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Medical media recently reported that a clinicians’ recommendation handbook had adjusted advice on just how to take it the painkiller ibufrofen - commonly sold under the brand name Nurofen and Advil.

While the Australian medications Handbook previously advised this drug must be taken v food, the updated variation says:

Take oral doses v a glass of water. It may be taken there is no food however if this upsets your stomach, shot taking it with a meal.

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The adjust isn’t specifically remarkable. Minor adjustments are regularly made to exactly how we dose drugs as our understanding improves. And also yet a couple of medical media outlets considered it interesting enough to it is in a story. Therefore why the kerfuffle?

Ibuprofen, along with drugs such as aspirin and also diclofenac (Voltaren), belongs to a class of medicines called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Chronic usage of this can damages the stomach lining, causing gastritis and also ulcers.

Until recently, clinical advice in Australia and Europe (but not the united States) to take the painkillers through food was based on the assumption that it reduced the danger of stomach damage. Walk the readjust in advice typical the presumption has also changed? and also are we risking stomach damages when acquisition anti-inflamatories there is no food?

Gastric damage

Our stomach walls (made of protein) need protection from stomach fluid, which is very acidic and full that enzymes specialized to breaking under proteins in food. Top top an north stomach, gastric fluid acidity ranges from the of battery acid to lemon juice.

To safeguard itself, the stomach secrets a great of mucus, i beg your pardon can manage the amount of stomach acid and also neutralise it. Once one or both of these mechanisms walk awry, stomach lining damage and also ulceration have the right to occur.


common over-the-counter doses of ibuprofen room up to 1200mg every day and can it is in taken for up to three days. Max Mozart/Flickr, CC by

Ironically, as result of their pain-relieving properties, NSAIDs can reason serious damage to stomach lining. This is since they decrease pain and also inflammation by inhibiting production of prostaglandins, a team of fat acids that promote inflammation and increase pain perception.

But prostaglandins additionally protect the stomach lining from acid, through decreasing acid production and increasing mucus secretion and its neutralising properties. Therefore inhibiting prostaglandins additionally reduces your protective functions.

NSAIDs are commonly used to manage the pain and also inflammation the arthritis and musculoskeletal disorders. People also take them for momentary pain relief: because that headaches, migraines and duration pain, as well as to reduce fever. There’s vital difference in between the threat to permanent users contrasted to someone who takes them for the sometimes headache.

Gastric ulceration, whereby irritation come the stomach erodes its surface, can be severe. Symptoms incorporate internal bleeding, indigestion, nausea, vomiting and also weight loss. Studies show that, in relation to NSAIDs, ulceration is time- and dose-dependent.

Typical over-the-counter doses of ibuprofen are up to 1200mg per day and can it is in taken for up to 3 days. There is one of two people no or minimal gastric damage at sheep of less than 1600mg a day over 3 days. Yet people that take prescription doses because that a month or an ext have a 2% to 4% possibility of arising ulcers.

It has long been thought that food “cushions” the stomach indigenous acidity. But, surprisingly, over there is very little hard data to support that that can defend the stomach native NSAID damage.

NSAIDs through food

Food does alleviate stomach acid, from about battery mountain levels come somewhere around that that tomato juice or black coffee.

NSAIDs are much better absorbed native acidic, quite than neutral, solutions. For this reason an acidic stomach environment, ~ a night the fasting because that instance, means NSAIDs will reach a greater blood concentration than after a meal. Yet a much less acidic environment produced by food will sluggish NSAID absorption.


Stomach ulcers can reason vomiting and weight loss. From shutterstock.com

In studies where animals were given high level of NSAIDs after ~ 24 to 48 hours of fasting, they developed ulcers in the stomach. ~ above the other hand, pets that had actually been fed got ulcers in their intestine instead of your stomach. That is, ulcers arisen in both situations - they were just found in various locations.

However, whether these effects are applicable come humans, specifically with the usual doses supplied for pain relief, and also whether various food materials play a function in this transition from stomach to intestine ulceration, is unclear.

Pain relief is related to the concentrations of painkillers in the blood. Yes sir reasonable proof that quicker ibuprofen, or various other NSAID absorption, will certainly lead to quicker pain relief.

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Peak concentration of ibuprofen in blood occur in between 1.5 come three hrs after a 200mg sheep in people who take it it through a meal. Because that those who take that with simply water, the best concentration is reached after 45 minutes.

So taking ibuprofen v water is most likely to result in better pain manage and additionally reduce the have to take more. Having actually to take it fewer doses in turn reduces the likelihood of cradle effects. Also, civilization who put off taking ibuprofen till they eat will experience pain for longer than necessary.

Overall, transforming from taking NSAIDs choose ibuprofen through food to just water - unless there is stomach upset - may boost pain relief and also is very unlikely to harm human being who take it the medicine occasionally and as directed. Those who use ibuprofen and other NSAIDs because that chronic pains relief, however, have to consult your doctor about how best to take it it.