The Jamaican dollar, or JMD in ~ the money exchange, has actually been the country’s official currency since 1969. It’s composed either together J$ or JA$ to distinguish it indigenous other types of dollars. 

The financial institution of Jamaica, developed in Kingston on might 1, 1961, is responsible for keeping the country’s financial policies on the stimulate of the Minister of Finance. That original financial institution now residences a little museum committed to the background of Jamaica’s various currencies.

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Statistically, Jamaican dollars are usually exchanged for United says dollars. This happens since most travelers to Jamaica come from the united States and need come exchange your own money for the of the islands.

Jamaica has actually a rich background that includes multiple types of currency, however it might surprise friend to discover that the island’s first money to be imported.

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1 10 funny facts around the Jamaican dissension
1.1 1. The dissension is the very first non-European money in Jamaica’s history.
1.2 2. Originally, JA$1 was based on the one-half British pound sterling.
1.3 3. Queen Elizabeth II knighted the man on the JA$100 note when he was in a coma.
1.4 4. Civilization call the JA$500 note a ‘Nanny’.
1.5 5. The J$1,000 keep in mind is called a ‘Grand’.
1.6 6. The financial institution of Jamaica stopped minting 1¢ and also 5¢ coins in 2018.
1.7 7. No Jamaican banknote is worth less than JA$50.
1.8 8. De La Rue currency Ltd. Has printed Jamaica’s money because that 100 years.
1.9 9. Jamaica has actually a $20 coin.
1.10 10. Jamaican banknotes no longer attribute Queen Elizabeth II of England.
2 knowledge Jamaican money Exchange rates
3 sending Money come Jamaica

Understanding Jamaican currency Exchange Rates

As with any kind of currency, the Jamaican dollar’s exchange price depends top top supply and also demand. When need is larger than the supply, the value of the JMD can rise.

The very same goes for the money you room trading, for this reason if you are exchanging Jamaican dollars for U.S. Dollars, the value depends on how much need there is because that American dollars. The much more demand for USD, the higher the expense may be.

Many locations in Jamaica expropriate USD because it is a common and an important currency, yet there’s no regulation around the exchange rate for individual businesses. That method you could end up paying much more in the exchange rate markup than if you transform your money in ~ the airport, a bank, or one ATM.

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It’s also important to keep in mind the businesses and also services external of Jamaica’s tourist warm spots nothing necessarily trade in U.S. Dollars. The is constantly best exercise to save local currency with you while traveling, especially because it helps to keep the worth of that currency.

Sending Money to Jamaica

You can quickly and easily send money come Jamaica by trading USD, brother pounds, euros, and also other civilization currencies for Jamaican dollars through Exchange prices are always competitive, and also the move fees room low. makes worldwide money move faster, easier, much more transparent, and much more affordable. Our reliable and easy-to-use mobile app is reliable by over 3 million people about the world.