Let me gain this directly – you desire to apply a complete on an additional finish? I’m just messing through you!

Every now and also then, you discover that after ~ you have actually painted a wood surface, you’re no pleased through the result. The looks great, however it just feels prefer something is missing.

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If your systems is to use polyurethane over paint, then ns salute your ingenuity.

Poly can create a unique look ~ above any form of paint. The just thing that can go dorn is no knowing how long for repaint to dry before polyurethane.

Can You put Polyurethane end Paint?

Yes, you have the right to put polyurethane over paint. As long as the paint has totally cured and it’s clean, you can use both water-based and also oil-based polyurethane end any kind of paint. However, you must be cautious of discoloration, particularly from oil-based polyurethane.

Now the you know it’s feasible to apply poly end painted surfaces, let’s find out exactly how long you need to wait because that the repaint to dry before using polyurethane finish.

How lengthy for paint to Dry before Polyurethane?

Allow the paint at the very least 24 to 72 hours to dry, relying on the type of repaint you space using, before polyurethane. If you room not certain if the repaint has totally cured, wait one extra day or two to it is in safe.

When have the right to I use Polyurethane end Paint?

As quickly as the paint has cured, girlfriend can use polyurethane complete over the paint. This is the only aspect you should consider before you apply polyurethane end paint.

How lengthy should you wait to put polyurethane end paint?

On average, that takes repaint 24 hrs to cure, yet different weather conditions and other determinants can slow-moving down this process.

It is vital that girlfriend wait until the paint is fully cured since of the measures you must take before applying the polyurethane finish.

You have to clean and also abrade the painted surface to eliminate impurities before applying the polyurethane. If you don’t, the poly won’t adhere properly.

If the painted surface is tho wet, the cleaning procedure will obliterate it and also get into the wood, which can spoil it. That is crucial to give the wood enough time come cure – ideally 72 hours – due to the fact that the surface ar dries quicker.


One method of protecting her acrylic repaint is by using a topcoat over it. In this case, polyurethane. And If you space concerned around your repaint color, usage a water-based polyurethane. Oil-based one create a yellow or amber hue or amber tint to irradiate colors and also white background.

Besides, oil-based clear coat pipeline a an excellent finish, however it take away a much longer time to dry. For a high gloss finish, usage acrylic resin varnish.

To use poly on your surface, monitor the following steps:

Step 1: wash the painted surface ar with warmth water

First, clean other dirt ~ above the surface with water. The most typically used clean agents room soaps, i beg your pardon are available at home. However, stop the soap. They room usually harsh and would damage the surface texture that the polyurethane, causing it to shed its gloss and give an unprofessional appearance.

Also, avoiding the latex remover on an impacted color. Castle will many likely damage the surface ar texture of acrylic paint.

If you have any kind of paint drips, use sandpaper or paint stripper to remove them, it will certainly feel softer.

If the surface has actually wax, remove it making use of mineral spirits.

Step 2: Scuff the surface.

Using 120-grit sandpaper, scuff the surface. Her goal is come flatten the sheen without producing deep scratches that can be clearly shows after using your polyurethane. Usage palm sander.

If you are managing a painted floor, scuff the floor through a floor buffer and also a 120-grit sanding screen. Wipe turn off the sanding dust using a tack cloth or a damp rag.

Step 3: pick your applicator.

To use your polyurethane, it is in it water-based or oil-based, usage a brush or a spray gun. You must not use a roller as it is bound to leaving behind bubbles that may harden into the finish.

Polyurethane is thin sufficient for direct application, so don’t slim it. Adding much more thinner may cause it to run.

Pour a small puddle the poly clear coat on one abandoned item to see if it’s special enough, then relocate to the next step.

Step 4: apply one coat, climate scuff before the following coat.

Upon application of the very first coat, permit it to dry. The time required depends ~ above the referrals on the container.

Now scuff the lightly through 120-grit sandpaper to flatten any kind of bubbles the hardened right into the finish and also remove dust particles and also brush strokes top top the surface.

Step 5: use a second coat.

For outstanding results, execute the very same thing together in step 4. You shouldn’t apply more than two layers the polyurethane. 2 is enough to get a glossy finish. Allow it the recommended time to dry before handing over the project.

How to Seal Acrylic repaint with Minwax Polycrylic Finish

When learning how to seal acrylic paint with Minwax polycrylic end up on life wood, the procedure begins with important preparation. The acrylic repaint is used with a brush or sponge and permitted to dried completely.

To seal her acrylic repaint over Minwax clearn coat, monitor the measures below

Pour the polyurethane in the edge of your paint surface and work that outwards native the corner using a foam brush. As you apply, shot as lot as possible not to break the surface tension.Do this till the whole painting is spanned evenly.To use the second coat, clean the brush thoroughly.Wait because that 2 hrs in in between coats and also apply 2 to 3 coats that polycrylic clear coat (as final varnish)to end up sealing her painting.

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How can You determine If the repaint Is dried or Cured?

To determine if the repaint is dry, firmly touch the paint’s surface in a discrete area. If the paint is not sticky or tacky, climate it is dry.

To determine if the paint is cured, poke the paint with your fingernail. If your nail leaves one indentation, climate the repaint is not cured. However, if over there is no mark, then the paint has actually fully cured.

It is an important that you don’t apply a cloak of polyurethane varnish until the repaint has totally cured. Otherwise, the cleaning and also sanding procedure will destroy the paint and could also damage the wood.

Will polyurethane finish stick to every surfaces?

Yes, polyurethane will certainly stick to most surfaces. However you must prepare the surface ar by clean to remove little dust particles, wax, or grease and let the surface ar dry before using polyurethane.

Factors affecting the paint Drying and also Curing Time

1. Temperature

The first thing that will recognize how conveniently paint dries is heat. Simply as liquids evaporate much faster when it is hot, so carry out wood finishes. The optimal temperature for dry is in between 70 to 77 levels Fahrenheit.

When the temperature drops listed below 50°F, the structure of the repaint may begin to fail. Usage a heat fan or HVAC to rise the approximately temperature whereby you are. If you have a thermostat, set the temperature at 70°F and also leave the room while the repaint dries.

2. Ventilation

Just as heat helps liquids dried faster, so does air. Proper ventilation will an increase the drying time, simply as a absence of ventilation will slow-moving it down.

If you nothing have sufficient of a cross-breeze or you’re paint in a border space, use a pan to rate up the drying process and get rid of the fumes.

3. Humidity

High humidity is a problem prior to you paint and after. The overfill moisture deserve to be absorbed into the wood, which will then relax bubbles once you repaint over it.

You would uncover that even after a couple of coats, the repaint will still it is in bubbling and also will eventually peel off. Humidity also slows down the drying process because it basically adds much more water to the liquid that’s trying to evaporate.

Use a hygrometer to measure up the level the humidity. A an excellent range is between 50% – 70%. To manage excess humidity, usage a dehumidifier. If the trouble is too little moisture, use a humidifier.

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4. Form of Paint

Some paints dry much faster than others, depending on the type, shade, and brand. In general, darker colors dried slower 보다 lighter shades.