Can you take it Tylenol top top an north stomach? Some medicine should be taken v food, and also some can be taken on an north stomach. What about Tylenol? In this article, I’ll describe whether you have the right to take Tylenol top top an north stomach or not, as well as dosage guidelines.

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Can Tylenol be taken on an north stomach? Tylenol have the right to be taken on an empty stomach with a glass the water. Some people, however, might feel ill taking Tylenol on an north stomach. If you carry out feel ill, then following time, take it Tylenol through food or ~ eating.

Tylenol, the most common brand name of the medicine acetaminophen, is an analgesic (relieves pain) and antipyretic (reduces temperature during a fever). You can buy that over-the-counter (OTC) to treat minor pains and fever. You have the right to take that on an north stomach.

Read on come learn an ext about Tylenol, its side effects, and the recommended dosages.

Can You take Tylenol on an empty Stomach?

An empty stomach absorbs Tylenol an ext quickly because there is no food come deter the absorb process. However, world who have a sensitive gastrointestinal tract may have to take the medication through food. 

Tylenol is not as harmful come the stomach as Aspirin and also Advil. Aspirin and Advil should be taken with food or after meals as result of their adverse effect on the cradle system.

Tylenol is no as solid and an ext gentle top top the body. However, if you feeling ill or nauseous after acquisition Tylenol on an empty stomach, then next time, simply take it with food or after girlfriend eat.

Formulation the Tylenol

For AdultsCapsules Extra toughness packs 500 mg AcetaminophenTylenol Extra stamin Coated tablet computers 500 mg AcetaminophenTylenol afternoon Extra stamin Liquid for youngsters over 12 years old and adultsDissolve Packs for over 12 year old and also adults (Tylenol)For ChildrenTylenol because that 4 – 11 years oldChildren’s Tylenol because that 6-11 years oldChewables for 2 – 11 years oldChildren’s Tylenol Dissolve Packs for 6 – 11 years old

Recommended Dosages

You must think about the weight and also age that the human being for the proper dosage. If the kid weighs less than 36 pounds and also is under 2 or 4 years old, you have to not provide them Tylenol.

For Adults

Capsules Extra stamin packs 500 mg Acetaminophen: 2 flour every 6 hrs as needed.

Extra toughness Coated tablets 500 mg paracetamol (Tylenol): 2 tablet computers every 6 hours as needed, no to exceed six tablets in ~ twenty-four hours.

PM Extra stamin Liquid for youngsters over 12 year old and adults (Tylenol): 30 ml at bedtime, not to exceed 30 ml within twenty-four hours

Dissolve Packs for over 12 year old and adults (Tylenol): 2 flour every 6 hrs as needed, no to exceed 6 packs in ~ twenty-four hours.

For Children

Children’s Tylenol because that 4 – 11 year old: (not to exceed five doses in twenty-four hours)

4 – 5 years old; weighing 36 come 47 pounds – 5 ml every 4 hours6-11 years old, weighing 48 come 95 pounds – 10 ml every 4 hours

Children’s Tylenol (cold and also flu) for 6-11 year old; weighing 48 to 95 pounds: 10 ml every 4 hrs (not come exceed five doses in twenty-four hours)

Chewables because that 2 – 11 year old: (not come exceed five doses in twenty-four hours)

2 – 3 years old; weighing 24 come 35 pounds – 1 tablet computer every 4 hours4 – 5 years old; weighing 36 come 47 pounds – 1½ tablets every 4 hours6 – 8 years old; weighing 48 to 59 pounds – 2 tablets every 4 hours9 – 10 year old; weighing 60 come 71 pounds = 2½ tablet computers every 4 hours11 year old; weighing 71 to 95 pounds – 3 tablets every 4 hours

Children’s Dissolve Packs for 6 – 11 year old (Tylenol) (not come exceed five doses in twenty-four hours)

6 – 8 year old; weighing 48 to 59 pound – 2 flour every 4 hours9 – 10 year old; weighing 60 come 71 pounds – 2 flour every 4 hour11 years old; weighing 71 to 95 pounds – 3 powders every 4 hours

What room the offers of Tylenol?

Tylenol’s result is temporary, therefore if friend still feeling unwell, you can take one more dose. But, if the symptoms persist after 3 days or more, you need to consult her physician since there might be a significant underlying an illness causing the symptoms. 

As one analgesic (relieves pain) and antipyretic (reduces temperature during a fever), you can use Tylenol because that these conditions:

FeverHeadacheFlu symptomsCommon colds ToothacheBackacheMenstrual crampsJoint painsMuscle painOther minor aches/pains

Side results of Tylenol

Many human being don’t experience any type of side effects. However, a couple of people have an allergy, i m sorry could result in anaphylactic shock.

If you notification any allergy symptoms, you need to go come the nearest clinic and consult a doctor. Symptom of one allergy include:

ItchingSwollen tongueDyspnea (difficulty in breathing)

Take keep in mind that anaphylactic shock due to allergy is fatal. However, after a sheep of an anti-allergy medicine or injection, you’ll be fine.

Some the the minor side results of Tylenol are:

HeadacheNauseaStomach painVomitingSweatingLightheadedness

As pointed out earlier, you deserve to take Tylenol ~ above an north stomach; however, some world might feel nauseous or contempt ill. If you execute feel ill, next time, take it Tylenol through food or after eating.

