One that the an excellent things about knitting is the it’s a very portable craft. You only require a ball of yarn, her needles, and also you can take your knitting job anywhere.

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A knitting project would carry out something to do while waiting for a delayed trip or even throughout a long flight to assist pass the time.

But wait! web needles are sort of sharp and also pointy and perhaps could be dangerous…

So have the right to you bring knitting needles on a airplane where dangerous items space not permitted? and will the trip attendant enable you to actually carry out some knitting during the flight?

This write-up looks are the rule on taking knitting needles on a aircraft either in your carry-on luggage or checked luggage.

TSA knit Needles Rules

The transport security management is responsible for trip security in the joined states. These room the officers who screen your bag in ~ the security checkpoint and the world who scan and also potentially check your checked luggage behind the scenes.

Let’s view what lock say about knitting needles:


Are knitting needles permitted in carry-on luggage?

Yes, you can carry knitting needles in her hand luggage. You should make certain you wrap up your needles so the anyone inspecting your bag won’t get jabbed. In theory, girlfriend can carry all varieties of knit needles with a TSA security checkpoint.

The TSA gave much more details on an additional page:

” … web needles <…> are allowed in her carry-on bags. This includes and is not minimal tocircular web needles, bamboo, wooden, aluminum, metal, and plastic web needles,double pointed web needles,knitting hooks,knitting stitch holders, sewing kits, sewing needles,sewing pins, and also sewing scissors (blades much shorter than 4 in). However,circular subject cutters, or any type of thread cutter v a blade must be packed in your checked baggage.”

Bob Burns TSA society Media Team

So no only have the right to you load knitting needles in your carry on bag friend can get them out and also knit throughout the flight too!

Alisha on Twitter wonders why people hate flying. For her it’s a great opportunity to acquire some knitting or analysis done once she flies through American Airlines:


And joined Airlines room happy for Jan to job-related on her knitting project on the flight


It appears that all the US significant airlines favor American, Delta, JetBlue, Frontier, Southwest, and United space all fine v knitting top top planes.

Just psychic to be respectful to her neighbor and fellow passengers, this One Direction pan was elbowed 10 times by one in-flight knitter:


Can you carry knitting needles in checked baggage?

Yes, if you simply want to lug your knitting project on vacation v you and also don’t intended to knit on the aircraft you deserve to pack her knitting needles in confirm luggage.

It would certainly be better if they space sheathed therefore that any kind of baggage handlers rummaging v your smalls don’t injure themselves accidently.

Keep in mental that confirm luggage does sometimes go lacking and if girlfriend do fill your knitting job in organize luggage there is always that small chance that you could never view it again.

While these space the TSA web needles rules save in mind that the last decision is always made by the TSA security display officer top top the ground. Lock do have the right to refuse your knitting needles if they deem them a threat.

What around Knitting Accessories?

Circular subject cutters are not enabled on airplane in carry on luggage. This is since of the blade the they have inside them.

Large scissors are not permitted, but craft scissors with little blades room fine.

Are knit Needles permitted On international Flights?

If departing indigenous the us you will be able to take her knitting with the TSA security, however what around the return trip?

This video from George has actually many an excellent tips about flying with knitting needles. Although note he is mistaken about circular subject cutters: can’t it is in loaded since JavaScript is disabled: web On Planes. Deserve to you carry knitting needles top top a plane? (

George has flown all about the world while web so it is possible.

Can you take knitting needles ~ above a plane in Europe?

I checked what some of the European airlines were saying about knitting needles:


Lufthansa admit that it’s no their decision and also the airplane security police officers decide. They perform recommend the you pack them in confirm luggage.

waiting France

Air France say “des aiguilles à tricoter est interdit en cabine” or “knitting needles are prohibited in the cabin”.


Dutch airline KLM don’t want you to lug knitting needle top top board.


Spain’s Iberia to speak they can’t guarantee knitting needles will be permitted in the cabin due to the fact that “de seguridad permitan aquello en maleta de cabina” or “security decides what is allowed in the cabin”.

There is no TSA equivalent that covers all of Europe. Every individual nation sets their very own aviation security rules.

The europe Union does set some rules around banned items and knitting needles room not one of the prohibition items.

Can girlfriend fly with knitting needles in the UK?

In the UK knitting needles are allowed in both hand luggage and hold luggage. Together a cooler climate, the British space keen knitters and it’s not inexplicable for world to travel with knitting.

The Verdict

If you room flying domestically in the united state you should have actually no troubles bringing your knitting on come a plane and also doing some in-flight knitting to pass the time.

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In Europe the rules are much less clear. We would certainly advise no flying with metal needles, bamboo needles room much much less threatening and are much more likely to be enabled on the plane.

Also don’t take any knitting needles v you the you are not prepared to lose. Over there is no sense absent your flight since your web needles were not permitted to board!