_____________ capacity refers to the inmate populace the college was constructed to handle.

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Short-term confinement framework originally plan to host suspects following arrest and pending trial room called

police stations.
interim incarceration facilities.
holding cells.

The largest expansion group in jails nationwide is:

young adults

The term provided by the federal government to represent ultra-high protection prisons is


The majority of criminal housed in commonwealth institutions have actually been convicted of

violent offenses.
property offenses.
drug offenses.

The 1981 U.S. Supreme Court case of Rhodes v. Chapman encountered the worry of prison overcrowding and also held that

placing two inmates in a cabinet is cruel and also unusual punishment.
placing two inmates in a cell is no cruel and also unusual punishment.
inmates must display that prison officials showed "deliberate indifference" through not dealing with the overcrowding concern at an earlier date.
correction"s officers are enabled to randomly search prison cells because that contraband.

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_____________ residence the many serious offenders and also are characterized by a range of protection patterns.

Maximum-security prisons
Medium-security prisons
Minimum-security prisons

What organization is the training arm of the national Institute that Corrections?

National Academy of Corrections
American Correctional Association
United claims Department that Training
National academy of Correctional Development

Which supreme Court case held the overcrowding in prisons is not by chin cruel and unusual punishment?

Holt v. Sarver
Rhodes v. Chapman
Bell v. Wolfish
Hudson v. Palmer

The usage of prison chain gangs, the abolition of parole, and also taking away some of the "comforts" of jail are facets of i beg your pardon era the imprisonment?

just deserts
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