Facetime is Apple’s original video chat application. It dates all the way back to the iPhone 4 when it could only be used with Wi-Fi. However, since the iPhone 4, you could Facetime without Wi-Fi. All you need is a cellular data 3G or 4G connection.

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What to Do If You Can’t Make Facetime Calls

Many things can go wrong and prevent you from making or receiving Facetime calls. First of all, Facetime does not support calls in all countries and regions. Also, not all carriers allow it. You can see the list of supported US carriers here.

Facetime calls can malfunction on iPads, iPhones, and even the iPod Touch. If you’re connecting via Wi-Fi, start with your internet connection and make sure your router is working. If something is wrong, call your internet provider. If you’re using cellular data for Facetime, make sure that you’re in an area with good signal coverage.

Also, enable Facetime in your firewall, antimalware, and antivirus software. Alternatively, you can shut down those security measures and see if the problem persists.

Make sure that Facetime and your Camera app have all the required permissions. Go to your device Settings, then Screen Time, followed by Content and Privacy Restrictions, and finally Allowed Apps.

Additionally, double-check your email address and the phone number listed on Facetime. Problems with Facetime calls can sometimes be caused by manual date and time settings. Enter the Settings, then tap on General, choose Date and Time, and make sure Set Automatically is on.

The Go-To Fixes

If Facetime still isn’t working with Wi-Fi or cellular data, you can do the go-to steps for fixing issues on iOS devices. Restart your iPhone or iPad first. This simple solution often fixes all the problems.

Also, make sure that your device is updated and has the latest version iOS installed. Try making a regular call on your phone and then switch to Facetime afterward. Remember that there is no call forwarding on Facetime.

When Facetime is not working using cellular data, try switching to Wi-Fi if you have access to it. Vice-versa, you can try using cellular data if you can’t make Facetime calls on Wi-Fi.

Finally, you can reset your settings to default. Tap on the Settings app, choose General, then Reset, and finally select Reset All Settings. This will reset your device to factory settings, and it may fix your Facetime problem.

Facetime Without Wi-Fi

Some places have no Wi-Fi coverage, and you will need to use Facetime with cellular data. Just make sure your phone carrier has a good network spread across the whole country. If you can catch a strong 3G or even better 4G signal, you won’t need Wi-Fi.

Also, invest in a good data plan, so you don’t have to worry about the limit. Mobile plans with more data are usually more expensive, but they are worth their cost. People who travel a lot or live in rural areas need more data than others.

Have you ever used Facetime with your cellular data? If so, what was the reason? Also, which provider are you subscribed to and which plan do you have? Tell us more in the comments below.


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iCloud Account User says:
December 5, 2020 at 10:23 pm
I transferred from the Verizon parent company to their subsidiary prepaid carrier “Yahoo” provider to save $25/mo. I can start FaceTime on Wi-Fi at home, get in my car, and leave. It seamlessly changes to cellular after I leave.

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