Does Wii U beat Blu-ray disc? The answer is no and also yes. Usually speaking, Wii u does no play Blu-rays, because Nintendo does not want to pay licensing fees. If you space a Wii U user, girlfriend will uncover that it is an overwhelming to gain Blu-ray videos on Wii U. Yet Wii U video game console has actually the capability to present MP4 videos native the computer, for Wii U equips a modified Blu-ray drive. Back Wii U dram Blu-ray discs, it will not load the movies. Users could only enjoy Blu-ray games because of the Blu-ray driver that Wii U. That sounds uncomfortable to some Wii u users that choose to Blu-ray movies.

Actually, we still have solutions to play Blu-rays top top Wii u v USB flash drive, although Wii u go not support to playback the Blu-ray discs directly. In this article, we will present multiple methods to rip Blu-rays come Wii u.

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Wii U play Blu beam Movie

Part 1. Rip Blu-ray disc to video Stream Blu-ray Ripper is a expert Blu-ray Converter for Wii U. Blu-rays are famous for the great images quality. Every time we transform a Blu-ray video, the quality will it is in damaged. Blu-ray Ripper integrates a strong algorithm, for this reason you have the right to rip Blu-ray discs to 4K or 1080p videos without quality loss. Then you deserve to enjoy the perfect sound and picture quality of Blu-ray records on Wii U. Moreover, Blu-ray Ripper permits users to adjust some parameters connected to video clip format and also quality prior to transformation. And also the workflow to rip Blu-ray discs come Wii u v Blu-ray Ripper is simple.

Step 1: Free download, install and also launch Blu-ray Ripper on your computer.


Step 2: Insert the Blu-ray disc come Blu-ray drive. Click "Load Blu-ray" to income your Blu-ray disc.


Step 3: Choose the layout that Wii U readable in the perform of Profile. Select the video clips to rip and also you have the right to play the video clips on the right Preview panel prior to converting. If you want to adjust other parameters, friend can find them in the settings window.

if you want to play Blu-ray ~ above Xbox One, PS3, PS4, etc., just select the connected name from the dropdown list.


Step 4: Click "Save to" to select the conserve folder wherein the output document will be saved.

Step 5: Once you press Rip every button, Blu-ray Ripper will begin ripping and also save the output in the folder girlfriend set.


Of course, girlfriend can also convert Blu-ray because that Wii U v MOV or AVI. Then you have the right to copy the calculation to SD card and enjoy the Blu-ray movie on Wii U without any kind of problems. And with Wii U"s net browser, you can stream MP4 files to use your Wii U to play video clip back ~ above the TV or gamepad.

More Blu-ray rippers, please check it here.

Part 2. Video-on-Demand Service

When you should playback Blu-ray disc with Wii U, Blu-ray Ripper need to be the ideal choice. If girlfriend wanna to accessibility to some digital movies in Blu-ray, Wii U supports various Video-on-Demand services. Beforehand, you need to prepare the Nintendo Network ID and also an active Internet Connection.

Step 1: Make certain you have already set up an Internet connection on Wii U and also update the system of the tablet.

Step 2: Select the Video-on-Demand company icon native the Wii U menu. If it is no updated, follow the on-screen indict to perform this update.

Step 3: And then select the register Your machine option. Get in the character password for the organization to Continue.

Step 4: Once you complete the process, the Wii U will display a message suggest whether the link is successful.

Step 5: After the you have the right to load the Blu-ray movies for Wii U now.

As Wii U console does not call for an Internet link to playback the videos offline. But as for playing Blu-ray movie from the Video-on-Demand service, you must pay one-of-a-kind attention come the Internet connection to enjoy the Blu-ray virtual movie top top Wii U.


Part 3. Play Blu-ray Movie on Wii U

If girlfriend have already ripped Blu-ray bowl to video clip format, or even download some Blu-ray folder or ISO papers online, you have the right to use various methods to enjoy the Blu-ray movie on Wii U instead. Check out the 3 techniques to get the wanted one accordingly.

Note: though Wii U can play Blu-ray files, but it does not play DVD files.

Method 1: Copy Videos come Wii U with SD Card

Once girlfriend insert the SD map in Wii U, and also then go to photograph Channel to load the AVI or MOV videos you have converted the Blu-ray disc. Wii U asks girlfriend the photos to view, girlfriend can choose Digital Camera/ cell phone (Only SD map is compatible). The firmware will detect the convert Blu-ray video, you simply need to click watch to playback the video clip file.

And friend can likewise connect Wii to TV through AV cable. Just complement the fancy connectors because that the two devices. The Yellow one is for video input, white for Audio intake left, red because that Audio entry right. After setup up every these, you deserve to use Wii U to play Blu-ray movies.

Method 2: currently Converted video to Wii U

In order to playback the convert Blu-ray ~ above Wii U, friend can also stream the MP4 papers to Plex Media Server first. And then you can enjoy the converted Blu-ray ~ above Wii U and other devices with ease.

Step 1: Install Plex Media Server on your computer and register one account on its official website.

Step 2: Open Plex Media Server and also go come Media Manager come configure it. As soon as the media manager page opens up in your default browser, you can add sections, favor Movies, TV Shows, Music, Photos and also Home Movies, in mine Library box. After ~ configuration, Plex will detect the folders and include the ideal media papers to each section.

Step 3: Keep Plex to run on your computer; power on wii u and open web browser.

Step 4: Go come the main website the Plex and also log in her account top top wii u.

Step 5: Then you have the right to go come the section consists of the blu-ray video you want to play and also play it back on Wii u.


Part 4. Far better Way to enjoy Blu-ray Movie

With the over three solutions, you have the right to enjoy Blu-ray movie top top Wii U. If you don"t want to spend much time ripping the Blu-ray movie come compatible style on Wii U, you deserve to just beat it directly with Blu-ray Player.

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Blu-ray Player WindowsMac
Play any type of Blu-ray/DVD disc, folder, or ISO image record smoothly top top computer. Play 4K/1080p HD video clip with terrific image and also soundless audio effects. Compatible v Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP, Mac OS X 10.7and above. Assistance various video formats favor MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, M4V, MTS, etc.


Based top top the introductions above, there space multiple means to play Blu-ray ~ above Wii U. Back Nintendo designed Wii U to read Blu-ray gamings only, we deserve to playback Blu-ray videos top top Wii u as well. The an initial solution is to rip Blu-ray key from computer to Wii u with Blu-ray Ripper. If you want to convert large Blu-ray movie or multiple Blu-ray videos because that Wii U, Blu-ray Ripper is the best choice, for the Blu-ray ripper supports multi-thread tasks. Moreover, Blu-ray Ripper installed a solid algorithm that guarantees to transform Blu-ray movies without high quality loss.

Another method to transform Blu-ray because that Wii U is video on command service. As soon as you set up the account for prompt Video, you have the right to playback the online Blu-ray movies in ~ the Wii U console. The article also explains the various methods to playback the convert Blu-ray key on Wii U, just choose the technique according to your requirements. If friend still have any kind of difficulties to use Wii U through Blu-ray, you can leave the message in the comments.