Basic rulesCheckers is a two-player game, wherein one player is assigned white checkers and the other red. Each player has 12 checkers to start the game.Aim of the gameThe object of the video game is to catch the other player"s checkers or do them difficult to moveStart that the video game The game is started in the position shown listed below on a checkers board consisting that 64 squares in an 8x8 grid.The red player moves first. Climate each player bring away a solitary turn. In fact, a player must move in turn. In various other words a move cannot be skipped.
playing the video game A move consists of put one checker top top a various square.CaptureCaptures or "jumps" room mandatory. If a square diagonally in front of a male is populated by one opponent"s piece, and also if the square beyond that piece in the very same direction is empty, the man may "jump" over the opponent"s piece and land on the north square. The opponent"s item is captured and also removed from the board. Many JumpsIf, after ~ making a capture, a item is in a position to make an additional capture (either follow me the exact same diagonal or a different one)it should do so, every as part of the exact same turn. Capturing two opposing piece in a revolve is referred to as a double jump, capturing three pieces in a turn is a triple jump , and also so on. If you have actually a an option of jumps, you might choose amongst them, regardless of even if it is they room multiple or not. The KingsWhen a single piece will the critical rank of the board by factor of a move, or as the completion of a "jump", it i do not care a king; and also that completes the move, or "jump".A King deserve to move in any kind of direction and "jump" in any direction one or much more pieces, as the limits of the plank permit. The King can only run diagonally end one adjacent piece at a time, in any kind of of the 4 diagonal directions. Multiple jumps use to queens as well. Time control A clock is supplied to limit the size of a game. These clocks count the time that every player independently takes for making his very own moves.

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The rule are very simple, if you run out that time, you shed the game, and thus must budget plan your time. Finish of the gameWinningThe video game is won by the player who has actually captured all of the opponent"s pieceswhose foe declares he resigns.LosingThe video game is lost by a player that cannot make any type of legal relocate on the board.DrawThe video game is drawn when over there is no catch or promotion to king because that 40 consecutive moves.
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