Basic capitalization rules are straightforward in English, yet there room tricky conventions come consider.Proper nouns refer to a certain person, place, or thing and are always capitalized.Common nouns describe a general principle or thing and also are only capitalized at the beginning of a sentence.

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Mastering the correct use of capitalization in English might seem straightforward, yet the ide can prove tricky in details situations. Once deciding even if it is to capitalize a indigenous or phrase, it’s vital to do a clear difference between common nouns and adjectives and also proper nouns and also adjectives.

Proper nouns

A ideal noun names a certain person, place, or thing, when a ideal adjective modifies a specific person, place, or thing. Appropriate nouns and proper adjectives room capitalized. These include the following:

The names and also titles of people, entities, or teams (“President Washington,” “George Washington,” “Mr. Washington,” “the can be fried Court,” “the brand-new York chamber of Commerce”) The names of certain mountains, mountain ranges, bodies of water, and also geographical landmarks (“Mount Everest,” “the Andes Mountains,” “the Atlantic Ocean”) The surname of buildings and monuments (“the Statue of Liberty,” “the gold Gate Bridge”) Street name (“Fifth Avenue”) The names of schools, colleges, and also universities (“Harvard University,” “the university of Pennsylvania”) Continents, regions, countries, states, provinces, counties, cities, and also towns (“South America,” “Hunan Province,” “the Pacific Northwest”)

Common nouns

A common noun name a generic kind of person, place, or thing, while a usual adjective modifies a generic type of person, place, or thing. Common nouns and common adjectives space not capitalized. Examples incorporate the following:

“The president made a speech.” In this case, the ax “president” is not provided as a appropriate title, so it is no capitalized. “The Rocky and also Appalachian mountain ranges.” In this case, the ax “mountain ranges” is supplied as a descriptive common phrase, so that is not capitalized. In contrast, the term “Mountains” in “the Rocky and Appalachian Mountains” is capitalized because it is provided as part of a proper name. “Rainfall plagued the northern an ar of England.” In this case, “northern” is supplied as a directional common adjective, and also not as a appropriate name, so it is no capitalized. Similarly, in the sentence, “rainfall plagued the north,” the ax “north” is not capitalized since it is provided as a compass direction, and not together a proper name.

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Of course, once capitalization proves difficult, it is constantly advisable to look up any word or expression in a scholarly source to verify the convention provided for that capitalization.

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