Q: does Pizza Hut accept PayPal for payment?

No, PayPal is not a payment option on PizzaHut.com, utilizing the Pizza Hut app, or as soon as paying at a Pizza Hut location.

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PizzaHut.com & PayPal

The image below shows that PayPal is not a payment technique when exploring on the Pizza Hut website. PizzaHut.com only accepts credit transaction cards or gift cards online. You likewise have the option to pick “Pay in ~ Store” wherein you have the right to pay v cash, credit, or gift card at the register as soon as you choose up her order in ~ a location.


Pizza Hut app & PayPal

The Pizza Hut app additionally does not accept PayPal as a payment method. As the image listed below displays, you can pay with Apple Pay, credit/debit, cash, or gift card when using the Pizza Hut app.


Pizza Hut Restaurants & PayPal

As most likely expected by some, PayPal is not accepted for payment in ~ Pizza Hut restaurants. Many Pizza Hut locations take the major credit cards, cash, gift cards, and also Apple Pay.

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Pizza Hut & PayPal Cash Card

There is a way to usage PayPal together a payment technique at Pizza Hut. If you have actually a PayPal account, you have the right to request a PayPal Cash card from PayPal through PayPal.com. This is a physics debit card the is sent out to girlfriend in the mail once requested indigenous PayPal.

The PayPal Cash map is a debit map that can be used everywhere Mastercard is accepted, including Pizza Hut. It uses your PayPal balance because that payment online and also in-stores, therefore, it is not a credit transaction card. There space no monthly fees or minimum balance requirements associated with this card. However, some fees perform apply. View PayPal for much more details.Featured picture – Phillip Pessar/flickr