having actually a pretty great conversation till I said, ‘daddy’ and also she got upset,” Joh’Vonnie claimed of meeting Janet because that the very first time at earliest sibling Rebbie Jackson’s home. “But the reason she got upset is since he walk not allow them to call him daddy.”

The two have since made up, according to Joh’Vonnie.

“You uncover strength in forgiveness,” she told the daily Mail of her relationship with her famous half siblings. “That’s gift strong… permit bygones be bygones.”