By: Cynthia Myers | the evaluation by: Alicia Bodine, Certified Ramsey Solutions grasp Financial Coach | update February 10, 2019

If you"re anticipating a taxes refund, you"d choose to have that money in her hands, or in your bank account, as soon as possible. But, her employer doesn"t need to send friend a W-2 form until Jan. 31, delaying your ability to file and case a refund. If you file your counting electronically, girlfriend don"t have to send in a copy of your W-2. You have actually a last pay stub that mirrors your full wages for the year and also the taxes your employer withheld, for this reason you could use that information to document your taxes and claim her refund. There room some considerations, however.

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You can e-file your taxes v your critical paystub, however you"ll have to fill out and also submit IRS form 4852.

E-filing Basics

Most world can paper their taxation returns electronically. Doing therefore usually way you"ll get your refund faster. You have the right to purchase or download tax software program that will enable you come e-file for a small fee. If your adjusted gross income is $57,000 or less, you can file online for free with the inner Revenue company FreeFile software. When you send her return electronically, you report details from any type of W-2 and also 1099 creates you receive, but you don"t need to mail in the creates to the IRS. Instead, the IRS compares the information you supply through the copies of her W-2s and also 1099s that it receives from the companies that approve the creates to you.

Pay Stub vs. W-2

The e-file creates ask friend to fill in all the information you can discover on her W-2. If your last pay stub may show most of this information, consisting of the complete wages you received and the revenue tax, society Security and Medicare taxes your employer withheld, the stub probably doesn"t contain other vital information friend need, such as your employer"s federal taxation identification number. The surname and deal with you provide on your tax form also has actually to match the details your employer provides on her W-2. One incomplete form or a type that has actually information that doesn"t enhance IRS records will delay processing of your return, and also hold up your refund. As such you"ll need to fill out form 4852, the substitute because that W-2 form.

Other Problems

While girlfriend may be able to use your final pay stub instead of your W-2 to file your return if you"re doing the work yourself, if you usage a taxes preparer, girlfriend must existing a W-2. Tax preparers sign off on her return and can be organized responsible because that errors. When the opportunity is slight the the wage and also tax totals top top your last pay stub won"t enhance the W-2, you and your tax preparer might be organized responsible because that errors.

Use a W-2 Early access Program

Companies favor H&R Block market a W-2 Early access Program the you deserve to use to attain your W-2 information, also if friend haven"t obtained it in the mail yet. You have the right to search for your W-2 by start either her employer"s name or the company"s FEIN number.

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When To call the IRS

The safest solution is to wait for her W-2. You could ask her employer come send her W-2 before the Jan. 31 deadline, however employers space not obligated come honor together a request. If you don"t obtain a W-2 by Feb. 14, contact the IRS. It will certainly attempt to urge your employee to send the W-2, and also will carry out you with a type to send with your tax return, explaining that your W-2 is lacking and describing exactly how you landed on the wage and also tax information on her return. In this case, you can use your last pay stub through a clean conscience.

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