Some rarely side results of Acetaminophen, the active component of Tylenol, are:

Dysuria (difficulty in urination)Dark stoolsSevere stomach pain

Precautions when Taking Tylenol

Store the medicine at room temperature (20 – 25 °C). Don’t location it in hot places, together this might reduce its effectiveness.Take Tylenol just as needed. Avoid taking Tylenol as soon as the ache or heat disappears. Taking Tylenol have to not it is in likened through taking antibiotics and maintenance drugs. Don’t take it Tylenol with various other drugs comprise Acetaminophen because your threat of liver special needs increases if you do so.People with organ impairment (liver, kidneys, heart, and also lungs) have to consult a doctor first before acquisition Tylenol. The medical professional may have to decrease the dosage as their organs carry out not role properly.Don’t take an ext than the encourage dosage as this can result in major liver damage; because that example, acquisition in much more than 4,000 mg every day.Stop taking Tylenol if skin rashes show up as you may have an allergy to Acetaminophen. And also you should fully stop taking Tylenol if the side results are severe.When the pain stays for an ext than ten days, visit her doctor.If, after three days, you still have a fever, visit your doctor because you might have a severe illness.Chew the chewable Tylenol thoroughly before swallowing. Don’t take the whole tablet without chewing. Store in a secure medication cabinet, the end of reach of children.

Contraindications come the use of Tylenol


Don’t take Tylenol if you’re allergic to Acetaminophen. You could take ib frames instead. If you insist, allergic reactions can result in severe reactions.

Liver Diseases

The liver have the right to be impacted by prolonged large dose intake. Therefore, if the person has a liver impairment, he have to not take Tylenol uneven the medical professional prescribes it.

Examples of liver diseases are liver cirrhosis, liver cancer, hepatitis, liver impairment, or dysfunction.

Fasting and Vomiting

If you’re experiencing vomiting, prevent taking Tylenol. Instead, ask your doctor about injectable antipyretics or analgesics, such as Propacetamol.

Blood-thinning Medications

Concomitant use through blood-thinning drugs, such together warfarin and aspirin is contraindicated. A large intake of this drugs will boost the person’s risk of bleeding.

Other medications that may interact with Tylenol are:


We’ve answered the question: “Can you take it Tylenol ~ above an empty stomach?” or “Do you have to take Tylenol v food?”; next, stop look at just how your food interacts v Tylenol.

How your Food Interacts v Tylenol

When you take it Tylenol through food, the energetic component paracetamol mixes with the food during digestion. Together a result, partial digestion occurs within the stomach, and also complete digestion wake up in the little intestines. 

As the vital nutrients coming from food are reabsorbed by the minister villi, therefore is the Tylenol you ingested. Consequently, the procedure delays the absorption of the drug and its resulting action. 

In some instances, details drugs react v the food that you eat. For example, once you eat grapefruit, the efficacy that Atorvastatin is lowered.

However, there room no well-known food reactions v Tylenol. Thus, you can take it through food or ~ above an empty stomach. 

Tips for taking Tylenol

Tylenol has particular formulations for some varieties of pains. Take note of these species through the medication’s brand or literature.Having ideal rest and sleep after acquisition Tylenol will certainly hasten her recovery.You have the right to strengthen her immune system by living a healthy and balanced lifestyle and allows the medicine to work-related effectively.

A healthy and balanced lifestyle includes:

Getting sufficient sleep at the very least 8 hours a day;Exercising regularly, eating a well balanced diet;Hydrating yourself correctly (drinking, at the very least eight glasses a day); andAvoiding illicit drugs or substances of abuse (alcohol and also cigarettes).

Frequently request Questions

Is Tylenol safe for Children?

Tylenol is for sure for children and also adults if taken together directed. The bulk of the formulation contraindicate kids under 2 or 4 year old. Describe the dosages discussed above.

What Happens when You take Tylenol ~ above an empty Stomach?

Nothing will take place unless you have actually other existing problems in her body, such together vomiting, ongoing ulcers, or stomach problems. Acquisition Tylenol top top an north stomach is an ext advantageous together this will certainly hasten the absorb of the drug, making it act conveniently on her pain or fever.

What pains Relievers have the right to You Take once Your Stomach Is Empty?

Besides Tylenol, you have the right to take Paracetamol on an empty stomach as well. But you have to not take Ibuprofen, Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory medicine (NSAIDs), and also Aspirin once your stomach is empty. These drugs upset the stomach and cause cradle irritation.

What Is more Effective Tylenol or Ibuprofen?

These 2 drugs room both useful as antipyretics and also analgesics. Top top the various other hand, Ibuprofen has actually an anti-inflammatory action, if Tylenol walk not. In conclusion, this activity makes Ibuprofen better in treating pain brought about by inflammatory conditions.

This occurrence is specifically real in adult pains because of inflammatory conditions, such together gouty arthritis and joint problems.

Ibuprofen have to be taken v food. Tylenol doesn’t need to be taken v food.

Dr. David Perrot of the Sydney children Hospital and also a group of researchers performed a meta-analysis of the efficacy and safety the Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen in treating fever and also pain. Some of the conclusions were:

Acetaminophen (7-15mg/kg body weight) has actually the very same efficacy together Ibuprofen (4-10 mg/kg human body weight) in treating moderate to significant pain.Accordingly: “There is no indication the the medicine differ in safety and security from each other or placebo.” but they encourage that various other researchers need to conduct substantial and intensive study top top this aspect.

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Conclusion – deserve to I take it Tylenol ~ above an north Stomach?

So, deserve to you take Tylenol on an north stomach? Yes, girlfriend can, however you must take it through a glassful that water. 

Nonetheless, taking Tylenol through food is recommended to at risk persons who have actually extra sensitive stomachs. If you’re among these people, you should take her Tylenol v food or ~ meals.

Remember to always hydrate yourself adequately, even if it is you take the Tylenol with an empty stomach or with food.